The 10 Best Online Craft Stores in 2020

Crafting has taken off in a big way over the past few years, with more and more of us embracing our creative sides and getting down to some serious handiwork. Whether you’re a knitter, an artist, a quilter, or a good-all-rounder, getting quality materials is always going to be key to the success of your projects. Buying online makes the task of keeping your craft cupboard well-stocked a breeze, not to mention a much cheaper business than if you were to rely on stores of the bricks and mortar variety. Next time you’re in need of some material, check out some of these excellent online craft stores.

1. Etsy

What crafter worth their salt hasn’t heard of Etsy? Available in almost every country and with international shipments increasingly becoming the norm, it’s a crafters paradise. With its huge stockpile of products (which on any given day can include everything from quilt software to fabric, embroidery samplers to patterns), there’s unlikely to be an item you can think of that can’t be found here. Best of all, the site’s a breeze to navigate, with handy drop-down menus giving you the option to filter by keyword, relevance, date added, price, and more besides. All items are sold by individual sellers, and while this involves a degree of risk, the handy feedback tool lets you get a good idea of the quality of their wares before you part with any money.

2. eBay

Like Etsy, eBay carries a full range of crafting supplies (along with pretty much everything else you can attach a price tag to) sold by individual suppliers. Again like Etsy, it also carries a useful feedback section that allows you to check out how happy previous customers were with their purchase; a great way of filtering the good sellers from the bad. For bargain seekers, eBay is a dream: while some sellers prefer to sell their items at a set price, others are happy to open their wares up to auction, giving potential buyers the chance to win supplies at a fraction of their normal value. Shipping policies vary according to seller, but unless it’s a particularly bulky item, most are happy to at least consider international shipments if you ask nicely. Payment methods also vary, but most sellers accept payment via PayPal, making checkout a breeze.

3. Factory Direct Craft

If handicraft materials are what you want, it’s handicrafts materials you’ll find at Factory Direct Craft, along with wedding supplies, scrapbooking material, home décor, and seasonal crafts. Their standard range is vast enough to keep you in craft supplies for years, but if you’re scouting for a bargain, check out their sale section. In offseasons, you’ll find no end of useful products at a fraction of their normal price. For those looking for some inspiration, there’s even a blog section with plenty of top crafting tips and advice. Although based in the US, Factory Direct Craft offers international shipping on all products.

4. Create For Less

Sometimes, you don’t want to browse ten different stores for ten different products. There’s a convenience to having everything you could ever need under one roof, something that certainly holds true for Create For Less. Not only does it house pretty much every type of craft supply you could ever need, it’s also got some of the best prices on the web.

5. Nasco

Although Nasco is essentially a craft supplier, where it really shines is in the “extras”. Crafters looking for advice or some inspiration for their next project would be well advised to check out their excellent, informative (not to mention incredibly vast) selection of videos and lesson plans. Even if you’d rather spend your time buying than learning, its still worth checking out for its superb range of arts and crafts material.

6. DollarDays

Crafters in search of some low-cost materials should head straight to DollarDays. Although it doesn’t deal exclusively in crafts, it carries a huge stock of craft kits, beading, craft tools, paper products and the like, all at a fraction of the price you’re likely to find elsewhere. Check out their “49 cents or less” and clearance sections for the best bargains. Filtering through their massive range of stock can be a pain, but considering the fabulous prices, it’s worth the hassle. While based in Scottsdale, AZ, international shipment is available on all items.

7. Amazon

Amazon might not be the first place you think of trying for craft materials, but given their vast range and competitive pricing, it probably should be. Regardless of whether you’re in need of art supplies, sewing materials, cake decorations, paper products, or craft tools, you’re unlikely to come away empty-handed. While shipping policies vary according to supplier, most countries are served by a regional branch of the conglomerate, so you shouldn’t have too many difficulties.

8. S&S Worldwide

With international shipping available across the board, an excellent stock of arts and crafts materials, and great prices, S&S Worldwide is more than worth a browse. If price is your main priority, don’t miss their discount center: with its vast array of goods and heavily discounted prices, it’s THE place to pick up a bargain.

9. Stuff4 Crafts

With its tagline of “you will save money, guaranteed”. Stuff4 Crafts is an excellent place to pick up some extremely competitively priced craft materials. Its mammoth stock of materials (expect eveything from jewelry, candles, and general crafts to sewing, painting, and scrapbooking materials), is one of the biggest online, while its points program offers excellent rewards to repeat customers.

10. MisterArt

Although MisterArt serves US-based customers only, its excellent supply of fine art and craft materials (expect every type and brand of painting, modeling, candle making, printmaking, and drafting material out there), not to mention its superb prices makes it worthy of inclusion on our round-up. As an added boon, if you find any of their products online at a cheaper price, they’ll not only match the price, they’ll also send you a nice little gift certificate towards your future purchases to boot.

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