20 Gorgeous Uses of a Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace

Fireplaces are one of the most beautiful elements you will ever find in a home. They not only act as a functional element, but design element; creating a stunning focal point for any room. There are a thousand ways you can create a gorgeous fireplace to set the tone for a room, whether it be the size of the fireplace, the mantel you choose, to designing a gorgeous, large hearth. But above anything else, the type of material you choose, is what will make your fireplace really stand out, and nothing says more than a beautiful fireplace made of natural stone. Not only is a stone fireplace warm and cozy, but depending on the type and use of stone, you can create a look that is cohesive with the rest of the room’s decor theme. Before you begin to reface your fireplace you will want to think about the different uses of stone for its composition. Here are some ideas to consider for using stone on your fireplace.

What style will you choose?

You want your fireplace to meld with the rest of your home’s architectural style and the decor theme. For instance, if your home has a contemporary appeal, designing a Colonial style fireplace in your living room may look out of place, so choose your style to fit your home’s overall architectural design and go from there to design the perfect stone fireplace for your room. Some of the most common types of stone fireplaces according to Stoneyard, include Tuscan, Old World, Modern, Log Cabin, Rustic, and Contemporary. Once you’ve nailed the style, it’s deciding on all the details that will complete your fireplace’s look.

Small, large, or meet in the middle

Depending on the size of the room and the wall you plan to create your fireplace masterpiece, you may choose to have a small corner wall fireplace, a majestic, floor-to-ceiling fireplace, or one where gorgeous stone spreads over the entire area of a wall, creating a dramatic look for the room. How small or how large your fireplace is may also play a role in the size and shape of the stones you use. Large, Rustic fireplaces can be ornate masterpieces, complete with wooden beams above, or framing the fireplace, a beautifully carved wooden mantel and cozy stone hearth. Consider designing a rustic fireplace using rounded boulders or coarse volcanic rock for a larger scaled fireplace, or flat stones, if you are scaling your fireplace down. However, a lot will depend on your personal style, and which type of rock best coordinates with your room’s scheme, when it comes to your final choice.

Consider the type of Joint Method you’ll use

When you look at a stone fireplace, something that often stands out along with the actual stones, is how the stones are laid, or set. Stones are typically set in one of three ways to create an aesthetic affect.

They include: Recessed or dry-laid joint, standard joint, and wide joint.

  • Recessed joint application gives stones a tight fit, leaving virtually no sign of any mortar.
  • Standard joint allows some mortar to be seen yet still gives the stones a tight fit, and most commonly used in Mosaic or squared off stones.
  • Wide joint is used with large stones. Larger gaps are left between stones with the use of mortar and it is common to see some mortar brushed over some of the stone.

Choosing the details

When it comes to finalizing the look of your fireplace, it is the details you choose that will give it it’s ultimate appeal. Mantels and hearths are not only decorative, but functional parts of the fireplace.

Mantles – Mantles serve as a type of shelf to set decorative or practical items on. Be sure the mantel you choose follows any guidelines for space clearance from the fireplace box. You stone fireplace can take on a range of looks depending on the mantel you choose. Weathered wooden mantels or stone mantels can create a rustic look, while a floating mantel adds a sense of modernism to a fireplace. No matter what you choose, having the mantle look aesthetically appealing is a key factor for your fireplace.

Hearths – Hearths are the cozy parts of the fireplace, but also functional. Complete Home Concepts discusses the importance of a hearth for helping to prevent fires from escaping the box, making it an important reason you want to design the hearth with care and consideration to its size and dimensions. Hearths are also great for holiday decor spaces and can be used as added seating when entertaining. With all things considered, depending on what you plan to use your hearth for, this could play a role in the size, shape, and type of joint you will choose when designing your stone fireplace.

If you are looking to add a stone fireplace to your home, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous uses of a stone fireplace to inspire your own design.

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