Julia Roberts Has a New $8.3 Million Century-Old San Francisco Victorian

Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts bought a new home in the beautiful city of San Francisco. The century-old Victorian home was purchased for $8.3 million and is located in the prestigious Presidio Heights neighborhood and boasts 6,200 sq. ft., and 5 full levels of living space. According to LA Times, the home includes 5 bedrooms and 4 and 1/2 baths, and offers a spectacular view of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge crossing the San Francisco Bay. The shingled outside of the home really brings out the Victorian look, and once inside, you can see that Roberts has superb decorating taste that keeps with the century-old home, yet adds enough modernism touches that it all marries perfectly into a beautiful, cozy, warm and welcoming home for her family. So, yes, Julia Roberts has a new $8.3 million century-old San Francisco Victorian home, and here’s a peek inside.


when you step inside the front door, the entry immediately tells you, you are standing in an old Victorian style home with the beautifully detailed staircase leading up to the next level, and the trim work along the walls, and even the coffered ceiling, all remind you of the fine craftsmanship of this era. The beautiful hardwoods shine, and the faux animal skin rug sprawled over a portion of the floor, enhances the beauty of the floor. A neutral color carpet was chosen for the stairs and at the landing, a stunning stained glass window greets you before you make the turn up to the next level.

Upstairs landing

The landing at the top of the stairs acts as a hallway to more rooms, plus space for a little nook, just big enough for a chair. Railings surround an open area that allows you to see to the lower level, and a gorgeous, over-sized, slanted window lets in tones of natural light to make the landing feel bright and spacious. You can see small doors on the side wall that more than likely, act as more storage for the home.

Living room

The living room is a simple, yet elegant layout with a quaint seating area, put together with furniture pieces that boast sleek, neat lines, a modern, mirrored coffee table, a recumbent chair, and single ottoman. A gorgeous Victorian style  fireplace adds a punch of color to the neutral colors used throughout the room and is framed by built-in book shelves that display a variety of types of artwork and art pieces.

Family room

This upper level gives you jaw-dropping views of the city with the floor-to-ceiling windows that also allow you to get the brightest natural light of any level in the home. Doors lead to an outdoor balcony where you can enjoy the views from outside while enjoying a cocktail with guests. The upper level follows the same flow of colors with neutral tones all around, from the gray matching sofas, to the neutral toned area rug, and white chairs sitting in the corner. It’s also the perfect room to bring in natural plants and let them enjoy the space to grow, and perfect light environment.

Wine cellar

This beautiful wine cellar gives you ample space to mill about and browse for your favorite wine. As a matter-of-fact, according to SFgate.com, the cellar holds 1,000 bottles, more than enough space to store all your favorites. It’s a simple and elegant space with wood all around. A bar area sits at one end, where you can help yourself to a little taste-testing before making your choice.


The chic look of the office, or study, would make work seem a little less monotonous. Come in here to pay bills or make some business calls, and you will feel the warmth of the natural light streaming in, not to mention, the soft color palette paired with the white walls and architectural features really add to the room’s overall appeal.

Dining room

The dining room is trimmed out everywhere you look. From the walls to the ceiling, white wood accents are used to create a beautiful, cozy dining space, and for added coziness, the fireplace on the far wall is perfect for adding a romantic ambiance during an evening meal. You don’t see a chandelier hanging over this table with the beautiful emerald chairs; instead, recessed lighting over the artwork and beautiful canister wall sconces light up this room.


The full view of the kitchen is stunning. The two-toned look of green and white cabinetry brings a vintage, cottage- type look and feel to the room. Stainless steel appliances and range hood add a modern and sleek look. The long island is the perfect place t grab a light lunch or snack on the bar stools tucked under the counter and the large farm-style sink is not only charming, but perfect for handling clean up after feeding a family or having guests for dinner.

Eating area

The eating area just off the kitchen is beautiful with the subtle country touches. The use of green and vibrant wooden flooring pairs well with the bench seat cushion and wood table and cabinetry around the bar. Built in shelves sit on either side of an open pass-thru to a living room, keeping the kitchen connected with other areas of the house. The long, oblong table is modern and charming and fits perfect in the space for leaving plenty of room for foot traffic around the table and to the other other rooms just off to teach side.

Master bedroom

According to Mansion Global, the master is located on the third floor, and these gorgeous wooden floors immediately catch your eye when you walk in the room. The wood is laid in a beautiful pattern that feels congruent with the shape of the room. Bay windows open up to views of other homes nearby, which gives you a community feel and is something often seen in the San Francisco area. The cozy white, small sofa in front of the windows and two small side tables is the perfect place to sit and relax just before bed; read a book, have a cup of tea, and take in the unique views of the area. Keeping everything neutral in color makes the room feel warm and cozy, but you instantly feel the richness of the black accents used throughout the room.

Master bathroom

The bathroom is both casual and elegant in the white and gray tones. Wainscotting on the walls bring a cottage appeal to the space and add visual height to the walls. The bathroom is long and has a narrow, look, however, with the use of clear glass shower walls, it opens the area to make the bathroom look and feel larger than it is.

Lower level seating area

The lower level of the town home is set with a seating area for hanging out in a casual environment. The cozy, round, modern-style table in center of the room is  the perfect setting for a few drinks and snacks, or maybe a game table when entertaining guests. The neutral tones, over-sized plush chairs and neutral tone area rug, warm up the lower level and make it an inviting space.

Lower back patio

This quaint little lower patio is just outside the basement, or lower level of the town home. A table sits in the middle of the patio surrounded by distressed wooden benches lined with stone. It’s the perfect setting for a meal or cocktails, and the benches are a great way to get added seating for entertaining a group of people, or set a few potted plants around to make it more welcoming and cozy.

Outside view

Who wouldn’t love to sit on their back deck or patio and have this gorgeous view to look at? One of the most famous bridges in the world, The Golden Gate Bridge, almost seems within reach, the view is so clear. The San Francisco Bay is a beautiful body of water, and surrounded by the mountains, it’s all comes together to create a serene and picturesque view to look at, and especially from your own home.

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