20 Awesome Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to interior design, with some people preferring modern styles, while others feel more comfortable with a traditional design.

One look that is popular and can fit in with both modern and traditional themes is the farmhouse style. If you want to go for a farmhouse feel in your master bedroom, there are many ways that you can complete the look. So, how can you achieve a farmhouse style in your master bedroom?

Here are 20 awesome farmhouse bedroom ideas.

1. Opt for Muted and Neutral Tones in a Farmhouse Master Bedroom

If you have opted for a farmhouse theme in your master bedroom, you should try to stick to a neutral or muted palate for your color scheme, says Buyer Select. It will create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable look.

However, your color choices reflect your personality and style, so you may want to add some highlights and splashes of color to the room to add a bit of yourself. If so, you can add touches of other colors with your accessories and textiles.

2. Add Touches of Charcoal

To add accents to your farmhouse master bedroom, consider using charcoal. It is not as harsh as black, yet it is an equally striking and dramatic contrast color.

Add accessories and focal points in charcoal, or opt for textiles that include charcoal in the design. Similarly, dark metals, such as wrought iron, can create drama and contrast in the room against the neutral color scheme.

3. Feature a Wall with Patterned Paper

Some people prefer to stick to paintwork and have a feature wall in a different color from the rest of the paintwork. However, patterned paper can create an effective feature in the room, and patterns work well with this style.

The farmhouse theme is all about rustic living and nature, so opt for wallpaper that reflects these themes. Consider animal, floral, or leaf prints for the room. Your choice should coordinate with the other colors and accessories used in the room.

4. Open the Ceiling Space

High and vaulted ceilings are a common feature of the farmhouse interior design theme. If you have enough money in the budget, it is possible to remove the flat ceiling from your bedroom to expose the roof beams.

It will give your room extra height, create interesting shapes, add unusual features, and give the room some light. Opening up the ceiling is not a job for novices.

You will need to employ the services of an experienced professional who understands any structural implications and can complete the job to a high standard.

5. Expose Brickwork

Exposed brickwork is a look that works well with the farmhouse theme, especially if you are lucky enough tohave red brick or stone walls. It is sometimes possible to expose a previously covered wall if care is taken by a professional and the bricks or stones are in good condition.

Another possibility is buying brick-effect internal cladding if you love the look of stone or brickwork, but the existing brickwork is not in good condition.

6. Highlight Wood Features in a Farmhouse Master Bedroom

The farmhouse style focuses on rustic charm and reflects rural architecture, says Star Furniture. One of the key materials in the farmhouse style is wood, so incorporating wood elements in your farmhouse master bedroom is something to consider. Feature existing woodwork, such as skirting boards, doors, and window frames.

If the floorboards are in good condition, sand, stain, or varnish them. Using wooden furniture that is either wood in its natural state, stained, varnished, or painted will also add to the look. Furthermore, you can use wooden accessories to create focal points in various points around your master bedroom.

7. Use Rugs for Warmth and Pattern

Although exposed floorboards are perfect for a farmhouse master bedroom, you can add some warmth and color to the flooring with the addition of a rug. According to Rugs Direct, rugs are also a way of adding patterns to the design. An additional benefit of using rugs in the bedroom is the feeling you will have when standing on them in the morning compared to a cold, hard floor.

Choose a rug that ties in with the rest of the colors or patterns of the room to avoid a clash. In a larger bedroom, there is no need to stop at one rug, and you do not necessarily need to opt for identical rugs if you have more than one in the room.

8. Add Ceiling Beams

One of the most impressive features of traditional farmhouses is the exposed ceiling beams. If you have exposed beams in the room, make the most of them, so they become a feature.

Avoid covering them in the same paint as the rest of the room, as this will cause them almost to disappear when they should have a visual impact. Either leave them in their natural wooden state or stain them.

If the beams are damaged or have unattractive markings, consider staining them or painting them in a darker color, so they stand out. Even if you do not have exposed beams in the room, adding them to an existing ceiling is possible, although it is a professional job.

9. Plank Headboards Are Great for a Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Beds are often the focal point of a master bedroom, so make sure yours makes a statement. One way to do this is to choose a headboard that attracts attention. As wood is one of the main materials featured in the farmhouse style, it makes sense to opt for a wooden headboard. An oversized, rustic, wooden headboard is ideal for this look.

You do not need to spend a fortune buying a wooden headboard; you can create a wall-fixed headboard for your bed with planks of reclaimed wood. Make sure you are happy with the bed’s position before fixing a headboard to the wall.

