20 Amazing Pools It’s Hard to Believe are Public

It’s almost that time of year when the temperatures sore and all you can thing about is getting cooled off in a nice, cool swimming pool, and if you’re lucky enough to live in certain areas of the world, cool can also mean “amazing.” When you don’t own your own backyard pool, you may resort to spending the day at your local community pool, and if it’s like the majority of community pools, it’s probably pretty basic, with a shallow end, a deep end, possibly a kiddie pool, and maybe even a diving board or high dive. But that’s not the way all community pools around the world are designed. There are some that will absolutely amaze you with how large, unique, beautiful, luxurious, and maybe even entertaining, they are. So what makes some of these community pools so amazing? Well, we’re about to tell you. These pools may not be right around the corner from where you live, but you can check them out if you’re ever in the area.

Community pools with a view

Some communities take advantage of the beautiful views around them and use the views to inspire their community pool. If you could dive into your local community pool overlooking a beautiful bay, or gazing out overlooking a breathtaking mountain range as its backdrop, who wouldn’t want to? When you have a gorgeous background to work with, enhancing it with an infinity edge pool to give swimmers the feeling like they are able to meld with the horizon as they swim, is an amazing experience. Community pools that offer their local guests this type of summertime entertainment are some of the most awesome swimming pools.

Multiple amazing pools

Some community pools are more than just “a” pool. What makes some community pools so awesome is the number of pools to choose from. Imagine walking into a pool area and finding three or four different pools to choose from instead of just one. And each pool has its unique feature that makes it different and amazing. Maybe it’s the size of the pool, the beach walk-in design, the beautiful floating fountains, or any other feature that makes it an incredible community pool to visit. Community pools that give you a choice of beautiful pools to cool off in are usually some of the most awesome pools found anywhere.

Water park fun

You don’t always have to go to a big water park to have some water park fun. There are communities that want to add an element of fun to their pools for kids and the whole family. Who wouldn’t love to drive down to the local pool and feel like you’re really on a little vacation at a water park. These awesome pools often don water slides, sprinklers to cool off in, fountains among other things. Some can get quite elaborate and over-the-top, but I’m pretty sure the guests would beg to differ if that was their local community pool nearby.

Floating pools

If you’ve never heard of a floating pool, you would be in for a treat if you ever visited Berlin, Germany. A community pool floats romantically on a barge, which sits securely docked at Berlin’s River Spree. It’s a beautiful example of a floating pool, and only one of many ways to create the appearance that a pool is floating. A floating community pool definitely fits into the category of one of the most awesome public swimming pools, and if you get the opportunity to ever take a dip in one, you’ll probably never forget the experience.

There are more amazing public swimming pools around the world than any one person could ever visit or photograph, but we’ve found 20 amazing pools that are hard to believe they’re public. Scroll through the following pictures and take a look at some of the most beautiful public pools where the community members go to cool off in the summer heat.

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