When Does it Make Sense to Get An Extra Freezer?

Sometimes, having one of something just isn’t enough. Take a freezer, for example. How many times have you had to turn away from a huge food sale simply because you don’t have the freezer space to store anymore? How many times a week do you have to visit the store to stock up on essentials that, if you had space, could be just as easily bought in bulk and thrown in the deep freeze? Investing in an extra freezer opens up a world of possibilities, including, but not limited to:

Cut Down on Takeout

How many times have you found yourself calling out for pizza simply because there’s no food in the house? Having a second freezer doubles up on how much food you can store at any one time, meaning the chances of you ever running low on supplies (regardless of how many kids are trying to eat you out of house and home) are next to none.

Save on Bigger Bags

As The Simple Dollar explains, big bags of produce often work out cheaper per ounce than small bags. If you’ve just got the one freezer to play with, taking advantage of the cost savings of bigger purchases is easier said than done. But with the luxury of two freezers at your disposal… hello, savings!

Make Lunch in Advance

Did you know you could freeze sandwiches? Us neither, but according to Six Figure Under, it’s a real thing, with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, in particular, being ‘wonderful’. If you’re tired of scrambling to get your kid’s lunches ready in the mornings, adding an extra freezer into the mix could be a sanity-saver. Simply prepare the sandwiches in bulk, freeze, then whip a set out each morning.

Cut Back on Shopping Trips

An extra freezer gives you twice the storage capacity. And twice the storage capacity equals fewer trips to the store. Think about it – if you can only buy as much as your freezer holds, that means twice as many trips with one freezer as it does with two. And fewer trips equals less driving, less gas, and less time out of your busy schedule.

Stock up on Sale Items

How many times have you had to turn away from a frozen produce sale simply because you lack the storage space? Doubling up on your freezer space will let you take advantage of those big discounts on frozen meats and veggies. And with all those savings you’ll be making, you’ll soon mitigate the cost of running a second machine.

Cook in Bulk

If finding the time to whip up a mid-week dinner is a chore, cooking in bulk on the weekend is an easy way of getting around the problem. Roasts, lasagnas, pies, soups, casseroles… the number of options that let you double up on ingredients and then freeze until ready is almost limitless. With an extra freezer, you can get a head start on the week (or even the month) before it’s even started.

Store Surplus Garden Produce

If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, you’ll know that at the end of each season, there’s often a glut of produce that goes to waste. No matter how much you give away to friends, family, and neighbors, eating your way through an entire plum tree, raspberry bush, and bean patch is sometimes an impossible task. Pickling and salting veg are both good storage solutions, but require a lot more effort than simply bagging the produce up and throwing it in the freezer. As an extra benefit, frozen soft fruits are excellent for quick smoothies.

Double up on Meat

These days, more and more farmers are offering customers the chance to make big savings on their meat purchases by buying whole or half cows, pigs, lambs, or goats. As My Money Blog notes, if you’re used to buying expensive single cuts, buying in bulk can represent huge savings. Considering a lot of the farmers offering whole cut options are organic and high animal welfare, it could also do wonders for your eco-credentials. Fitting a whole cow into one freezer is nigh on impossible, but with two? Piece of pie.

When Does it Make Sense to get an Extra Freezer?

Despite all the perks of an extra freezer, not everyone is going to benefit in the same way. If you have a big family, cook at home frequently, and are as keen to save time as you are money, investing in another freezer is likely to be a win-win. If, on the other hand, you live alone or in a couple, rely mainly on take-outs and restaurant meals, and would sooner whip up a salad for your dinner than chomp down on a pre-prepared lasagna, then the benefits of getting an extra freezer are questionable. Before you make any decisions, ask yourself:

Will the Benefits Outweigh the Costs?

Depending on the model and size you decide on, a 2nd freezer is likely to cost around $60- 80 per year in electricity. And then there’s the cost of the initial outlay to consider. Work out how much the freezer will cost per year for its life (as a general rule, freezers typically have an eight-year lifespan) and then offset this against the likely savings you’ll be making in reduced trips to the store, bulk buys, and stocking up on discounted products. If what you save is going to be more than what you spend, then hurrah! If not, think seriously about whether an extra freezer is worth it.

Have you got the Space?

Regardless of how convenient an extra freezer is, it’s pointless if you haven’t got the space to store it. Before you make any kind of investment, consider what kind of space you have and what the best position for another freezer would be. Having limited space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on the idea altogether, but it might mean you need to look for a much smaller option than you initially wanted.

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