How To Create The Perfect Art Deco Living Room

Artistic styles from different eras are a huge inspiration for interior design across the world. The colors and subjects of the various artistic styles will appeal to different groups of people because of their personal preferences. Sometimes, they choose a style that reflects the period in which their home was built to complement the original features of their home. A popular interior design style option is the Art Deco style as it is both functional and glamorous. Art Deco is a great style choice for a living room, and here is an overview of the key characteristics of an Art Deco living room so that you can create this look in your own home.

What is an Art Deco Living Room?

Art Deco is a style of decorative arts that originates in France, especially Paris. Although this style was at the height of its popularity during the 1920s and 1930s, it began much sooner, says Impressive Interior Design. It began in 1908 and lasted up until the end of World War II in 1945. The style was predominantly inspired by its predecessor, Art Nouveau. However, many other factors influenced this style. For example, famous archaeological excavations in Egypt were a huge source of interest at that time, so there is an Egyptian element of design that began to appear as part of the Art Deco style as people began to add North African antiquities to their homes. Hollywood movies also influenced the style in terms of glamor, and people wanted to recreate scenes from movies in their homes. This style is a combination of glamor and functionality, so it was a very modern and eye-catching style when it first began to appear in people’s homes. Mass production made it possible for everyday people to afford this glamorous style. The following are some of the key characteristics that you need to know so that you can recreate this look in your living room.

Art Deco Architectural Features

Art Deco is all about clean lines and geometric patterns, so these are important in terms of architectural features. The cornice around the top of the rooms and where there are light fittings are far more geometric in design in Art Deco homes than in homes built in earlier periods, where the cornice was often ornate. Similarly, fireplaces are large and sleek look with an angular design. Windows often have geometric patterns created from lead strips.

Typical Art Deco Flooring

Wood and tiles are the two main types of floor that are associated with the Art Deco style. If you prefer the warmer look of wood, there are several options. The first option is stripped, stained, and varnished floorboards. An alternative to this is manufactured wooden flooring laid over the floorboards. Second, parquet flooring is an attractive option. This is smaller pieces laid to create visually appealing and eye-catching patterns. Finally, marquetry is an option that suits this style. Similar to parquet flooring, marquetry uses strips of wood to create patterns. The difference is that parquet flooring predominantly uses square and rectangular pieces of wood, while marquetry uses other shapes to create more intricate designs, such as thin strips or triangles. Rugs are often added in an Art Deco living room, and these typically feature geometric designs. Larger rugs that fit under the furniture rather than small ones that fit between it is traditional for this style.

Materials Associated with Art Deco Style

When choosing items for your Art Deco living room, you must reflect some of the typical materials that were used with this style. According to The Heart of Bespoke, some of the materials used in Art Deco homes included wood, aluminum, chrome, glass, crystal, jade, horn ivory, and exotic animal skins. In modern times, most people would prefer not to use ivory or animal skins, but synthetic ivory and faux furs or animal prints are great alternatives to these materials.

Art Deco Colors, Prints, and Patterns

The use of colors and patterns are intended to make a bold statement and to add glamor to the room. Colors that are usually associated with this style include red, black, white, and chrome. However, you can add an element of warmth by using beiges and off-whites, too. Rich, deep colors such as yellow, blues, and greens are also used. The predominant patterns used in this style is geometric shapes. However, natural prints and animal prints are also used.

Choosing Furniture for an Art Deco Living Room

The Spruce says that Art Deco furniture is streamlined with no frills. Large pieces are also popular, so you should not be afraid to opt for larger pieces than you may normally choose. Some typical pieces of furniture you may find in an Art Deco living room include sideboards, armoires, and large chairs. A nice addition is a glass and chrome coffee table.

Art Deco Accessories

Accessories are a key element of the Art Deco style, and you should look for decorative pieces that add a sense of glamor to the room. One of the key accessories to include in any Art Deco room is a mirror. Oval or rectangular mirrors are both popular, and these would look great as a feature above the fireplace or on a feature wall. You can also make a statement with mirrors, suggests Architectural Digest. You can choose an unusual mirror with a geometric design or create a feature on the wall using strips of mirror or mirror tiles. Another great addition to the wall is black and white prints featuring Hollywood icons. Around the room, try adding interesting antiquities that will become a talking point. Other options include animal print throws, cushions with geometric designs, and glass or chrome accessories.

Characteristics of an Art Deco Living Room – The Final Verdict

Even in a modern home, it is relatively simple to create an Art Deco living room. It is inspired predominantly by Art Nouveau with touches of Hollywood and Egyptian style. The style originates from France, but it was popular around Europe and the United States during the 1920s and 1930s. Sleek lines, bold colors, geometric shapes, functionality, and elements of glamor are all defining characteristics of this style. Using these points as a guide will help you to create a stunning Art Deco living room.

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