What You Should Be Looking for in a Reclining Loveseat

A loveseat is another name for a two-seater sofa, and they are so named simply because two people can sit together on them. These are a good option for people who have limited living space available and do not have enough room for a three-piece suite. They are also great for adding extra seating in your dining room, family room, playroom, or conservatory. One option available is to buy a reclining loveseat. There are many different models of these available and it is important to consider the different options before making your choice. Here are some of the considerations you should make when buying a reclining love seat.


There are various materials used for both the frame and the covering of a loveseat. In terms of the coverings, it is best to opt for something that is hardwearing and easy to clean. This is especially important if you will use the loveseat regularly or if you have pets or children. A hardwood or engineered wood frame is a good option and check if it is blocked, nailed, and glued in the corners as these construction techniques make the furniture durable. Choose a loveseat with seat cushions that are made from either high-density foam or innerspring coils.


Your choice of design comes down to personal preference and there are many different styles to choose between. Loveseats com in a vast array of shapes, styles, colors, and patterns. Try to find a design that will coordinate with your current interior décor, both in terms of the style and the color.

Size and Shape

Before heading out to buy your reclining love seat, measure the space where you intend to position the loveseat in your home. It is important to note that a reclining loveseat will take up more room than a regular loveseat and you need to take the extra space needed for reclining into account. When you get to the store, measure the sofa in both the upright and reclined positions to make sure it will fit. If you are buying online, then check the measurements for both positions. If these are not readily available, contact the seller for more information. Otherwise, you may find yourself buying a reclining loveseat that is unusable because you do not have sufficient space for it to recline.


Reclining loveseats come with a variety of different mechanism options. These are predominantly divided into two categories; manual and electronic. Manual mechanisms usually involve either a lever or a dial. With a lever, you simply pull it and the back of the loveseat will drop back. In some cases, the lower part of the loveseat will extend to become a footrest. With a dial, you recline the loveseat gradually. Dials are slightly harder to use than a lever, but they give you the option to only partially recline your loveseat. Electronic mechanisms often give you different options for both the back of the sofa and the footrest. The downsides to electronic mechanisms are that loveseats with this type of mechanism are usually more expensive and it is trickier to fix or replace the mechanism if it breaks.


Price is one of the most important considerations for people when buying a piece of furniture for their home. The price of a reclining loveseat can vary greatly, but they will usually cost a little more than a loveseat that does not recline. The cost of a loveseat does not always reflect the quality the piece, but it is sometimes worth paying a little more as this may mean that your loveseat has more chance of standing the test of time.


You need a loveseat that is comfortable, and the best way to find out if a loveseat is comfortable or not is to test it out yourself. Try it both in the sitting and reclined position to see if it meets your needs. If you are buying your reclining loveseat online and not from a bricks-and-mortar store, then it is worth taking time to read customer reviews to find out if it is comfortable before you buy it yourself.

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