20 Gorgeous Purple Master Bedroom Designs

Purple Master Bedroom

Purple; it’s a color that represents luxury, power, and royalty and it’s a beautiful color to add to your master bedroom. Purple may seem like an intimidating color to many, due to its ability to feel strong and bold, but you can choose from a wide range of hues of purple to keep the level of purple to your taste and style. Incorporating purple into your master bedroom is a beautiful way to created a warm, relaxing and majestic retreat and we have some great ideas of just how you can do it. So, whether you prefer a little purple, or a lot, start thinking about this vibrant color for your master bedroom makeover.

Just walls, or walls and ceiling?

Depending on how big a fan you are of the color, you can limit your use of the color by sticking to walls only when it comes to painting. Keep things softer and more toned down by using softer shades of purple and keeping it on the walls, or go all out and get bolder with your choice of purple hue, by taking it up to the top of your room and painting the ceiling too. For brighter shades of purple, you might go a shade lighter on your ceiling to add a more dramatic effect. Tray ceilings are another great way to use the ceiling as part of the color palette by painting the outer layers of the tray a variation of the wall color.

Color combos

Purple can be a fun color to work with when it comes to adding accent colors. Deep, rich hues of purple pair well with black, or shades of orange and red. Tan is a neutral tone that works with many shades of purple, while white, pink, yellow, and hues of blue are also often used. Mix shades of purple together to create a layered look of the color. Lavender and plum, wine and lilac can be layered throughout a room, from walls to rugs, curtains and bedding. Consider how the shades work together, for instance, choose a plain purple as your base, then incorporate decor pieces that are shades of purple with a reddish tint (plum), as well as decor items that are shades of purple with a bluish tint (violet).

Where to use your purples

If purple walls are a bit overwhelming, you can still create a beautiful purple bedroom by using it throughout the rest of your room’s decor elements. White walls can be a stunning play off a large area rug with shades of purple that can also be found in your bedding, the fabric in your window treatments, a beautiful bed throw, lamp shades, even the cushion on your bench seat. Wall hanging art, flower arrangements, and other decorative items can all be used to add purple hues and surround yourself in the color, just in smaller quantities.


Lighting can have a big impact on any color you choose for a room, but lighting choices for a purple room can really make a difference in how the color shines. Warm shades of purples can look and feel even warmer with subtle lighting. Wall sconces are a great way to add warmth to a poorly lit area of a room, while floor lamps are a perfect addition to a sitting area that needs additional lighting. To add function lighting plus ambiance, change out the basic overhead light for a beautiful chandelier. Be sure to consider the color of metal of the fixture if you have a shade of purple on the ceiling, for instance, a champagne colored medallion against the ceiling pairs great with a deeper purple hue as opposed to lighter, brighter purple hues.

For more great purple master bedroom ideas, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous purple master bedroom designs and start getting inspired to spread a little purple around in your master bedroom.

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