20 Gorgeous Brown Bedroom Ideas

Brown is one of the most popular colors to decorate with. Homeowners use brown in many different rooms due to the warmth and coziness that the color brings to any room in the house. No matter what shade of brown you use, it works well with so many other colors that it makes it very easy to work with.

You can choose from soft creams and light brown sugar tones, to dark, rich chocolates to decorate with. You can also bring as little or as much of the color into a room to create the mood you want.

The bedroom is one room that you want to feel warm, comfortable and relaxing. Brown is one of the best colors in the color spectrum, to use in a bedroom, to turn your personal space, into a cozy haven.

When you retreat to your brown room, you can instantly feel the warmth surround you. If you have been thinking about decorating your bedroom in brown but aren’t’ sure where to start, here are some tips for getting you on the right path.

Brown for different styles

Brown is a classic color used in many different types of decorative styles. When you think of a rustic look, the first color you probably think of and relate to this décor style, is brown. For traditional bedroom styles, brown can be a main color choice in furniture, bedding and accents.

Brown is also a common color choice for modern décor, and paired with white, brown works well with Scandinavian designs as well. Maybe you have a Mediterranean or beachy theme in your bedroom. Brown is a traditional color used in both of these styles as well.

How much or how little to bring into the bedroom

Your bedroom is your retreat away from the rest of the house and the world. Make your room warm and serene with as much brown or as little as you want. If you want to feel the warmth of brown all around you, painting all the walls your favorite brown hue can really submerge you into the color.

Large bedrooms can feel warm and cozier with all brown walls, and smaller rooms, even cozier. To really make the brown “pop,” leave the trim white and add white, or light cream colored accents throughout the room.

Draperies, bedding and other fabrics are good ways to bring some light, airiness to the room with white. If you don’t want your room consumed with brown, keep all of your walls a lighter color, or create a brown accent wall.

You may also choose to just incorporate some brown into your room by way of fabrics and décor pieces. Browns in your window curtains, bedding, area rug, lamps, chair cushions and décor pieces can add the same feeling of warmth without too much brown in your bedroom.

Accent colors

So many colors work with brown that it is almost impossible to go wrong here. The most common colors paired with the different shades of brown include, yellows, reds, blues, greens, golds, even black.

In a room full of brown, throw an extra color punch into the mix by adding an all-red chair that really stands out and draws in the eye. A stark black and white wall hanging picture can really make a brown wall pop. Bright yellow flowers in a vase on the dresser against a brown wall, gives the dresser a whole new look.

Let your imagine run freely when it comes to adding some color to your brown room because one thing is true about brown, without color to offset the hue, brown does run the risk of looking drab if it isn’t presented in its best light.

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