20 Different Types of Dining Room Chairs

Dining Chairs

Food is an integral part of any family dynamic. When we come around the dining table to enjoy a meal, more often than not, we are nourished not only physically but also find a connection with other family members, something that may be absent if you grab and go while running to other portions of the house. If you enjoy the time-honored tradition of spending time together around the table, it’s essential to have an inviting atmosphere. You’ll want to focus on the perfect combination of woods and decor. One of the most important things is the chairs. After all, you want your diners to be comfortable and enjoy their meal instead of rushing out as soon as their finished. These are 20 different dining room chairs that will complete your space.

1. Ladder Back Chairs

These chairs are classic, dating back to Europe in the middle ages. It reached its height of popularity during the 17th century, especially in England. According to Duhome, these chairs get their name from the back. There are typically six slats resembling a ladder. They are a great choice if you have an older home or choose to give your dining room a timeless feel. Even though it may not be the most comfortable selection, you can give your diners a little added comfort with some chair covers.

2. Spindle Back Chairs

These dining chairs are also known as slat-back chairs. As the name implies, this is because they have thin, vertical wood bars much like the ladder back chairs but narrower and vertical instead of horizontal. This selection easily blends into your aesthetic with a seat cushion. Moreover, much like the ladder back chair, you’ll want to limit these chairs to a dining room peppered with antiques.

3. Upholstered Chairs

This selection lends itself to many different styles of dining rooms. After all, it is available in a myriad of different textures and fabrics. Additionally, they are a good choice if you want something for multi-course dinners. Many have a semi-curved back and are armless, which works well to keep your table from looking crowded.

4. Folding Chairs

One of the biggest trends is tiny houses. However, even if you choose the minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice a place to share meals. Even though you may think that folding chairs are metal or plastic and will give your house a college dorm feel, the truth is they can look just as elegant as some of the more traditional types of chairs. Some are available in wood with a comfortable cushion built-in. Even though they are not the first choice for dining rooms, they are a fantastic way to save space and maintain elegance.

5. Parson’s Chair

You can opt for this design if the ladder back or spindle chair seems too dated for your space. According to Countryside Amish furniture, these chairs also offer lumbar support. I’m Italian, so I know how long meals can go, and this will allow your guest to eat lovingly prepared meals without wanting to leave because they are uncomfortable.

6. Queen Ann Chair

A lot of people love the feel of a Provencal dining room. After all, it can transport you to France, famous for its fantastic cuisine. These chairs will be a solid choice if you want to add to this feel. Diners will enjoy a vertical slat chair with a rounded back. However, unlike their more modern cousin, the Parson’s chair, these have a curved top with detailing.

7. French Style Country Chairs

Unlike other chairs on this list, there are many different variations of this chair that aren’t limited to a change in wood grain, although some don’t lend themselves to dining tables like others. One thing that makes these stand out is that they contain a mixture of materials. These chairs date back to 17th century French bourgeoise, primarily found in palaces.

8. Bow Back Chairs

One of the distinct characteristics of these chairs is the curved back. Unlike the Queen Anne chairs, the arc on the back is less ornate. Typically you will see a series of vertical slats flanking a more distinct piece in the middle. Much like other chairs on this list, you can choose to add a comfy cushion to personalize them to your style of the dining room. After all, they are one of the designs on this list that lend themselves to many different types of dining rooms.

9. Wicker Chairs

These are certainly not for everyone. However, if you have a Florida room and want a lovely table where you can enjoy the sunshine without worrying about the elements, these might be the perfect addition. You can find them in many different styles that pull elements from other chairs on this list. One of the best choices if you want to use them for an outdoor area would be to choose white and brighten them up with bold seat cushions.

10. Metal Chairs

Although you may think these would look institutional, that is far from the truth. Metal chairs are available in many different styles and will lend themselves well to a modern aesthetic. When searching for the perfect metal chair, you’re sure to find them in all different types ranging from minimalistic to one with additional curves and design. One of the best ways to use these chairs is to pair them with a wood table and create an industrial farmhouse look. Just be careful! You’ll want to ensure that your wood table has some metal elements that coordinate.

