How to Get Rid of Black Snakes Around Your House


Black snake isn’t the most descriptive of names. There are multiple species that are sometimes called black snakes. On top of that, it is important to remember that a wide range of other snakes are sometimes referred to by that name as well because their color is one of the most descriptive things about these animals for most people out there. As such, interested individuals can’t count on black snakes to be black snakes unless they have the relevant snake-related expertise and experience. Something that is very important because mistaking one kind of snake for another kind of snake can have very unpleasant consequences. Still, those who are curious might want to learn more about the species that are sometimes called black snakes. One excellent example would be Pantherophis obsoletus, which has a number of names that include but are not limited to black snakes, black rat snakes, and western rat snakes. Based on this, chances are good that interested individuals can guess that these snakes are found west of the Mississippi River. Other than that, these snakes have a wide range of habitats, particularly since they are both excellent climbers and competent swimmers. Fortunately, Pantherophis obsoletus isn’t particularly dangerous to humans. They aren’t venomous. Furthermore, they focus on small vertebrates.

Other excellent examples include both Coluber constrictor and Drymarchon couperi. The first species tends to be better-known as eastern racers. These snakes can be found throughout the part of the United States that is east of the Rockies. Moreover, they can be found in Canada as well as much of Central America, meaning that they are very widespread to say the least. Amusingly, eastern racers don’t actually use constriction against their targets. Instead, they will sometimes use their coils to pin their target. The second species tends to be better-known as the eastern indigo snake. Unsurprisingly, this means that these snakes can be found in the eastern United States as well, though in their case, they are limited to the southeastern United States. They have been known to eat venomous snakes but they aren’t venomous snakes themselves. In fact, eastern indigo snakes don’t even bite much, though it isn’t unknown for them to do so. If anything, humans are a bigger threat to these snakes than the other way around, as shown by how they might have been extirpated in Alabama and are being threatened in both Florida and Georgia.

Are Black Snakes A Serious Issue For Humans?

There isn’t a simple answer to the question of whether black snakes are a serious issue for humans or not. After all, most people don’t have the ability to distinguish one kind of black snake from another at a distance. Certainly, there are resources that can help them to do so. However, it is questionable how useful those resources would be in the moment, particularly since interested individuals should always keep their distance from wild animals anyways. For that matter, just because a black snake isn’t venomous, that isn’t the same as saying that a black snake is harmless to humans. A bite is still a bite, which won’t be very pleasant even if nothing worse happens because of it. As such, interested individuals should take the presence of black snakes around their house very seriously. This is particularly true because they can’t always count on being able to avoid snakes by seeing them beforehand, seeing as how snakes tend to have adaptations that are specifically meant to prevent other animals from seeing them beforehand.

Call In an Animal Control Specialist

For starters, interested individuals are always going to want to call in an animal control specialist. Whether black snakes are venomous or not, they are very much capable of hurting humans. As such, it is a good idea to minimize the potential for contact between them and their unwanted guests. Animal control specialists have the expertise, the experience, and the equipment needed to handle wildlife that can be found in places where wildlife shouldn’t be. That means that they are the ones who should be entrusted with handling black snakes. Of course, animal control specialists are not the same. There is a wide range of wildlife out there, meaning that it would be unreasonable to expect every single animal control specialist to be capable of handling every single species with the same level of competence. Interested individuals are going to want someone who is specifically well-prepared for handling snakes, which should provide them with the best chances of ensuring that everything is carried out with maximum efficacy and efficiency. Naturally, this means looking through the reviews and the testimonials to see which ones have provided their clients with the best results regarding snake problems in the past.

Consider Ways to Prevent Snakes From Getting Inside the House

Having said that, what matters most would be minimizing the potential for contact between humans and black snakes. Due to this, interested individuals might want to look into ways to prevent snakes from getting into their house. For example, this means making sure that every potential access point is sealed, whether by caulking them or by making sure that there is a tight-fitting door or window installed. Similarly, this means keeping those things either closed or screened because even the best doors and windows mean nothing if they have been opened. Besides this, it is also a good idea to remove anything that can serve as concealment for snakes that can be found close to the foundations of the house. This means rock piles, dense vegetation, and anything else that can keep small animals out of open sight. For that matter, interested individuals should also look into prevention for other kinds of pests because animals like to go where their food is. In other words, if someone has a mouse or rat problem, that increases the chances of them getting a snake problem as well.

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