10 Trending Kitchen Furniture Items for 2019

The main hub in your home I bet is the kitchen. Gatherings in the kitchen are some of the most memorable in any household. It’s where you prepare meals, eat, help your kids with homework, talk with friends and neighbors over a cup of coffee, and anything else you love spending time doing in the room that naturally draws you to it. Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, you want it to be warm and welcoming, and of course, practical. But you can have all of the things you expect from the most used room in the house. Many people love to follow the latest decorating trends and apply some of the looks to their own home. It keeps a home fresh and appealing, and it doesn’t hurt to be up-to-date when it comes to resale values. If you love keeping your kitchen up with the times, or are in the market for a kitchen makeover, we have some of the latest trends for kitchens. Keep reading to learn about 10 trending kitchen furniture items for 2019 and get inspired to upgrade your kitchen look.

1. Brightly colored chairs and stools

So many tables and chairs are looked over in a kitchen if they’re nothing more than just a basic wood color. If you’re one to think that too much color in the kitchen is less than appetizing, well, we’re here to tell you that the latest trend is to take your color up a notch and one way to turn up the color is with your kitchen chairs and bar stools. Chairs are one way for you to really accent other colors in your kitchen, such as your wall color, counters, cabinets, flooring and other kitchen elements. Brightly colored chairs create a bright focal point to the room and can add a punch of “wow!.” Whether you paint your chairs or recover them with colorful fabric, get rid of the boring seat cushions and drab natural wood and give them some colorful pizzazz for 2019!

2. Copper accents

Copper, copper, copper….it’s the new rave today and it’s all over the news how good copper is in the kitchen. Not only is copper supposed to be great for cooking in, but drinking water from a copper cup has been deemed a healthy habit to get into, and now, copper has become a new trend for kitchens in 2019. Hanging copper pots over a kitchen island was always one of the coolest looks in a kitchen some years back, and now it’s back. If you have always loved the way copper pots looked hanging somewhere in the kitchen, now you have a reason to hang them, they’re trendy again. And not just copper pots either – anything copper as an accent in the kitchen is a cool trend for 2019, so have fun with this beautiful metal and let a little copper help to brighten your kitchen.

3. Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood has always been a material of interest for homes. It’s used in so many ways and has a great look to offer just about every room in the home. Reclaimed wood is often used for doors, headboards, flooring, and tables. Right now, reclaimed wood is a top listing item for being used in the kitchen. One way you can use reclaimed wood is to create a beautiful kitchen table with it, or perhaps a beautiful bench for your table. Other ways might include to use as the backside of your kitchen island as seen in the picture above. No matter what type of wood you choose for your island back, pairing it with a beautiful set of bar stools can really add a wow factor to your kitchen island. You can mix-and-match different woods throughout your kitchen to add a rich look, and cozy atmosphere to it.

4. Butcher block wood counters

When most people think of re-doing their kitchens, maybe adding a new flooring or counters, the thought of marble or granite counters is probably the first thought. They are beautiful and rich looking, and they definitely help the resale of a home compared to laminate. But have you ever given any thought to butcher block counters? Probably not, because, isn’t this is a material for kitchen islands? Well, yes it is, but if it’s good enough for an island, wouldn’t it be good enough for an entire kitchen full of counters? It is in 2019, and it’s taking off like crazy as one of the latest trends for this year. They’re sturdy, durable, and down right beautiful. When you choose a beautiful stain for your butcher block counters paired with beautiful flooring and a stunning back splash, your kitchen will be one of the most admired of all your friends. If you’re ready for a counter upgrade, consider the newest look in butcher block counters and bring your kitchen into the latest kitchen trends.

5. Farmhouse sink

The classic look of a chic farmhouse sink is a trending look for kitchens today, no matter what style you have your kitchen designed in. Their big, beautiful, and they blend in seamlessly to just about any look that you will find them in a classic style kitchen, retro, of course a farmhouse kitchen is sure to have one, even industrial style kitchens will often boast a farmhouse style sink – in metal of course. You can find these beautiful styled sink in a wide range of materials and colors, so it’s next to impossible not to be able to find one that fits your kitchen design and taste. Once you’ve washed your dishes in a large farmhouse style sink, you’ll find it hard to imagine ever living without one.

6. Two-toned cabinets

When most people think of choosing new cabinetry for their kitchen, I bet that most people would think you need to choose the same color and style for the entire to kitchen in order for it to look right and consistent. Well, not if you want your kitchen to fit into the newest and latest trend. Cabinetry is being mixed and matched in the most unusual ways today, and it’s creating some of the most beautiful looks you can imagine. Two-toned cabinets are cabinets that boast two different colors, and how you choose to arrange that is up to you and your taste. Two-toned cabinets can be found in a variety of ways, some kitchens install one color for the top cabinets and a different on the bottom. You might prefer to have half your kitchen in one hue, and thee other half in a contrasting color, as in the picture above. Or perhaps you prefer each cabinet to show each color, for example, the frame is one color, while the doors and drawers are another. So many colors and so many looks to choose from, it’s all about your taste and your creativity.

7. Concealed range hoods

Range hoods have really become ornamental over the years and can look quite masterful over a range, however, not everyone is a fan of the flow of their cabinets across their kitchen being broken up the sudden appearance of a range hood. Whether you have a large viking range hood, or a small hood, either can seem a little out of place or take up too much visual square footage in the kitchen. One of the latest ideas that is trending now, is to conceal the range hood and make it look more a part of the cabinetry so that everything flows, as opposed to having the flow of the cabinetry across the kitchen be abruptly broken by a range hood, no matter how large or small. Congruent is the theme today, and if you are one to keep up with the latest trends, consider having your range hood concealed with the same cabinetry look to give your kitchen a more aesthetic look.

8. Open shelving

Open shelving is oh-so chic and it’s a trending look this year. While you may not care to have all your shelving to be an open book to show everyone what you own, having a few open shelves to display your best dishware or other kitchen items, can be a great way to create a unique look, or even make an area of your kitchen a nice focal point. Open shelves are easy to create, and can add character to your kitchen, or help an uninteresting kitchen window standout. By framing the window with open shelves, the window can take on a whole new look and really shine.

9. Black appliances

Black is back and it’s looking sleeker and more sophisticated than ever. Through the years appliances have taken many turns on the most popular looks. They’ve made their way through the colors of white, almond, green, golden yellows, and black. Once stainless steel came out, it took off as the ultimate look for any kitchen decor theme. Stainless steel made a kitchen look rich and sophisticated, and it would blend with just about any style or color scheme. Now, even though stainless steel appliances are still a sought after look for the kitchen, black has earned its way back into the kitchen, and it’s looking smarter than ever. One great thing about black is that it can easily be mixed with stainless steel, so if you don’t want all appliances to stand out in black, throw in a few stainless steel appliances, or get one that is a nice combo of the two looks.

10. Mix and match cabinetry

It was almost unheard of to have a mixture of cabinetry styles in a kitchen where things typically had to be all the same in order to be appealing. Today, mixing and matching all types of decor elements in individual rooms and throughout the home is where it is when it comes to decorating. To create an entirely different look for your kitchen, try mixing styles of cabinetry in your kitchen to add character and charm. If you want to take it ta step further, mix and match the colors of the cabinetry as well, so long as they are complimentary of each other. With so many different styles of cabinets, you will find it fun and exciting choosing two or more looks that work well together and give your kitchen a whole new look that is fresh, and happens to be one of the newest kitchen trends for 2019.

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