10 Reasons Why Perigold is a Solid Furniture Destination

Perigold is the one-stop home decor shop where you can find everything you want and need to create a beautiful home that fits your style, lifestyle, and budget. Perigold carries the most luxurious brands and decor pieces of any store, anywhere. Their decor selection is beyond what you might imagine, covering your home floor to ceiling and everything in between. You’ll even find the hottest trends in wallpaper, bathroom fixtures, lighting, and much, much more. You’ll be amazed at the service and selection you get with Perigold. If beauty and high quality are what you want and expect from your home decor store, then you’ve stumbled on the right name in home design. If you’re just hearing about Perigold for the first time, then you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about this unique online home design store and see 10 reasons why Perigold is your solid furniture destination.

1. Carry the most luxurious items

There is no excuse for poor quality furniture that doesn’t look stylish, or doesn’t last. Perigold prides itself on carrying furniture and other products that are all made with the highest quality in craftsmanship. They’re not only luxurious, but they’re originals, too, which means that you most likely won’t stumble upon the same sofa set in your neighbor’s home. Perigold wants each customer to have their own unique experience filling their home with genuine, original furnishings they can be proud of.

2. Get one-on-one help from a concierge

How many stores do you know that offer a personal concierge service to help you with your projects? Not many, I’m sure. While searching Perigold’s site for the perfect furnishings and decor pieces for your room or home,  if you have questions or need a little input from a professional, there’s a number to call that will put you in touch with someone who will work with you, one-on-one to get your question answered or your issue resolved.

3. Find something for every room in your home

Perigold makes shopping for any room in your home easy because they carry it all. Why stop at the living room when you can update your bedroom and bathroom, all from the same online store? Perigold makes it so easy to choose new light fixtures for your living room as well update your masterbath. There are literally thousands of furnishings to choose from, which truly makes Perigold a furniture destination for your home.

4. Perigold carries pieces in all types of decor styles

While a lot of stores think they’re keeping up with the popular decor styles, or carry a few, you’ll be pleased to find that Perigold carries furniture in a wide range of styles, from classic styled furniture, to eclectic, modern, retro, industrial, and much more. If you want glamorous, Perigold has got furniture that fits your glamorous taste. Shop-hopping to find all the furniture pieces and decor items that match your design theme can be a hassle, which is why you want want to shop anywhere else once you see the choices you have at your fingertips, and all from one place.

5. You’ll get their “White-glove” delivery service

There’s nothing more disheartening than waiting for your new, beautiful piece of furniture to show up and it’s dinged, damaged, or not properly set up and placed where you want it when it’s delivered. That may happen with other stores, but when it comes to Perigold, they pride themselves in their “white-glove” delivery service where everything, from a small lamp, to a large sofa, is handled with the best of care. You get what you ordered, when you want it, and have it placed, where you want it, no questions, no hassles.

6. Offers quick-ship products

How frustrating is it when you find something you want or need quickly, only to find out it can’t be shipped for weeks and weeks? Very. Perigold has lots of quick-ship products, which simply means you get to start enjoying them in your home quicker. In an instant-gratification world, we want-what-we-want in the shortest amount of wait-time as possible. With certain products at Perigold, you get that quick-ship service which is just one more reason Perigold is a solid furniture destination for many, and could be for you too.

7. Perigold’s online shopping is set up to be easy-breezy

Online shopping was intended to make shopping easier than that dreaded trip to the store, going through the process of browsing for hours, then possibly leaving without ever finding what you want. But not all online stores are easy to maneuver about, which can mean a lot of frustration and forgoing purchasing anything from them. But that’s not what you’ll find when you shop with Perigold. Perigold’s website is super easy to get around, which means it super easy to find exactly what you want without all the unnecessary hassles.

8. Use their unique software, room designer to see it before you buy it

When you set up an account with Perigold you will instantly have access to all the information, perks, and benefits Perigold offers. One of the best features on the site is their “room designer” platform. Have you ever wanted to makeover a room but weren’t sure what furniture pieces would look good where? Perigold makes it easy to decorate or redecorate any room in your home by letting you first, create the look in a virtual design. You’ll feel more confident shopping for the decor pieces you want when you already know how it will look and fit ahead of time.

9. Offers big discounts to members

If you love Perigold’s products and love to save money, you may want to joint Perigold’s trade program. Being a member of Perigold’s trade member program means you’ll get exclusive discounts on the consumer prices. There’s nothing more rewarding than to get discounts on products you love, and the more you shop – the more you save.

10. Keep up with what’s trending now

Perigold keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends in many areas of home decor and design. You’ll find the latest trends in decor styles, shop their featured brands, see the most popular items being sold and their new product arrivals, and learn about the hottest colors being used in home decor. You’ll never be left behind in home decor trends when you follow Perigold’s “News and Now” link.

With so many home decor stores out there today, it’s hard to know which one offers you everything you look for when it comes to decorating or updating your home. But when one store offers so many benefits, it’s definitely worth looking into, and once you do, you just might find that Perigold is set placed in your “favorites” as your, go-to home furnishing online store.

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