20 College Dorm Ideas That Work Extremely Well

College Dorm

Going away to college is an exciting time in your life, and for many college students, decorating their dorm room is part of the excitement. A dorm room is your home-away-from home, and most often they are dull and drab, and less than welcoming when you first walk into it at the beginning of the year. But with some helpful tips and a little creativity, you can turn your dorm room into a comfortable and inviting space that you’ll enjoy spending time studying in, and hanging out with friends. They’re also, not only dormitory-friendly, but they’re easy on the wallet so you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget. Take a look at some really neat ideas that will turn your basic dorm room into the envy of the dormitory.

Develop your theme

According to College Raptor, the first thought is to develop a theme for your college dorm room. Like any home, room or space you plan to decorate, having a theme helps to create a cohesively flowing space for studying, sleeping, and lounging with friends. If you have a roommate, discussing theme ideas can help you better plan. Some ideas might include:

  • Shabby chic
  • Beachy
  • Boho
  • Traditional style decor
  • Minimalist
  • Preppy
  • Grunge style decor

Give your walls a little character

Most dorm rooms are a basic white or similar neutral hue that can make the whole room feel cold or sterile. A good alternative to painting or wallpapering is to hang a large photo mural of your favorite picture or scenery, or design your own piece of tapestry by painting designs on a basic white sheet, to hang on a wall. A large printable wall photo mural can create the primary theme of the room, or create a cool Wow! factor for your room. A uniquely designed tapestry, or black and white, larger-than-life wall mural will simultaneously add visual square footage to a small dorm room, while also adding character to at least one of your walls.

Give your bed a homey makeover

Make your bed feel more like home by adding some personal touches. Buzzfeed suggests creating a unique headboard for your bed with cardboard, covered by a swag of your favorite patterned material. Add a beautiful, colored or patterned comforter set to make it look and feel just like home. Loft dorm beds are great for hiding stowaway storage totes and other items, and can be hidden with a long, flowing bedskirt.

Plants and things

Dorm rooms can be small and stuffy and may need a few personal touches to make it more homey and welcoming. One way to help brighten a room naturally, is by adding a few pots of greenery around the room. Nature has a way of making you happy, which can only help when it comes to spending hours pouring over books. Plants can also help to improve the quality of oxygen indoors, for a better living environment. Other items that can add personal touches are adding a couple bean bags or floor cushions for more lounging space and extra seating. Need a bedside table? Try taking a wire garbage can and spray painting it a matching decor color, then flipping it for an instant additional, inexpensive piece of furniture. An extra decorative or floor lamp will help brighten a room that lacks much natural light, and other trinkets; sports memorabilia, displayed collections, and other items, can show off your personal taste and interests.

Keep family close with these little tricks

No matter if it’s your first year away from home, or you’re an old pro at dorm life, there’s no doubt you’ll miss family and friends that aren’t so close anymore. Remembering family and friends and keeping them close is easy when you display your favorite pictures of them in your room, but with limited space, try more creative ways for photo displaying. String a strand of wire across a wall using 3M hooks to attach it. Hang individual photos across the wire in different positions using brightly colored clothes pins for flare. For added sparkle, run a strand of sparkling lights across the wire to brighten your picture display and add a bit of ambiance to your room.

Give your feet a little comfort

Not all dorm rooms are blessed with comfortable flooring. It may be up to you to make your floor a more pleasurable area to walk on, or even sit on. Measure the floor space in your room and cover the main traffic area with a stylish fuzzy area rug. Whether you choose a fun, spicy look, or you go for more muted tones, choose a rug that’s plush enough your bare feet won’t mind hitting the floor first thing on a cold morning, or walking barefoot on a chilly night.

For more inspiration, take a look at the following 20 college dorm ideas that work really well.

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