7 Things To Know Before You Furnish A Dining Room

Many homes have a room designated for dining, for family gatherings, for sitting together at the table to enjoy each other after a long and crazy day. While dining rooms aren’t used as often as they used to be, it is still nice to have them decorated, furnished, and ready to impress when its time for your next family gathering. However, making the dining room of your dreams can take some time, and its always good to have some helpful hints to guide you along the way. That’s why we are here. We are going to reveal to you seven things that you should know before you start decorating and designing your dining room. So, let’s get started making the room of your dreams.

1. The Size Of The Room

This will obviously vary from house to house, as some homes are designed with a more open concept, and some have a small walled off room. You will want to know what size of a space you are working with so that you don’t buy furniture that is too big and bulky, or too underwhelming for the area. Make sure to take measurements, and keep them handy when looking for a table set.

2. What Purpose Will It Serve?

We are putting this as the second most important thing to consider when furnishing a room because its a crucial question. If you are a family that plans to sit together every night at the table, then you will want something that is durable, and that can fit your family perfectly and comfortably. If you are only planning on using it for the occasional family gathering, or fancy dinner night with friends, you might want something that is nice or on the higher end scale when it comes to furniture. It is based on what your family needs and that will serve its purpose for many years to come.

3. Small Kids In The House?

If you have toddlers and preschoolers in your house, you know that they can reek havoc in any room that is available to them, including the dining room. If you are planning on letting your kids make their way into the dining room more often, you may want to consider finding more durable pieces of furniture for that area. You may also want to plan on finding a different area for the china and other “pretty” things that can break easily.

4. How Is The Lighting?

Typically in dining rooms, the majority have a single light fixture that will sit over the table, such as a chandelier or other extravagant piece that gives enough light for eating. If you feel that you are needing more light for the use of the room, you may want to take count of the amount of outlets and space that you have for adding lamps or other lights to the room.

5. Paint Color

This is one that you have to be really careful with. Paint color can often make or break a room, especially the dining room. Dining rooms tend to be squared off, walled rooms, so going with dark colors can make the room seem smaller than it actually is. If you plan on painting, you may want to look at more of the neutral, lighter colors to keep the room light and bright. Sticking with beige or grey neutrals is often the best way to turn for your dining space.

6. No Clutter!

Dining rooms can be an easy place to clutter, which sounds silly since all it really holds is a table and chairs. However, there is such a thing as too much décor in a room, so the best thing to do is pick a motif that you want to have flow through the room, and pick a few key pieces that tie in together. Don’t fill the walls too full with pictures and mirrors, but rather go with a nice paint scheme (as mentioned before) and pick some matching drapes. You want the room to feel cozy and functional without making it seem gaudy and unnecessary.

7. Does It Have To Be A Dining Room?

Just because the realtor sold it to you as a dining room, doesn’t mean it has to be a dining room! If you and your family have no use for a large and fancy dining room table in your home, or if you plan on never using that room as a dining room, make it into something that can serve more of a purpose for the people living in the house. Make it an extra den, or a playroom for the kids. Make it an office space or a craft space. It’s your house, your room — Make it your own.

Decorating any room in your house should be a fun and rewarding experience — It is a chance to make your house a home, and to make it truly speak to you and your personality. Completing your dining room shouldn’t be any different, but make sure to keep these thoughts in the back of your mind as you begin planning out your next design.

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