20 Gorgeous Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Rustic Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one special room in the house that allows you to totally retreat away from the cares and worries of the world; to regroup, and rejuvenate yourself for the next day. You should love spending time in your bedroom, and you can if you love the things that surround you in your room. For many people, a warm and welcoming bedroom means being surrounded by things that reflect a simple, natural lifestyle. This relaxed feeling is easy to achieve with a rustic bedroom design. Rustic decor has long been one of the most popular decor themes and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With many different versions of this decor, you can create just the amount of a rustic look you want, or even add a modern twist to the design, for a fresh, new look, according to Decoist. Here are some ideas for giving your bedroom a rustic remodel to instantly add that warm, cozy feeling you want in your favorite room in the house.

Wood is essential

Rustic design is known for its use of natural materials, and of course, there’s nothing more natural than wood. While there are plenty of other natural materials found in a room decorated in a rustic theme, wood should be the fundamental element and basis of your bedroom plans. With that in mind, you’ll want to use wood throughout your room to keep with an authentic, rustic look. Wooden ceiling beams set the stage for a stunning rustic retreat. They are probably the most recognizable element of a rustic theme, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Homedit says there are plenty of  other ways you can incorporate plenty of wood in your bedroom. Wood slatted walls, wood plank flooring, and wood furniture pieces are all ways wood can be showcased as the prime, natural element.

Think distressed and vintage

What appeals to most people when it comes to rustic design, is the relaxed, unpretentious look and feel it represents. The design is more about a way of life; one that embraces a natural and simple way of living. It’s finding the beauty in things that are aged and have been passed down through generations. They may be worn looking, but they tell a story. Whether you find old treasures at a vintage flea market, or in your attic, let those distressed marks on a vintage dresser or night tables help to accentuate the look you’re going for. Grandma’s old hope chest at the foot of the bed makes for a great seat for dressing, plus added storage for blankets or sweaters. An old reclaimed wood barn door can easily be refitted into a beautiful headboard for your bed, and those old, distressed pieces of white picket fence may make  a nice piece of wall art, or frame for a mirror.

Mix and match pieces and finishes

The beauty of a rustic theme is the flexibility it gives you. While some people may love every element of their room to be a classic rustic look, not everyone wants the feel of stepping into an old, charming cabin in the woods when they step into their bedroom. So for those who want a bit of modernism mixed in with the classic elements, according to Home Decor by Mary, there is a way to mix and match rustic elements to get that perfect balance of old, rustic wood cabin, balanced with the look and feel of more modern and polished finishes. A modernly styled chandelier over the bed with a rustic design, adds a modern focal point to the room. Create one wood wall as a focal wall, rather than having all the walls covered in wood. A fireplace in your bedroom may be refaced in a beautiful marble stone, for a more modern twist as opposed to the classic rustic look of stone.  Or choose a couple beautiful wood furniture pieces that have the rustic look, but a modern design. Deciding on the style of rustic design you prefer, classic rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic, vintage, or modern rustic, will help you decide how little or how much of the traditional rustic elements you’ll want to incorporate.

If you are ready to remodel your bedroom into a beautiful rust retreat, then keep scrolling to see 20 beautiful rustic bedroom ideas to give you inspiration for your own.

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