10 Signs You’re Too Obsessed with Your Home

The coronavirus is here to terrorize the entire world, and while introverts do not see a big deal with staying indoors, extroverts cannot wait for the lockdown to end. It is in such times that you will also notice another group of people who are not necessarily introverts; they are obsessed with their homes. They are using their time to rearrange furniture, and catch up on those home improvements so that they can pick a few ideas to upgrade their houses. If you are not sure where you lie, these ten signs will help you know if you are obsessed with your home.

1. You feel connected to it

Although they say that nothing lasts forever, memories will forever remain ingrained in our hearts due to the nostalgic effect they have on us. Someone can try convincing you to move to a smaller house because your child has moved out, but when you remember that your child took his first step in the living room, you realize that you cannot give up living in that house. To you, it is more than a house; it is a reminder of everything beautiful that has happened in your life, and you hope to make even more memories with your grandchildren.

2. Always looking for better interior design ideas

It is human nature to want the best for yourself, and that applies to your home too. If you are ever browsing the internet searching ideas on how to improve that outdoor space or which wall paint will best go with the new drapes you bought for the bedroom, you might like your home a bit too much.

3. You cannot miss a home improvement show

Fashion addicts will talk of “Project Runway” while cooking addicts will praise shows like “Hell’s Kitchen.” However, as someone obsessed with home improvements, your top shows will be “Property Brothers” and “Love It or List It,” among others. It is through them that you get the next idea of how best to renovate your bathroom even if you upgraded a few months ago. For you, there is always something that can be done to improve what you have, and you are ready to put it to use as soon as your budget allows it.

4. You have a wish list

Most people have bucket lists, but according to Reviews Took, as a home addict, you have a wish list. Everything you want your house to have is on a list, and you hope that one day you will get that dream home. You do not limit yourself to interior décor but also landscaping and other outdoor ideas that will turn your current home into the one you envision every time you close your eyes.

5. You would do anything to peek through a house

If you are invited to your neighbor’s house, do you keep feeling the fabric of the sofa because you are mesmerized and would like to know where they bought it? Or maybe you are hoping to go to their kitchen and check out the countertops and cabinets since you have similar tastes. You want to see if the ideas can be implemented in your home, so you take note of what impresses you in the notebook that you always carry with you, in case such thoughts come to you.

6. You appreciate some privacy

Whoever said “mi casa es su casa” had not met you because you do not like anyone messing up with what you have created. While people make fun of those who have no social life, you wonder what is so bad in your home that you would want to spend most of your time outside of it. You have built the ultimate dream house, and you like spending most of your time in it and will go to extra lengths to ensure your peace is not disturbed.

7. You have an insatiable need for perfection

It has been said that if you chase perfection, then you can catch excellence, but you are not looking to excel, so you keep going hoping that you will achieve that home you have pictured in your head. For you, time is not of the essence; even if it takes years to get that perfect home, then you are willing to work towards it. You are the kind of person to supervise how the gardener plants the flowers or mows your lawn because one mistake could ruin what you have planned for your home.

8. Most of your purchases go towards your home

You may not be neglecting your other bills, but you will not let them keep you from buying that luxurious rug or unique light fixture you saw on Amazon. It may not have been in your budget, but even if you have a system of doing things, when it comes to your home, you are allowed to be impulsive. After all, you reason that you might never get that particular shade of red lamps that blend well with the kitchen cabinets, so you are acquiring rare assets for your home.

9. You started picturing your house while still living with your parents

Just like a little girl dreams of their wedding day or a boy dreams of his first car, the only picture that consistently came to your mind was how you would want your house to look. You even began saving towards your dream home because you figured every cent counts if you are to achieve your dream at the earliest age possible. You even googled different floor plans for a home for when you have enough funds to build your house. Given how much thought you have put into every detail, even that throw cushion you bought in high school means so much to you.

10. You know the specifics regarding home improvement

People make fun of men as being color blind, but even most women cannot tell the difference between maroon and burgundy. However, you can instruct your interior decorator the exact shade of color you want on your walls or furniture. Moreover, when you talk to your gardener, like Home Stratosphere says you can speak gardener’s Latin because you want the scientific names of the plants lest they confuse a cabbage rose with damask rose.

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