20 Modular Homes That Will Blow You Away

Modular Homes

Are you familiar with modular homes? Modular homes are becoming more popular in the home building business, and they’re getting more luxurious, too. If you think a modular home is the same as a manufactured home, you’re not alone, many people think they are two-in-the-same, however, they’re not the same and they differ in several ways. One of the most prominent ways is where the the homes sit. Modular homes are set on permanent lots, while manufactured homes are not; you can move them to another site if you choose. If you think modular homes are average looking homes and lack in luster and features, you may want to re-think the whole, modular home, idea. You might be surprised to know that modular homes can be every bit as luxurious as any other luxury home, and many times, they will cost you less to design and purchase a modular home. Here’s more on modular homes and just how luxurious they can be.

What is a modular home?

Unlike stick homes, modular homes are not constructed onsite, but rather, in a factory. Despite the factory-built mode of construction, modular homes aren’t limited in size, number of levels, and certainly not style. There are an infinite number of possibilities in what can be designed and created in modular home building, but if you’re still wondering why they are called modular homes, Thoutghtco describes the process as whole sections of a home being assembled in modules, in the factory before being loaded on a truck and erected by cranes on the site where the house will be permanently anchored. An entire kitchen can be fashioned in the factory, the modules are pre-wired, this includes the switches and outlets already set in place, and if the home will operate with baseboard heating, all the components are pre-assembled in-factory and ready to be connected to a furnace once it’s set in place on the site. The process is much quicker than the construction of stick homes, and typically a less expensive form of home construction.

Designing your own dream (modular) home

What most people may not realize is that modular homes can be just as, or even more luxurious as stick built homes. Just because a home is constructed in a factory and carried in sections to the site to be put together, module-by-module, it doesn’t mean that it has lower standards when it comes to being outfitted with top of the line materials and lavish details. As a matter-of-fact, according to modularhomeowners modular home designs are much more exact than the typical form of home construction. Modular home building allows home owners to pick and choose any details and features they’d find in other home design plans, and include them in their module home floor plans.

Materials you you can choose from when designing a modular home may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Natural woods
  • Tiles
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Vinyl
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Marble

Modular designs

Just looking at a home, it would be hard to identify a modular home from a stick home, especially if you were looking at a luxurious, spacious home that has the appearance of taking months and months to design and construct. Most people have probably driven by a gorgeous modular home and had no idea that was what they were looking. Maybe it was a spectacular modern styled home, adorned with large glass pane windows all around, or a sprawling, beautiful, two-story English Tudor home flanked with a stunning stone exterior. But no matter the style or size of the home, today, the ability to design and construct modular homes has been taken to the next level using all the latest, innovative home building tools and materials.

Choosing the features perfect for your modular home

Whether you want an over-sized living room, a chef-style kitchen, an upstairs laundry room, an extra room for an office or play room, more storage, built-in bookshelves, a wraparound porch, all the latest in smart home technology, or anything else you can dream up, you have unlimited options with what you can design in a modular home. Even more impressive, is the ability to see your home come to life as you design all the details. Many companies now use the latest technology for home designs, a 3D-design software that lets you add and delete features and elements as you go, and see the results instantly so you know exactly what your modular home will look like when it’s completed. How cool is that?

If you want to see some pretty amazing modular homes, take a look at the following 20 modular homes that will blow you away!

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