The Key Characteristics of a Peruvian Style Dining Room


A fantastic source of inspiration when choosing a style for the rooms in your home is the countries of the world. Every country has its own unique style that is influenced by factors including the resources available, the history of the country, the culture of its people, and the surrounding landscapes. Which country a person chooses for their home depends on their personal preference and the type of style they want in their home. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is Peruvian interior design, and this is a style that you can apply to any room. The dining room is just one of the rooms that are well-suited to the design ideas of the Peruvian culture. Here are the key characteristics of a Peruvian style dining room.

What is a Peruvian Style Dining Room?

A dining room with a Peruvian style is inspired by the design concepts of Peruvian interior design. Factors that influence this are the materials that are naturally available in Peru, religion, the Peruvian culture, and the landscape of Peru. There is also a Spanish influence in many homes in Peru, so many aspects of Peruvian design have a Mediterranean look. This is a warm and welcoming style that uses natural materials, lots of color, patterns, and textiles. It is part of a broader interior design style called the Globe Trotter style that includes design ideas from all four corners of the globe. The following are the key characteristics that you should try to include in a Peruvian style dining room.

Architectural Features

Architectural features in Peruvian homes vary depending on the era in which they were built and whether they are urban or rural properties. Some architectural features that are associated with Peruvian homes include stucco walls, ceiling beams, exposed brick or stone walls, small windows, arched doorways, and grilles over the windows and doors.


Your choice of materials is essential when trying to recreate the Peruvian style in your dining room. Natural materials are a vital part of this theme, with the predominant material being dark, untreated wood. Other natural materials include clay, ceramics, stone, and woven wool.


The walls in Peruvian style rooms are usually painted white directly onto rendered or stucco walls. However, this does not mean that Peruvian rooms are bland or minimalistic. In fact, the reverse of this is true as bright and bold colors are added to almost every other aspect of the room. Colour Lovers says that the Peruvian color palette is varied, and you can use almost any color with this design theme. Usually, several colors are used rather than just one or two.


Patterns are an integral part of Peruvian culture, so it is important that you include them when designing your dining room. Most patterns incorporate several colors, and the most typical designs are stripes, zigzags, and geometric patterns. The best places to feature traditional Peruvian patterns are on accessories and textiles.


The two main options for flooring in Peruvian homes is wood or stone. Both options are both aesthetically pleasing and a practical option for the dining room. While stone floors are the traditional options, some people prefer the warmer feel of wood in their home.


The most important pieces of furniture in a dining room are the table and chairs. Choose a table and chairs set that are made from natural wood, and dark wood is the best option. A rectangular table works best with this style and you should choose chairs that have a geometric design rather than curves. Mass-produced and modern pieces are not the best options. Instead, choose an artisan or hand-crafted table and chairs. Another piece of furniture you might choose to include in your Peruvian style dining room is a dresser. Again, choose one that has an angular appearance that is made form a darker wood.


No Peruvian style room is complete without textiles as these are a key element of this interior design style. The Kindcraft describes Peruvian textiles as giving an insight into the arts and myths of ancient Peru through the use of striking patterns and vibrant colors. There are several ways that you can add textiles to a dining room. First, choose a textile wall hanging in a Peruvian style as this will add a colorful focal point to the room. Second, add a rug as this will add warmth. Finally, adorn your table with textiles, such as woven table mats. These will serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.


The Telegraph says that the use of accessories is one of the most important elements of Peruvian style, and it is not necessary to choose matching pieces. It is a chance to add some of your personality to the room, and one of the best ways to add color and pattern to the dining room. In addition to the textile accessories, you should add some colorful ceramic pieces to the room. A large, hand-painted vase will look amazing in the center of the dining table. A large, wood-framed mirror is a fantastic addition that will add natural light and give the illusion of space. Consider featuring some traditional Peruvian art on the walls as interesting talking points.

Peruvian Style Dining Rooms – The Final Verdict

The Peruvian style works well in a dining room and many other rooms in the home. The Peruvian style is inspired by the culture and landscape of Peru, and you can include various elements of this style in many aspects of the dining area of your home. The most important points to remember are to use natural materials, to include textiles, and to add bright colors to a blank canvas of white walls. You can interpret this style in many ways to create either a bright and modern room or a warm and rustic room depending on your personal preferences and the style of your home.

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