11. Cross Back Chairs

These chairs were first found in French Bistros. They would also look stunning in a beach house despite their original origin. Several things make these chairs a perfect addition to your dining room. First, they have a minimalistic feel without looking overly basic. Additionally, they work well in medium-sized dining rooms because they don’t have arms creating a sleeker line. Even though they may not look as sturdy as some of their counterparts, these chairs are built to last and will give your space a beautiful aesthetic.

12. Side Chair

This design amalgams a bow back and a slat back chair. The chair has horizontal slats across the back and a slightly curved top. If you choose these chairs, you will find them in many different types of wood and colors that will easily integrate into virtually any dining space.

13. Windsor Chairs

These chairs bear a striking resemblance to the bow back chairs. However, several things are different. First, instead of thin slats flanking a more ornate piece, there are a series of slats with a long piece dividing them—this curved piece of wood stretches to the arms, which usually sit on top of ornate arms. The legs of this chair angle towards the base and stabilize with another bar in the middle. Essentially, if you want to elevate your dining room a bit without it seeming ostentatious, these are an excellent choice.

14. Classic Dining Chairs

As the name implies, these are a sleek look that integrates well into any type of dining room. One of the things that makes them so universal is that they work well in all kinds of dining rooms because there are so many different types of styles. So if you’re looking for something unique and handcrafted, this may be the perfect solution.

15. Press Back Chairs

These chairs harken back to Colonial days. Some of the characteristics look similar to the spindle back chairs with vertical poles. However, there are several key differences. First, there are two ornate poles on each side of the chair. Second, there is an ornate panel at the top with a beautiful carving design which is where their name derives. Another stand-out characteristic of these chairs is a leather piece in the middle. Although this may not be as comfortable as a cushion, it certainly gives it a distinct look that will be a great addition to your dining room.

16. Industrial Cafe Chairs

This is certainly not a selection everyone will love. After all, the distinct and sometimes patina chic will clash with some people’s homes. However, people who like their kitchen to harken back to a classic diner will fall in love. Additionally, since they are metal, they will stand the test of time and the wear on the metal may even lend some added charm to your kitchen.

17. Mid Century Modern Chairs

This is a popular decor scheme, perhaps because it reminds people of a simpler time. Going back to the atomic age adds an eclectic but sleek style to your house not found with other chairs on this list. Many people love the combination of plastic and wood or metal because it has a classic feel without feeling like you’ve purchased an antique from a bygone era.

18. Contemporary Bent Wood Chairs

These chairs are a single piece of pliable wood. When looking at them, they look like artwork. Some of the chairs have more traditional curves and flatbacks. At the same time, others rely on a single thin piece of wood that arcs from the back to the arms. Unlike other chairs on this list, they are not universal and don’t lend themselves to every dining room. One of the best ways to integrate these chairs successfully is to add bold colors in your dining room. Although many people may overlook these chairs because they are so unique and perhaps impractical if you want to make a bold statement in your living room, look no further.

19. French Bistro Chairs

If you spend your time dreaming about sipping coffee in Paris and reading books by authors who found their inspiration in the city of love, you may want to consider these chairs. Much like the name implies, these chairs pepper cafes throughout the country. These chairs are a perfect selection for an outdoor dining space since they are typically rattan and wood designed to hold up against the elements. Additionally, if your area has a torrential downpour and you need to move them inside, they are lightweight and quickly move into a place that will keep them beautiful for years to come.

20. Traditional Bent Wood Chairs

Similar to contemporary chairs, these are made out of a single piece of wood. However, they are a universal chair that lends itself to many different styles. According to Medium, Michael Thonet began making the original chairs as early as the 19th century. However, don’t write these off as antique and unlikely to work in your dining space. Over time, the style has evolved and is now a beautiful chair that effortlessly blends modern and traditional without feeling jarring. This is another choice if you want your dining room to transport you to a European city, Vienna. Even if you don’t, you’ll find these chairs to be well-appointed, durable, and lightweight if you need to move them around and add an extra or two for guests eager to sample the treats and sweets you made in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Virginia Wolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Finding the perfect dining room chair is a crucial piece of this puzzle. Sitting at a dining room table alone or with friends and family is one of the best things you can do in your house. After all, food can be visual art as well as nourishment. However, if your chairs are not inviting, you may skip this vital part of your day. So, when shopping for a dining room chair, it’s best to take your time and think about what you want your dining space to say. Hopefully, the chairs on this list give you some inspiration to create the living room of your dreams.

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