20 Gorgeous Industrial Design Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom is your retreat away from the rest of the home. It should be your sanctuary, and place you go to relax and rejuvenate to get away from the rest of the world at the end of a long day. Everyone has their own taste and style that makes them feel comfortable in their bedroom. Not all folks feel the most relaxed in a traditional, rustic, or country style décor room. Maybe what makes you feel the most relaxed and tranquil, and really rejuvenates the mind and spirit, is the unique look of an old warehouse or manufacturing plant. This type of style is known as the industrial look, and it is a fairly popular theme for many people, not only in the living room, the kitchen or dining room, but also in the bedroom. You can mix and match industrial décor ideas with the modern or contemporary look to create a unique design that brings both old and new together. To create an industrial style bedroom, here are some ideas you can use to help get you started.

1. Find inspiration

There are a lot of ways you can find inspiration for designing your own bedroom in an industrial theme. One of the best ways is to look to real industrial style buildings and warehouse for inspiration. If you have access to industrial buildings, a warehouse, an old barn, or manufacturing plant, try to get in for a look to see what ideas you can draw from them. You can even just drive past older buildings in an older section of your town, perhaps, to take a look at some of the exteriors to see what looks and ideas you could bring into your bedroom.

2. Learn your rustic metals

Metals of all types, are one of the biggest types of material used in an industrial setting and in industrial home décor. You will want to learn what all the types of old, rustic metals are to help you to incorporate the use of some in your bedroom. Manufacturing plants are known for using metals like steel, iron and aluminum. You can incorporate these metals into pieces in your bedroom in your lighting fixtures, hardware, furniture pieces, bookshelves, piping, among many other things. Other types of metals often used include, copper, brushed nickel, cast iron and wrought iron.

3. Use exposed mechanical pieces in your room

Not all rooms are already headed in the industrial style all on their own, however, some older homes or buildings may already have a few ready-made items or areas you can incorporate into your design. Ceiling beams, brick walls, exposed piping, industrial style lighting, anything or any material that might serve as something to work with can be used to help create your design and you should use it. Especially because it’s free décor for you – something you won’t have to spend money on trying to create that look.

4. Mix your old with new

For those who want a type of contemporary look to go along with the older, industrial look, add some contemporary pieces into the theme to combine your look of old and new. A contemporary bookshelf, a contemporary desk for your room, some contemporary light fixtures mixed in with industrial style lighting, or a contemporary bed. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to industrial design, which is one of the most draws toward this design. There is no wrong or right.

For more inspiration in the industrial design theme for your bedroom, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous industrial design bedroom ideas to start you on your way.

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