A Collection of 20 Beautiful 2 Story Modular Homes

There’s a better-than-average chance that you’ve at least heard of modular homes. A lot of people aren’t really sure what to think when they hear this term. In fact, it creates quite a bit of confusion among most individuals. The very sound of the term makes it seem as if this is just a fancy way of talking about a trailer house, more frequently referred to these days as a manufactured home. In a way, this is correct, but not entirely. That’s where the confusion usually sets in.

To set the record straight, a modular home is not a house on wheels. It doesn’t have axles, and you can’t hook it up to a truck and pull it down the road. However, it is not a home that’s typically built on site. Instead of pouring a foundation and setting up a skeleton or frame that the rest of the house will be attached to, modular homes are usually built in a factory in much the same way that trailer houses are built. While the exact building techniques are close but not exact, it’s important to realize that for the most part, modular homes are built in sections. Those sections are then transported on trailers to the location where the home will be set up and once all the sections have arrived, the house is then put together.

The main advantage in purchasing a modular home instead of a manufactured home is that you can do more with modular homes when it comes to creating living space and varying the way the house looks. One of the more recent trends is to create two-story modular homes. When you look at these houses, you would never guess that the house was built in a factory instead of being built on top of the foundation. They are beautiful, spacious and you can get them to look virtually any way you want them to.

Because of the many different variations in these houses, they have become extremely popular. There are also other reasons for their popularity, not the least of which involves the reduced cost that is typically associated with them. In most cases, you can purchase a two-story modular home for a fraction of the price it would cost to pour a foundation and hire someone to construct a home in that location. In addition, the houses can be built much more quickly, largely because they are built in a factory. If you want a house that you can move into in just a few weeks or a couple of months as opposed to a year, this is something that definitely needs to be considered.

If you’re interested in getting your own two-story modular home, it’s usually as easy as visiting a company that specializes in them. You have undoubtedly seen companies that sell trailer houses, or manufactured homes, when you’re driving down the road. It’s really much the same way with the modular homes and in some cases, companies specialize in selling both types of homes out of the same location. If you want to get one, the best thing you can do is find out which companies in your area that sell modular homes and then start inquiring about finding out more information from each one.

What if having a house built in a factory is something that you really can’t wrap your head around or you just don’t want to deal with? After all, some people have a real problem with the idea of the house they’re living in being built in a factory and transported down the highway, whether it’s on wheels or not. If that describes your feelings about modular homes, yet your interest has been piqued, it’s important to know that if you prefer, you can build the home on the site of your choosing, to a certain extent. In a case like this, certain small sections of the home are prefabricated at the factory and then everything is brought to the location where it is put together in much the same way as any other house. If you choose, you can even decide to have a foundation laid that the house can then be set up on and tied to. This makes the house virtually the same as a site-built home, yet with more versatility and lower costs.

Here are 20 great examples of 2 story modular homes:

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