How to Create the Perfect Beadbaord Bathroom

Beadboard Bathroom

Your choice of what you put on your walls is one of the biggest decisions when updating your bathroom. There are many different options available, including cladding, paint, wallpaper, and tiling. You might even choose to combine more than one type of wall covering in different areas. One option that you might not have considered is beadboard. Not only does this look fantastic, but it is also a practical option. Here is how you can create a perfect beadboard bathroom.

What is beadboard?

According to Home Guides, beadboard is a type of wallboard. It is often individual pieces of wood that have a tongue and groove fitting to lock them together. There is also beadboard available that comes in panels and has vertical groves tooled in by a machine. The purpose of this is to make fitting the beadboard to the walls quicker and easier.

Choosing Where to Put Beadboard

Once you have decided that you want to include beadboard in your bathroom design, you next need to decide where to position it in your bathroom. One of the most popular options is to fit the beadboard wainscoting style, which simply means only fitting it to the lower half of the bathroom. You could also opt to cover all the walls with beadboard from floor to ceiling or to simply have a single feature wall. Although it is usually fitted so the grooves run vertically, The Spruce says that you can also choose to lay it horizontally, and you can even add it to the ceiling.

Beadboard Paneling

The Finish

When thinking of beadboard, many people automatically think of the painted white wood version of this product. This has a fresh, clean look that works well with many styles. However, Apartment Therapy highlights that there are many other options available. For example, you can buy beadboard in its natural wood state that you can simply treat with varnish or stain to a darker color. Alternatively, you can paint the beadboard in any color you wish to coordinate with your chosen style and color scheme.

Which Styles Work Well with Beadboard?

You can use beadboard with almost any interior design style, but there are some that it suits better than others. Beadboard can give your bathroom a warm and comfortable feel that works well with traditional, rustic, and farmhouse styles. It is also a good look for beach, nautical, and coastal interior design themes.

Choosing Bathroom Furniture for a Beadboard Bathroom

For most people, the choice of bathroom furniture is a key element of redesigning a bathroom. You need to choose a style that complements your overall theme and is practical for your size and shape of bathroom Fortunately, most styles of bathroom suites look great with beadboard, so you can go for either traditional or contemporary styles. A freestanding bathtub looks great against a backdrop of beadboard and this type of bathtub can add an element of sophistication to the room. On the other hand, you can choose a fitted or sunken bathtub and add beadboard to the surround. For other furniture in the bathroom, such as cupboards and shelving, wood pieces are best with the beadboard style.

Horizotnal Beadboard Bathroom

Flooring in a Beadboard Bathroom

Whichever type of flooring you choose for your bathroom, you need something that is water-resistant, non-slip, and easy to clean. One of the best options for this style is wooden flooring. There are some great wood flooring products available in various stains and colors. Alternatively, you can use your bathroom floorboards, if they are in good condition. Wood flooring is not the only option that works well with this style. You might also consider a mosaic tile floor, depending on your chosen design theme.

Accessorizing a Beadboard Bathroom

Accessorizing a bathroom will complete the look and give interesting points of interest to the room. It is also a way to inject some of your personality into the room. Which accessories you choose will predominantly depend on your personal preference and the general interior design style that you are trying to create. For example, if you are aiming to create a traditional, rustic, or farmhouse vibe in your bathroom, then you might focus on accessories that reflect the rural lifestyle and landscape, such as botanical or animal-themed prints, plants, and wood accessories.

If you have opted for a nautical, coastal, or beach theme, then you should choose accessories that are inspired by the beach, ocean, and surrounding area. For example, you might choose ocean view prints, ornamental boats, and rope accessories. Whichever style you have chosen, you should add some wall art as this creates interesting focal points and can add some color to your bathroom. Make sure you choose wall décor that is water-resistant so that it will not suffer damage from the moisture in the air.

Another item you might consider with the beadboard style is wicker or bamboo baskets. These look fantastic with beadboard and they are a great storage solution for your toiletries and towels. Another way you can display your towels and toiletries is to add some shelving. One accessory that every bathroom should have is a mirror. They serve a practical purpose and also create the optical illusion of light in the bathroom, which is often one of the smaller rooms in your home. With the beadboard style, opt for a mirror with a wooden frame.

Beadboard Bathrooms – The Final Verdict

Beadboard is a type of cladding that has a tongue and groove fit or comes in panels with grooves for easy fitting. You can apply this to either the lower half of your walls or to the entire walls. This material looks great with many interior design styles, including a rustic, farmhouse, traditional, coastal, and beach themes. It comes in a variety of finishes and there is the option to paint the beadboard to match your color scheme. Accessorizing a beadboard bathroom will complete the look and show off your personal style.

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