The Five Best Zero Gravity Chairs On The Market Today

With spring and summer right around the corner, you may be looking at your backyard and feeling about ready to spruce things up. Designs of backyards, patios, and decks have become quite advanced throughout the past few years, with more and more families taking advantage of making their backyards a second comfortable and relaxing living space. One way to spruce up your yard or patio is with new outdoor furniture, and there is nothing quite like a set of zero gravity chairs. They give you a comfortable seat that you can relax in for hours and enjoy nature. In this article today, we are going to count down the top five of the beat zero gravity chairs that are on the market today, and what makes them perfect for your home. Let’s get started with our count down.

1. Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair

This zero gravity chair brand is going to be one of the more high quality options that is on the market. The American based company produces these chairs with a weather resistant fabric in a variety of colors and frame colors, so you can customize the chairs that are perfect for your backyard. The majority of their chair models come in a standard fashion, but you can also purchase accessories like a clip on cup holder to attach to your chairs as well. Lafuma chairs can range anywhere from $100 up to $500 depending on the model you choose.

2. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Ranked as one of the top selling chairs today, this Caravan Sports Infinity zero gravity chair is one of the best! This chair is going to be one of your more standard models that you will see on the market, as it doesn’t have any special features to it. However, it does come with an adjustable head rest for easy comfort, and also has the ability to fold down and compact fornwhen they are not in use. The chair itself also comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to accommodate it to your design or asthetic that you are going for in your backyard. This chair can be yours for just $45.

3. Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

We are moving along with one of the oversized options that makes our list, and that is the Timber Ridge oversized zero gravity chair. This chair is on of the more lightweight options of oversized chairs that you will see, and is also quite comfortable, allowing for up to 350 pounds. This chair also comes with a padded headrest that is adjustable and removable for comfort, and there are also cup holders on one side. Finally, it also comes with a one year warranty just in case something happens. This chair can be yours for just $135.

4. Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner

One of the more durable options of zero gravity chairsbon our list is that of the Outsunny Zero Gravity recliner. This chair can, of course, go into a variety of positions for your comfort, and also has a headrest that is adjustable when necessary. This is also a more standard model of zero gravity chairs you will see as it does not come with any special features such as a cup holder. This chair can be yours for just $104.

5. Westfield Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

We come upon another oversized gravity chair that is making iurbtop five, and that is the Westfield Outdoor XL zero gravity chair. This chair can hold up to 350 pounds for those who have a bit of extra weight, and is also made with a durable steel frame with thick, cushioned fabric so that you feel steady and secure. It also come with an adjustable headrest, and even a fold out table with cup holders inside. The best part? You can own this chair and all of its features for just $100.

There are obviously many other companies out in the market today who creat fine Zero gravity chairs for the backyard, but we believe we have found the best of the best covering the range of sizes available. There are also opportunities to buy a 2-pack of zero gravity chairs, so make sure to do your research before you buy.

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