Why You Should Consider Adding Bedroom Chairs to Your Decor

Bedroom with Chairs

There no denying that when it comes to the bedroom, the bed is (and should be) the central focal point. After all, what’s a bedroom other than a place to sleep? That said, we don’t just want our homes to be functional masterpieces; we want comfort, style, and just a dash of our own personalities to be added to the mix as well. If you want to turn your bedroom into something more than just a place to while away the twilight hours, consider adding some additional pieces of furniture that go beyond the bare basics of what’s needed. Bedroom chairs make a great addition to your bedroom, giving you a place to relax in comfort while adding a stylish touch to the overall décor. When it comes to the range of options available, there’s enough variety to allow you to really express your sense of personal style, as well as making sure you end up with something that compliments your existing décor.

Choosing the Right Chair

Before you invest in your new bedroom chair, think carefully about how you intend to use it. Will it be primarily for decoration, for relaxing, for reading, or for working? Considering these questions should help guide you in choosing the best kind of seating arrangement for your needs. As well as considering the function of the chair, it also pays to assess what kind of seating will actually suit (and fit) your bedroom. While we may all love to imagine ourselves reclining on a luxurious chaise lounge, practically speaking, this might just be a pipe dream for most of us. Always access your space before introducing any new pieces of furniture into a room: work out how much room you have to play with, and which area of the room would best suit the piece you’ve set your heart on.

If space is particularly limited, ask yourself whether all the existing pieces in your bedroom are strictly necessary. If you have two nightstands, for example, could you perhaps free up some space by doing away with one of them? On the other hand, if your room has more space than anything else, you may want to consider an oversized chair, lounger, or love seat that’s big enough to really let you kick back and relax in. As Freshome notes, space permitting, you might even want to think about creating a conversation area with a group of seats, turning your room into as much of a living area as it is a bedroom. After you’ve accessed the space and decided what kind of function you need the chair to serve, you can start filtering through the range of options available.

The Fun Chair

The bean bag may usually be confined to kid’s rooms, but that’s not to say it doesn’t make a good option elsewhere. Leave the bright neon colors to the teenagers and opt for something in a slightly more sedated hue; if you do, you’ll find yourself with a chair that offers supreme comfort and just the right amount of fun to lend a relaxed, informal vibe to your décor.

The Traditional Chair

If you’re a fan of the elegant, classic look and are looking for an accent chair to compliment your existing décor, plump for a similarly sophisticated chair with a polished wooden frame. You can either opt for built-in cushions (which will give you the chance to get a little adventurous with color and patterns) or keep things minimalist by allowing the beauty of the wood to speak for itself. If you want to avoid the fuss of cushions but still want a little comfort, try draping a fluffy sheepskin rug over the back of the chair; the wood will still be the star of the show, but the sheepskin will make a very complementary partner.

The Functional Chair

Let’s face it, while we may want to keep the bedroom a beacon of relaxation and Zen, most of us don’t have the luxury (or the space) to limit a room to just the one function. If you use the bedroom as much as a study as a sleeping space, you may want to consider introducing a study chair that will allow you to get on with your work in comfort, while still complementing the overall look of the bedroom. If you’re going to be spending several hours a day toiling away in the chair, ensure you choose something comfortable and functional enough to avoid a sore back. That said, remember a bedroom should still look like a bedroom: avoid choosing the kind of industrial looking chair you’d find in offices and plump for a swish alternative in a luxurious, rich-looking fabric.

The Comfortable Chair

A small chair may be ideal for occasional use, but if you do a lot of your living in the bedroom, you may want to consider a big, comfortable easy chair (or even a small sofa) to give you somewhere to properly unwind and relax. If your bed is facing the TV, try adding a small sofa to the foot of your bed. If you have a large picture window, make the most of the view by position a chair or chaise lounge at a suitable angle beneath it.

Keep it Complimentary

As Occasional Chairs notes, a bedroom chair should match its surrounds. The key to success is remembering that any chair you introduce should act as a compliment to your existing decor, and not as a distraction from it. Keep the bed center stage by choosing chairs that flatter the bed linen and design; you don’t have to create an overly “matchy-matchy” style, but make sure the chairs and their upholstery have enough in common with the color, materials, and patterns of the bed to create a beautifully pulled-together look, rather than a discordant space that lacks a coherent sense of identity.

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