10 Tricks Designers Use to Make Bedrooms Look Expensive

designer bedroom

Do you want a luxurious bedroom? The one that looks like those in home décor magazines or the ones you search on Pinterest. Financial constraints are a major inhibitor to achieving this lofty dream for many people. Don’t give up if you think the above statement describes your situation. You can learn a few tricks that will transform your room from simple to luxurious. When it comes to design and décor, attention to detail is key. Designers know this too well when they design luxurious and elegant bedrooms. If you want to give your bedroom a makeover, designers use ten tricks to make bedrooms look expensive.

designer bedroom

10. Create a headspace

It’s amazing how a small trick creates a thin line between simple and elegant. One thing designers have mastered is that adding a padded headboard makes all the difference. Creating a headspace is one of the brilliant ways to make a room look expensive. Adding a soft headrest to a simple bed will transform the bed from cheap to expensive. It not only adds class to the bedroom but also feels comfortable when you want to read in bed. Velvet is the best material to use for covering the headspace. Its beautiful and sheen-like material adds glam to the room. Since time immemorial, velvet has been used to bring the notion of wealth and splendor.

Many retailers sell standardized velvet headboards. If you don’t find one, you can search for an online company that provides a made-to-measure service. According to Houzz, search for a DIY video if you are working on a tight budget. Buy plywood, foam, and a layer of wadding. Please ensure they are the same length and width, but your fabric of choice should be larger. Place the plywood at the back and the wadding at the front. Layer the fabric and carefully attach it using a staple gun.

designer bedroom

9. Hang a beautiful wallpaper behind the bed

Hanging a beautiful wallpaper behind the bed is another classy trick designers use to make a room look expensive. Make sure you do it on one wall space. Pampering only one wall is also less expensive because you will cut the cost of buying many rolls of wallpaper. Whatever pattern you choose, you can be certain that it will enhance the contemporary feel of the space. If you have a classic bedroom and are looking for an elegant look, embrace a traditional design. The other advantage of using wallpaper is once you outgrow a design, you can always replace it with your current design.

Many designers know that wallpapers are a timeless, luxurious décor that adds a distinctive look to any space. According to The Spruce, another advantage of using wallpaper to make a room look elegant is that it gives you the freedom to be creative and create a new space. There are different types of wallpapers, and each creates a different mood. Go for elegant wallpapers that add a finishing touch.

designer bedroom

8. Embrace chandeliers

The ceiling is one of the places designers focus on making a room look expensive. When you think of expensive, think about a chandelier. There is a reason why chandeliers and luxury go hand in hand. Centuries ago, glass was a very expensive commodity. This is the time when chandeliers were made. The designers made them have pendants cascade with glass droplets. Today, glass is quite affordable, but this has not waned away the sophisticated nature of chandeliers. Chandeliers look beautiful by themselves and even more marvelous when used to light a room. It makes a room look expensive and classy.

You can have one at the center of your bedroom, making your space look stunning. There are different types of chandeliers you can select—the various types depending on the price of chandeliers. Regardless of your type, be sure they will enhance the natural beauty of your space. You can borrow the idea suggested by Viola Interior Design and learn how you can easily give your room a revamp using chandeliers. According to them, vintage chandeliers give a room a traditional feel by adding sophistication to a defined space.

designer bedroom

7. Pillow Up

Pillows and tons of pillows are another simple art you can use to make your bedroom look expensive. It is a timeless design strategy, but it works magic. Go to thrift shops or discount stores and buy different shapes and shades of pillows. Keep it moderate, and don’t overdo it because you don’t want to look like a clown. You don’t have to buy expensive pillows. If you don’t want to spend money, it is easy to make your pillows. According to Home and Gardens, there are numerous DIY pillows videos on YouTube that you can watch. You can also check online for cushion tutorials.

It would be best if you had different pillow designs with various colors and patterns. You can make things interesting by picking a single shade of a patterned pillow and pairing it with a plain color. Every morning after spreading your bed, make sure you systematically arrange the pillows. This is the same trick used in fancy hotels to make their room look expensive and luxurious. The standard bed size pillow is 18 inches. Go for different sizes, colors, and patterns.

designer bedroom

6. Bring in a tray

One of the simple tricks to make your room look sassy is to bring in a beautiful tray and place it on top of the dresser or nightstand. You don’t have to buy something expensive to make your room look stylish. You can buy a simple tray from the local store. Make it look elegant by spraying a coat of silver or gold paint. Use spray paint to make your work easier. It is only you who will know the magic you have done.

