20 Cabin Designs For Those Who Want Warm and Cozy

There’s nothing that says warm and cozy like a cabin home, especially if it is designed with the warmest and coziest details. Cabins are often thought of as getaway abodes set up in the mountains where you retreat to for a little R&R, away from the rest of the world, however, those images are not exactly what a lot of people have in mind, anymore. Cabin homes are now being built and designed for those who want the look and feel of a mountain cabin getaway, every day of their life. Cabins are often viewed as being warm and cozy, and you can create that warm and cozy feel in any type of cabin home, whether a vacation getaway cabin, or a permanent cabin home. Designing a warm and cozy cabin is easy when you know what creates that ambiance. Whether you own a little cabin that you want to cozy-up, or are considering building one, these are a few ideas to help you create that warmth and coziness, and make it your little piece of heaven on earth.


Of course it goes without saying that when most people envision a little cabin, the word, “wood” is one of the most common words that pops into mind. Yes, cabins are typically designed with lots of wood inside. What else would there be? Wood flooring, wood on the walls, wood beams or wood ceilings, and more. If you already have wood floors, keep them, even if they aren’t in the best condition, refurbishing them is well worth the time and effort. You can change the color of the stain on the flooring to create a brighter look to a room, or darken them if your design theme works better with darkened flooring. To cozy up any room even more, try throwing a stylish rug over a portion of the wood floor. Throw rugs are very common in a wood cabin, and for smaller rooms or areas, consider a sheepskin rug to create the coziest of looks and appeal, ever. These are especially popular choices for in front of a fireplace or wood burning stove, a sofa, and in front of a bed.


Lighting can make a cabin’s level of warmth and coziness in a heartbeat. When you think of a warm, cozy feel to a cabin, I bet you think of low light, even the light of a fire’s glow. That’s known as ambiance, so to create this look and feel, install dimmers on lights, get the candles out and set them throughout the cabin, and use your wood burning stove or fireplace to create the most cozy feeling in the cabin. Chandeliers are also a great accessory for both functional lighting and creating a warm, cozy cabin. A rustic style chandelier in the entry way, over the dining table, in the master bedroom, even hanging in the living room, are some of the most common rooms you will find chandeliers in a cozy cabin.


Depending on the size of the cabin, and of course, the individual room sizes, the size of your furniture pieces will vary. To keep your cabin as warm and cozy as possible, you will want to scale your furniture to size. This means that you do not want to fill a small room with over sized pieces of furniture, nor do you want to leave a large cabin room feeling cold and bare by placing petite pieces of furniture in the room, leaving lots of open, unused space. Both situations not only look awkward, but it is uninviting and does not leave you feeling either warm, or cozy when in the room.

Decorative pieces

What is one thing you think of when you picture a warm, cozy cabin? Aside the thought of a wooden structure full of wood on the inside, I bet you think of antique-ish type decor. That’s because most cabin owners know that part of a warm and cozy ambiance in a cabin is the look of an earlier era. There is something about the earlier years and pieces of decor that reflect them, that make you feel relaxed and at peace with the world. Whether you like to collect real relics of the past for decoration, new antiques, or a combination of the two, keeping your decor theme along these lines will be one way to help create a very warm and cozy cabin home.

If you want more ideas, here are 20 pictures of cabin designs for those who want warm and cozy for their cabin home.

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