Why Boll & Branch Should be a Go To Home Goods Choice

Boll & Branch is quickly becoming a furniture sensation that started as an internet venture and has recently made its way to a regular walk-in store so that you can go in and  browse their selections in person. A lot of stores start off as brick-and-mortar stores and make their way to the internet, but Boll & Branch went in the opposite direction. The company’s name stems from the boll and branch that cotton grows from, which is the material their products focus on, and not just any cotton, but the very best cotton. Boll & Branch use the best and the highest quality of organic cotton in order to make all of their products the top of the line in comfort and durability. Their story is one you may not hear often, and it starts with this couple, Scott and Missy Tannen, who were not in the line of linens or any other type of home goods products, until, they were in the market to buy new sheets for their bed and needed to know what “thread count”meant. They’re inquiry into the familiar cotton description is what opened the door to a whole new way of life and business. If you have been looking for a new home goods product’s store, Boll & Branch has an extensive line of products for your home, and they aren’t just the average home goods store quality, either. Boll and Branch stand above the average, so keep reading to learn why Boll & Branch should be a go to home goods store for you.

It’s all about the cotton

The basis of all Boll & Branch’s products is cotton. You may picture the average cotton material and feel, but if you compare the regular cotton products to Boll & Branch products, you would see a significant difference. Boll & Branch only use 100% sustainable products, including their cotton, which is the world’s finest organic cotton. The quality of the cotton is what makes all of their products so luxurious, from their bed sheets, to pillows, towels, apparel and much more. When learning about thread counts for their own new king sized mattress, the Tannen’s knew they wanted something much more luxurious and more eco-friendly, too, which is what lead them down the path of starting up their own online home goods store. They wanted to create higher quality products for homes to make things like, sleep, bathing, even lounging, much more comfortable, because after all, shouldn’t your home life be as comfortable and relaxing as possible?

Now, they’re into mattresses

While their store originally started out as a home goods general product store you could shop online, they eventually branched out into creating and designing the best mattresses ever. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep and the Tannen’s felt it was so important, in fact, that they didn’t think a set of their sheets alone, could help their customers achieve that. They knew that just by throwing a great set of sheets on a bed with any old mattress wasn’t going to accomplish that, so they set out to design the highest quality mattresses that allow for better sleep. The mattresses come in Queen, King, and California King, and all are designed with five core layers, 24 tufts, and a whopping 2,000 coils, all of the details which were geared to tackle two sleep issues, reduce the feel of movement and sleeping cooler for a better night’s sleep. All mattresses are delivered to their new home with first class service, being handled with ultimate care as it’s set up, along with the removal and disposal of your old mattress. You can give your new mattress a free test drive for 100 days and they carry a ten year guarantee. So far, three different presidents have slept on a Boll & Branch mattress. Now that, you can be proud of.

Gifts and apparel

Mattresses, sheets, and blankets aren’t all they sell. You will find a little of this and that when you get online and start shopping their entire website. Pajamas, hats and scarfs, warm socks, towels, pillows and more, are all available and all made of the finest, and highest quality of cotton material. Special baby gifts are also popular items purchased, because we all know how sensitive babies’ skin is and you won’t have to worry if your gift is going to bother or irritate their new skin, which makes them perfect for baby showers, birthdays and more.

Shop online or stop by their first store

It’s nice to have everything at your fingertips when you shop online. Why make the trip to the store when you can find all you need by shopping by phone, tablet or computer? It is convenient, but there are some who still like to get a hands on experience with what they’re purchasing by going to the store, especially when it comes to purchasing something as important as a mattress. Well, while many stores start off as a typical, brick and mortar building and then merge into the online scene, Boll & Branch took the opposite approach and started an online business that migrated into a regular store you can visit in person to see their products first hand. Their first store has been opened in the Mall of Short Hills, in Summit, NJ, and it is already proving to be a popular stopping point in the mall.

If you want the best for your bed and bath experience, there is one place you’ll find the highest quality materials used for every product so that you get products for your bed and bathroom that look great, feel great, and last for many years to come. Their ideas behind the designs was to create heirloom quality and beauty for all of their products so that you make Boll and Branch a go to home goods store.

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