If you place the tray on top of your dresser, use it to store items like perfume bottles, jewelry, and other small valuable items like a watch. This will instantly make your bedroom look wonderful and amazing. Trays have a way of adding class to a room. You can go the extra mile by filling the tray with special trinkets. If you want to place the tray on a nightstand, go for a small tray. You can then place a candle or a combination of a carafe and water. If your room is spacious, you can have two trays at different locations.

designer bedroom

5. Go for a dark paint

You may be tempted to think bright colors will make your room look expensive, but there is something about dark colors. When you paint your bedroom with pale shades, it will make your space feel high-end. Play with the colors and get creative. If you have any idea and think it is crazy, it might be the perfect trick to transform your room from simple to expensive. For example, you can borrow the idea showcased by John Lewis & Partners, where they have paired dark blue with mustard to create a contrast.

It is possible to paint one side of the room a dark color and use bright bedding or curtains to contrast. Another splendid trick would be painting your walls dark purple and creating a contrast with yellow curtains. According to Apartment Therapy, other colors which match well are green and yellow or black and yellow. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to paint the whole room a dark color. If this makes you anxious, choose a strategic wall with dark paint. This will be a good starting point; if you feel braver in the future, you can paint the rest of the walls.

designer bedroom

4. Lay a rug or carpet

One thing that is certain with all these ideas in every part of your bedroom matter if you are going to create an expensive look. Interior designers mostly use Persian carpets to make a room look classy. They are timeless, adding a sense of peaceful luxury. You can choose a rug or carpet depending on the size of your bedroom. If you have a smaller space, go for a rug, but buy a carpet if you have a large space. Select a rectangular rug and place it on one side of the bed. Another awesome idea would be laying a carpet under the bed to bring warmth to the room.

Persian rugs are so luxurious because it takes time to make them. They are hand woven and made from the finest material. According to Business Insider, it takes years or even decades to make one, depending on the size. The carpets are made in Iran, and a high-quality carpet will cost you a couple of thousands of dollars. The most expensive ones are antique rugs. The cost of each carpet depends on the material used, the pattern, and the weaving technique they use. They are extremely expensive because they are made from sheep wool.

designer bedroom

3. Upgrade your bedding

Bed linen is an important aspect that most people tend to forget. Duvet covers and blankets are a significant part of interior choice since it contributes to the visual space. It is one of the tricks designers use to make a room look expensive. If you want to make your room look classy, it could be the right time to eliminate the thinning white and grey colors you have been attached to for years.

Upgrade your room with new bed linen that you love. You can go for quality fabrics with versatile neutrals. You can also choose a pattern or color that compliments your space. Consider the room’s color and pillow shades before changing your bedroom style. Additionally, you can use a blanket to make a statement. Go for a thick and luxurious throw blanket. Take your mind away from the microfleece blanket used in the living room for cuddling. If your bedroom stands out, you need a blanket made from velvet, faux fur, and fuzzy wool. You can go for an animal print or a solid color design. Your bedroom will look cozy and feel warmer at night.

designer bedroom

2. Raise the curtains

If you have a small and boxy bedroom, it might be a little difficult for you to make it look expensive. It will only be possible to achieve a luxurious look if you can raise your curtains. Ensure the curtain rod is mounted at least one or two inches below the ceiling. Allow the drapes to hang from the curtain rod to the floor. This trick will not only make your room look elegant but will make it bigger.

Another thing you must consider is the color choice of your curtains. Don’t go for any curtains. Velvet curtains are the best if you want a sophisticated look. You should also ensure that the color you choose compliments the rest of the room. Pay attention to the room and bedding color before you decide what curtains to buy.

designer bedroom

1. Clear the clutter

This tip does not involve objects and accessories but is the most important trick to transform a room from basic to luxury. According to Pinterest, no matter how many steps you take to make, your room looks expensive; if it is disorganized, be sure this one thing will override the rest. Your room could be simple, neat with zero clutter, and look attractive. A dirty and cluttered bedroom will always look unattractive and inexpensive regardless of your effort. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on furnishing; it will all be in vain if you don’t get rid of clutter. First things first, clear the clutter.

Expensive rooms have one thing in common; space. Before you embark on a journey to make your bedroom look elegant, remove all the unnecessary items. Concentrate on the floor as you do this process. If you want your bedroom to look expensive, you have to be comfortable with the fact that your room will not be a storage space. Find another storage place for the unused equipment, extra clothes, and unread books

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