Five Advantages to Choosing Ralph Lauren Paint

If you have ever taken on the task of painting your home, you will already know that there are many different paint designers and brands on the market. Some are relatively well priced, and make fir an inexpensive project for the weekend, while there are on the more extravagant side of the spectrum, adding a higher quality feel and look in a sense. One of the top designer paint brands that is currently on the market today is Ralph Lauren Paint. Now, you may be familiar with the Ralph Lauren clothing brand, which produces high end wardrobes all over the world, but many are surprised that they also create palettes for home finishing as well. In this article, we are going to reveal the top five advantages for choosing the finer finishes of Ralph Lauren Paint, even if it means spend a bit more in store. With that said, let get started with our closer look at this paint line.

1. The Best In Neutral Palettes

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that neutrals have been making a major comeback when it comes to painting in the home. These neutral shades allow for and feel of sophistication and class, and often make the room feel lighter and more refreshing when compared to deeper and brighter colors. Ralph Lauren Paint has a wide variety of different neutral collections that helped to play with the style that you are looking for, and that rarely change, as we will discuss more shortly.

2. Colors That Stick

As we eluded to previously, Ralph Lauren Paint is not necessarily a paint distributor that tries to follow the next color trend every minute. Rather, the come out with different collection that follow specific color schemes, if you will, and keep those collections running continuously over time. This means that you will likely have an easier time finding a specific paint color from a last collection than you would see with other paint companies out in the market.

3. Unique Finishes

Not only does Ralph Lauren Paint come out with classy and calm color palettes, but they also include unique high quality finishes as well. Some of these include a suede finish, which is similar to a matte finish by appears to look like brushed suede finish once it dries on the wall; They also have a Regant Metallics, which sounds intimidating, but is quite different. Rather than looking like your basic metallic color that you will see, the paint is actually sprinkled with metallic flecks that bring out the finish in a different light.

4. Smaller Selection

You may read this and think “How is having a smaller selection an advantage when choosing paint?” Actually, it can be quite helpful to some. Even though Ralph Lauren Paint doesn’t have every single color of the rainbow in their collection, they do have different sets of collections that allow you to focus on one single scheme for your home. This allows your home to flow better when it comes to finding the design scheme that is right for you and your family, and will make your home feel more beautiful in every aspect.

5. Broad, But Specific Collections

As we have mentioned all throughout the article, Ralph Lauren Paint focuses solely on collections that it has developed during its years, and continues in that tradition even today. In fact, Ralph Lauren Paint really only has three collections — Country Estate, Moody Urban, and Island Brights. While these collection are quite broad and do have a wide array of colors, they still try to fear you more toward a specific color scheme for your rooms in your home rather than a mismatched mess, and that is definitely not a bad thing!

There are many advantages when it comes to opting for the more expensive name brand paint that is or on the market, and they can definitely give your home the quality finish that it deserves. If you are interested in seeing the collections that Ralph Lauren Paint has to offer, you will have to go to their home store website in order to view and purchase, as they are no longer available for sale in department stores. Either way, we say that t is more than worth it to put in the extra money for this high quality and beautiful paint.

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