20 Awesome DIY Farmhouse-Style Decorating Ideas

Farmhouses are some of the most warm and welcoming styles of home with their eclectic, and oh so chic design elements and decor. There’s nothing pretentious about farmhouse decor, yet it is elegant in its own right. There are probably a million and one ways you can decorate your home in farmhouse decor, but the nice thing about this style is that not everything you use to decorate your home with has to come from a store.

You don’t have to spend a fortunate collecting decorative pieces to furnish your home. As a matter-of-fact, you probably have more things around your home you can use. Some may need a little re-purposing, antiquing, or just combining items to create one beautiful decor item or furniture piece. And if you love DIY projects, then this could be decor style that’s right up your alley.

Keep in mind, DIY does not mean you have to create things from scratch, it’s about creating something beautiful from something that already exists. So, do you need a little help getting started with your creativeness? Here are some tips and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Hunt through your attic and hit the thrift stores

You don’t know what’s hiding in your basement and attic that have been collecting dust for years that could be the perfect piece for turning it into a functional decor item for your kitchen table, a mantle, a coffee table, or to create a beautiful wall hanging. Treasures can be found in unsuspecting places and if you have vision, you can turn that treasure into a usable decor piece, after all, you’re not looking for new and shiny, but rather, the opposite. Look for items that show age, history, are scratched, imperfect, and distressed.

This is the relaxed, comfortable look and appeal you want. Pieces of reclaimed wood are great finds and can be used in so many different ways. Old tin, glass, and ceramic containers all make planters, vases, candle holders, and more. Wrought iron is a popular metal found in farmhouse decor, old lanterns, wagon wheels, baskets and trays. So, wherever you think you might hit the jackpot with old, re-purposeful items that can be upcycled into a new addition to your farmhouse, then let the hunt begin.

Old wood, new purpose

Old pieces of wood – an old wood barn door, dilapidated gate, wooden pallets, or single wood slats, they’re all worthy of being re-purposed to create something beautiful. Do you need a new headboard for your bed, or your child’s bed? That old barn door is a perfect way to incorporate a farmhouse appeal to a bedroom.

Whether you leave the wood in its distressed state, or maybe it needs a bit more distressing to get the perfect look. Maybe whitewashing the door works better for your bedroom decor, but whatever you choose to do, using an old barn door as a headboard instantly creates a lovely focal point for any bedroom. Slats of wood make great wall hanging art work. Whitewash or stain a slat or two of wood, depending on the size you want, and stencil a favorite word, quote, or design that fits your room decor.

Your kitchen is a great place to hang a uniquely designed, by you, plaque, with the word, “Coffee” stenciled and painted on it. Or “Breakfast,” or anything that reminds you of food and family. Maybe you’re truly artistic. A beautiful painting of wild flowers or a rooster can certainly add a little  farmhouse charm to a kitchen area.

Cool wall hanging ideas

There are beautiful DIY wall hangings you can create to fit any room. Clocks are a common item that acts as both a functional and decor item. You may think you have to purchase a clock, but the fact is, you can create your own beautiful clock that fits the farmhouse look you desire.  Using a plain, round wood clock and stencil set, you can design a rustic, country style Roman numeral clock, painted to coordinate with your color scheme. A great way to keep track of the family’s birthdays is with a DIY birthday plaque.

Find an old, distressed rectangular piece of wood, whitewash it and stencil your family members’ birthdays on it and hang for everyone to see so no one ever forgets those important dates. Want a neat way to hang a few potted plants on the wall? A distressed piece of wood with two or three pieces of looped wire or other material securely attached to the wood to secure a pot, is a great way to display beautiful plants vertically on a wall in the kitchen, living room or anywhere you want to add a bit of greenery in a unique way.

Quick, easy and unique ideas

Need some candle holders? Candle holders can be pricey at stores, and most are hum drum and not so out of the ordinary. Here’s a way to make your own and they’re all natural, earthy, and very farmhouse friendly. A few thick tree limbs can be carved out in the middle, leaving a clean, neat center that’s wide enough to set a pair, or trio of candles in. Try using limbs from different types of trees for variety, and cut to different heights. Use birch, oak, pine, or any other species of tree where the bark fits your decor. This is a gorgeous way to create a fall table centerpiece, or use any time of year.

If you are a farmhouse fan and looking for DIY decor ideas, then take a look at the following 20 awesome DIY farmhouse-style decorating ideas.

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