The 10 Best Stores For Buying Furniture Online

Shopping has never been easier than today. Stores know how busy and hectic life is for most people today, and finding the time to get out and shop for just about anything you need can be difficult. Many people now turn to the internet to make their purchases, and not just for the little things we need, but for bigger purchases, including home decor items and furniture pieces. There are countless furniture stores you can visit in person to shop for great furniture pieces, but many stores are now carrying more furniture on their online stores, and in all the latest styles, too. Online furniture shopping makes decorating your room, or entire home, easier and more convenient. If you aren’t sure which stores to look at, here is a list of the 10 best stores for buying furniture online.

1. World Market

If you like shopping at a one-stop-all-shop, World Market is a great store to browse online. There’s everything here, but of course, you’re looking for furniture, so let’s talk about what World Market has for you in that department. Most people prefer to shop by the room, from bedroom to living room, kitchen, bath, and outdoors, which is one way you can find what you want on World Market online. You’ll find everything you want for each room, but if you prefer to shop by style, you can shop this way too on the site. You’ll see what’s trending and what’s hot in the different decor styles, which is one way to quickly find what you’re looking for, and one reason World Market is a big hit for online furniture shopping.

2. Etsy

Etsy has always been a big online arts and crafts kind of site where you can post your own craft skills and find others that intrigue you, whether you want them for yourself or as gifts. What many people may not know is that you can Etsy also sells awesome antique and vintage style furniture pieces, as well as hand crafted pieces that all can be passed on as heirlooms. When you’re looking for original furniture pieces you won’t find anywhere else, check Etsy to see what’s being sold and you may just find a jewel of a piece, like a spectacular headboard constructed out of reclaimed barn wood, or an old refurbished dining table that goes perfect with your hutch.

3. Target

When style and price matter, Target has both for your home decor. Target has steadily been climbing the ladder with its popularity in home goods, and their line of furniture they carry has dramatically increased online. Yes, you can purchase furniture pieces in stores directly, but what you’ll find online is a lot more to choose from – pages-upon-pages, actually. They’ve even added whole lines, like their mid-century line geared toward small spaces. You can’t beat their budget-friendly selection, plus, never have to leave your home to find what you’re looking for.

4. CB2

CB2 is often referred to as Crate & Barrel’s little, minnie-me store. There’s all the same cool vibes you get from Crate & Barrel furniture in CB2’s line, but a little more hip, perhaps. The styles are aimed a bit more for the younger generation and it’s taken off and made a splash with young home decorators. Many people have compared the furniture line of IKEA, but with a bigger price tag. Currently there are only a select number of physical stores you can go to, to see their products in person, which is why most shopping at CB2 is done online, and it has quickly proven to be one of the most popular online stores for furniture today.


This is the official online store of the Swedish furniture company that sells home accessories and furniture. The different sections for furniture that is used in the living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. It has planning tips and offers a 3-D planner to design your own kitchen or living room. Online shopping is not present in all countries and it provides ability to create shopping lists.

6. UrbanOutfitters

UrbanOutfitters makes decorating your home in the latest Urban styles fun and easy. Not only will you love shopping their online store for all the coolest little decor accessories, but their selection of regular pieces of furniture for all the rooms in your home are amazing. You will find the hottest trending Urban looks in gorgeous colors and patterns, and way more of it to choose from than what you’ll find in their physical stores.

7. Hayneedle

Hayneedle carries some of the most unique pieces of furniture that you’ll find yourself wanting to re-do all the rooms in your home with Hayneedle’s stylish furniture pieces. You will find something for every room in the house, from the bedroom to the bath, the kitchen, living room, and the dining room are all their specialties. Other benefits of shopping with Hayneedle online is the seasonal discounts they offer, plus free shipping on their products, and hassle-free return policy. You cannot beat that!

8. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture HomeStore has been one of the most popular furniture stores in the North American and Japanese regions since 2002, when it started the business. Ashley prides itself on their high quality furniture that is not only beautifully made, but they’re pieces that last years and years and are worthy of passing down the line for others to enjoy. Their online store sells lots of furnishings and decorating accessories and all are in the latest styles and fashions for what’s hot and trending now. You can browse their site and get lots of decorating ideas for your own home, then shop for exactly what you want for each room.


If you’re looking for online furniture stores that give you big breaks on the costs of furniture, because we all know that furniture can be pricey to buy, well here’s a store that gives you that break, offering up to 70% discounts on different products that would cost much more in other retail stores. also works with a large number of contemporary designers who have a lot of knowledge and expertise in the different pieces of furniture they sale, which means that you can get a lot of information about what you’re buying, before you buy it.

10. Anthropologie

While most people love to save as much money as they can when shopping for furniture, there are those who have bigger budgets for decorating a room or their whole home. For those who aren’t too worried about cost, Anthropologie is a furniture store that sales quite unusual pieces but they will cost you. Even if you can’t afford an entire room full of Anthropologie furniture, you might find that you can afford a piece or two to add to your home – something charming that you just have to have! Check it out, because it is known to be one of the best online furniture stores today.

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