How to Clean Pollen off Outdoor Furniture


With Spring just around, you might want to enjoy the backyard, swing on your porch, or enjoy meals outdoors. As much as Spring seems fun, you must appreciate that it comes with pollen. According to community, Spring is the year’s season when plants shed so many tiny particles. These particles make your outdoor furniture look worn out or grimy.

People with patio furniture in their backyards will tell you how fast the furniture gets covered with pollen. While this makes it hard to enjoy your outdoor space, it is also bad for the environment. Worry no more if pollen has become a nuisance to your outdoor furniture. This is because there are different ways to clean up the pollen from your outdoor set and make it fresh again. Today, we take you through simple ways to clean pollen off outdoor furniture.

Vacuum it away using a vacuum cleaner

The first and most basic way of clearing off pollen from outdoor furniture is vacuuming. It is fast and leaves no residue behind. Provided that you use a vacuum with the brush attachment, you can be sure to eliminate the loose pollen which could be stuck in the fibers. When vacuuming, it is important to focus on the pollen instead of sucking up the moisture.

It is very basic, simply turn on the vacuum and suck up the loose pollen off the furniture. If you find it hard to locate the pollen, blow lightly on specific areas so the pollen moves into position, ready for vacuuming. Continue vacuuming until you collect visible pollen. After that, spray the cushions with water which allows for the dissolving of the remnant pollen particles. Finally, make sure to use a mild cleaner for disinfection purposes.

Soak with water and vinegar solution

The mixture of water and vinegar proves as a good way to clean off mold and pollen for their anti-fungal functions. It is very easy to clean outdoor furniture with this mixture. With the mixture in a spray bottle, wet down the furniture. After that, wait for 10 minutes before you can wipe off the cleaning mixture. That gives the acid in vinegar ample time to suck all the pollen and eliminate any bacteria it comes into contact with.

If you settle for this method to clean off pollen from your outdoor furniture, you should set the furniture overnight. That guarantees that everything gets enough time to soak into the crannies and nooks. The longer you leave the cleaning mixture to soak in for a long time, the better.

Clean the furniture with a garden hose

This is a basic approach that people find convenient for a reason. As opposed to using harsh chemicals, it is convenient to hose your outdoor furniture. It is also better compared to scrubbing down the furniture for hours. The task will be fast and convenient if you use the appropriate nozzle sprayer on your garden hose.

To hose down your patio furniture, simply get a quality sprayer and attach it to your garden hose. From there, turn the water pressure on and blast the pollen away. You must, however, be very careful not to use excess water as that can damage the furniture. Prolonged exposure to water to your furniture might cause mildew growth when allowed to sit for a long time. According to Watsons fireplace and patio, moisture-related issues on your outdoor furniture can cause health issues. Simply put, do not overdo it.

Pressure washing can also do the job

If you are looking to blast away stubborn pollen particles from your outdoor furniture, a pressure washer is a way you want to try. As opposed to car washers, pressure washers aren’t expensive. Pressure washers have been recommended for every type of outdoor cleaning, including cleaning your outdoor furniture. When using a pressure washer, set the pressure at the lowest setting and gradually increase it if necessary. This is so important for your safety.

Pressure washers also require you to wear protective gear, including clothes and eyewear. This helps to ensure that you are never stained or ripped by the splattering water. Another thing you want to remember with pressure washing is to give your furniture time to dry up. You can leave it overnight before using it just to ensure that everything dries out and that no bad smells are left. We are sure you would not want to sit on damp cushions, would you?

Cover the outdoor furniture early enough

Unlike other methods on our list, this is more of a cautionary measure than a cleaning solution. However, it is still worth it. If you do not want to invest in the expensive methods of clearing off pollen from your furniture, why not cover the furniture when not in use? That will save you money and the time you use to scrub off stubborn particles.

The simplest way to do it is to invest in pollen-proof covers for your outdoor furniture. Apart from keeping away pollen, the covers will protect your furniture from insects and bugs that can bring about allergies. A tip to always remember when using protective coves is to read the instructions before deploying the covers. Some covers require frequent removal, and if you are not keen enough, you might get yourself draining your money.


If your backyard has patio furniture, you are aware of how annoying it is to have the furniture covered with pollen. If you have pollen allergies, you understand that it could be hard to enjoy the outdoors. According to Healthline, pollen causes frequent sneezing, brings you a running nose, and makes your eyes watery.

To keep off pollen from your outdoor furniture, ensure that the furniture remains covered whenever you are not using it. This way, pollen will never settle on the furniture. Also, ensure to clean the furniture regularly using water and mild soap. That helps to remove any pollen that had settled on your furniture. As they say, prevention is always better, and by taking simple precautions, you can shield your outdoor furniture from the pollen menace.

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