Should You Rush into the Black Bottom Pool Trend?

Black Pool

Black bottom pools are pretty much what they sound like. Strictly speaking, they don’t have to have black bottoms. Instead, it is very common for black bottom pools to have a dark blue bottom or a dark gray bottom. In recent times, they have managed to become very popular, so interested individuals might be wondering whether they should get a black bottom pool as well.

Visual Appeal

For starters, black bottom pools have a very different look from their white bottom counterparts. This is particularly true if they have black walls as well for an even stronger impression than otherwise possible. As a result, black bottom pools might be better choices for certain individuals as well as certain settings. To name an example, they can be very memorable when seen beneath the stars because their color can provide them with a touch of mystery. Something that can be quite wonderful.

Easier to Heat

Chances are good that interested individuals are familiar with how a paved surface can become very hot under the summer sun. This is because darker-colored surfaces absorb more light before converting it into heat whereas lighter-colored surfaces reflect more of that light back into space. Thanks to this, black bottom pools tend to be easier to heat than their white bottom counterparts. This effect is particularly noticeable during the daytime rather than the nighttime.

Easier to Keep Heated

On a related note, this means that it is easier to keep black bottom pools heated as well. Combined, these two things mean that interested individuals can enjoy greater comfort at reduced cost, which is always an attractive combination. For that matter, if people care about the environment, consuming less power makes for a smaller carbon footprint as well as other environmental benefits.

Safety Concerns

If black bottom pools have a serious issue, that would be the safety concerns caused by how they have a less visible bottom than their white bottom counterparts. Generally speaking, this shouldn’t be a huge issue for adults because adults in good condition should be able to judge where the bottom of the pool can be found anyway. However, this can be a much more serious matter for children as well as adults who aren’t in good condition. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy this to some extent. One example would be installing lights for better visibility. Another example would be having markers that make it very clear where the deep end can be found and where the shallow end can be found.

Some Jurisdictions Have Passed Laws Because of Those Safety Concerns

Due to those safety concerns, there are some jurisdictions that have laws that regulate how much pigment a pool’s bottom can have. Interested individuals can still get something that is much darker than a white bottom pool in these places. However, a literal black bottom pool might be out of the question for them.

Should You Get a Black Bottom Pool?

There isn’t a clear answer to the question of whether someone should get a black bottom pool or not. Yes, there are some real advantages that can be had by getting one of these. However, black bottom pools aren’t so overwhelmingly advantageous that everyone should just default to getting one whenever they decide to get a pool. Similarly, they have a real disadvantage, which isn’t disadvantageous enough to make avoidance the clear answer either. Never mind the fact that said disadvantage can also be mitigated to a considerable extent through proper preparation. As such, it seems reasonable to say that interested individuals should feel free to either follow or ignore the recent trend for black bottom pools based on their own personal preferences. Instead, interested individuals might want to put some extra effort into choosing the right pool installer to help them out with their project. After all, whether they choose a black bottom pool or a white bottom pool, there can be no doubt about the fact that a bad installation can cause their costs to balloon. Due to this, choosing the right pool installer can save them a lot of frustration in the long run by ensuring the smoothest progress.

Generally speaking, the process of choosing the right pool installer should start with verifying the contractors’ credentials. This is important because installing a pool calls for specialized expertise and experience, meaning that interested individuals need to be sure that their pool installers have these things. However, this process isn’t as simple as just checking up on the contractors’ licenses and certifications. Instead, interested individuals should ask questions until they get a solid understanding of exactly who would be handling the pool installation, which is extremely important because it isn’t uncommon for contractors to subcontract. On top of that, they should also do their best to get a better idea of how the contractors’ businesses are run, with information about their recent work on pools being the most important by far. Of course, interested individuals should also make sure to look into customer satisfaction. After all, if a contractor’s customers are consistently satisfied with their work on pools, it seems reasonable to expect the same for them. Both reviews and testimonials are very useful for this purpose. Moreover, interested individuals should scrutinize any negative reviews. Everyone will get a negative review at some point. Still, how contractors deal with negative reviews can say a lot about them.

Speaking of which, interested individuals should definitely ask about the contractors’ insurance. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, so it is reasonable to expect contractors to be properly insured in case something happens. If they are not, well, suffice to say that is definitely a sign that interested individuals should be looking elsewhere. For that matter, they should also definitely take their personal interactions into account when choosing between their potential contractors. Personal compatibility does matter. Furthermore, there are a host of things that should be interpreted as warning signs. For example, any kind of high-pressure sales tactic is a sign for people to just walk away. Similarly, unrealistically high or low estimates are causes for concern because they could suggest either a lack of experience or a lack of honesty. Ultimately, if interested individuals feel that a contractor can’t be trusted, they should look elsewhere because there are plenty of other options out there.

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