10. Create a Focal Point with a Four-Poster Bed Frame

Another way to make your bed the main focal point is to choose a four-poster bed frame. Not only do these fit in with the theme, but they look fantastic and give a touch of luxury and grandeur to the room.

Both wooden and metal four-poster bed frames work equally well with this look. You can dress the frame in fabric to add warmth or leave it bare for a more minimalist look.

11. Add Internal Window Shutters

Linen drapes are an excellent choice of window dressing for the farmhouse feel, but there are other options. Internal window shutters are an alternative way to dress your windows, and they can add to the room’s visual appeal. You can have either decorative shutters that remain open or functional shutters that you can close at night.

Regardless of whether you choose decorative or functional shutters, you have several options in terms of design. Plain wood gives a rustic look, white-painted shutters add lightness and stand out against the paintwork, and dark-painted shutters look dramatic and create a contrast.

12. Which Finishes Should I Use in a Farmhouse Master Bedroom?

Homes and Gardens suggests using distressed finishes in a farmhouse master bedroom, as it adds to the rustic theme associated with the interior design style.

You can apply distressed finishes to the furniture, floor, or existing architecture, although you should not go overboard by using distressed finishes on all three. Another technique to consider is whitewashing, which will achieve a similar result.

13. Accessorize with Flowers to Reflect Nature

Nature and the farmhouse style are linked, so you should add some natural elements to your interior design. Flowers are the best way to do this, either fresh or dried.

How you display the flowers will also impact the look, and a large milk jug is perfect for a master bedroom decorated in the farmhouse style. If you have a large bedroom, oversized pots and vases filled with flowers will look great. Likewise, add some plants in rustic plant pots for splashes of greenery around the room.

14. Add Layered Textiles to the Bed

The bed is the perfect place to feature the different fabrics you have chosen, and how you arrange them contributes to the room’s overall look. Layering is a fantastic way to create a visually appealing focal point, add warmth to the room, and give the bed a comfortable look and feel.

Try starting with a single cotton sheet that matches the room’s color scheme. Top it with a crisp, white duvet cover, with the bottom sheet folded over the top part of the duvet. Add a wool or linen throw over the end of the bed for a pop of color or to introduce some pattern.

Throws also have a functional purpose, as you can use them as extra bedding for warmth and comfort on a cold night. Finally, add some colored or patterned cushions alongside the pillows.

15. Optimize the Light in the Room with Mirrors

Adding mirrors can add light and a sense of space to any room. For a master bedroom, a large mirror is best, but there are various styles you can use. If you want to incorporate more wood for a rustic look, choose a mirror with a wooden frame.

On the other hand, you may prefer to choose a gilded mirror for a vintage touch or a whitewashed mirror if you have whitewashed elements in the room.

16. Consider Adding Barn Doors to a Farmhouse Master Bedroom

As doors serve a functional purpose, people often overlook them when it comes to the design elements of a room. However, doors are the first impression you get of a room and can make a difference to the overall look of a room. One of the best options for a farmhouse theme is barn doors.

For larger rooms, arched barn doors that open in a typical manner are suitable, but you may prefer sliding barn doors for smaller rooms as you need less clear floor space to open the doors.

17. Repurpose Household Items

One of the benefits of the farmhouse interior design style is that not everything needs to match in the room. If you have a limited budget, you can repurpose other household items as a way to save money. It is also a fun way to upgrade your master bedroom if you have a creative streak and enjoy upgrading or personalizing items.

18. Feature Animals in Your Interior Design

Farmhouses are associated with nature and animals, so adding some animal details to your design makes sense. Printed textiles or accessories with a farmyard animal theme are the obvious choices, but you could also consider bird or insect themes.

Another way to go is to include equestrian prints, patterns, or accessories in your farmhouse master bedroom, especially if you are passionate about horses.

19. Choose the Right Lighting

Your choice of lighting plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your bedroom, so it is vital to get it right. It will make a difference to the general lighting and mood of the room, and your choice of lighting can also act as a focal point or feature in your bedroom. Living Etc says you can go in several ways, depending on your other design decisions.

One option is to choose dark metal lighting to create a dramatic and contrasting look. Another is to choose vintage wall lights and lamps. Alternatively, go for a rustic look, with bare light bulbs suspended from a wooden feature light.

20. What Textiles Should I Use in a Farmhouse Master Bedroom?

Due to the links between nature and the farmhouse theme, opt for natural fabrics wherever possible. PVC is not a material that works with this look. Choose fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, and silk. Avoid using only one type of fabric, as a mixture of materials throughout the room will add depth, warmth, and interest.

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