10 Ways to Incorporate Swiss Design into Your Home

The cozy, comfy and oh-so welcoming look of a Swiss cabin or chalet, is something that many people dream of for their own home. Bringing a little of the Swiss Alps to your home, no matter where you live, can really add a lot of charm and character to a home. Talk about warm, relaxing, and welcoming; this is a decor theme that give it all to you, and you don’t even ever have to have stepped foot in a Chalet up in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. The look is earthy and warm, with natural, and detailed elements and your Swiss decor can be presented in a more modern or eclectic appeal. Here are 10 great ways to incorporate Swiss design into your home.

1. Add a fireplace or reface yours

Fireplaces are one of the most popular and prominent elements found in a Swiss style home. Traditional Swedish style fireplaces are columns that can be round or square shaped; they are simple in design, most often white in color. Two doors open up the furnace area and you might find a gold crown at the top of the chimney, says Homedit, on Swedish fireplace designs. More modern designs are popular today in modern style homes. You might find a globe style or Cupola, which is similar to the globe, but mounted on the wall.

2. Add more wood elements

The natural look of wood is popular among many decor themes, and it’s a definite, must-have, in a Swiss decor theme. From natural wood walls, ceilings, flooring, and furniture, wood brings the look and feel of the outdoors, in. According to Home Guides, wooden ceiling beams add a nice, rustic look, or wood-planked walls in pine. Pieces of pine furniture throughout the house help keep the look of a Swiss theme cohesive. A wooden table, an armoire, a wood chest at the foot of the bed, and wood cabinets, are all ideas for incorporating more wood to your home.

3. Painting fresh colors

If the walls aren’t wood planked, painting them light, fresh colors will keep your home in sync with the Swiss theme. White is a common color for walls, or for a bit more color yet light and airy, something in the light blues is also consistent with a Swiss theme, as well as gray. White tiles are often seen in kitchens and in bathrooms, while shades of gray can be found on walls, using one hue as the primary color and a darker hue as an accent.

4. Choose sleek modern Swiss furniture pieces, or ornamental details

There are a couple of ways to go when it comes to furniture choices, and it can depend on the overall theme of your home, meaning, do you prefer a more modern take on the Swiss decor theme? Or a more traditional and somewhat eclectic look? Sleek, clean lines used on furniture pieces are inline with a more modern look, while ornamental details are expected when pursuing a more eclectic look, like clawed feet on a sofa, or etched details on a bed, wooden chest, or armoire.

5. Cuckoo clocks are so Swiss

Whether you love them or hate them, if you are trying to really make the Swiss look come alive in your home, what would a Swiss home be without a Cuckoo clock? Not so Swiss, really. A beautiful Swiss Cuckoo clock hanging in the kitchen, living room, entry, or other favorite room in the home is a great way to incorporate more intricate details of the Swiss style. You can find anything from simple designed clocks, to very ornate.

6. Textures and textiles

Natural textures and textiles are commonly found all throughout a Swiss-style home. Blankets and couch throws, curtains, table runners, rugs and seat cushions are all areas where you can concentrate on using natural textiles, from tweed to cotton, linen and wool. Mix warm, neutral tones and patterns to create a natural look and feel to each room.

7. Lighting up your Swiss themed home

With so many choices in lighting fixtures, you can choose from natural style side table lamps for your bedroom and living room. Scale your lamps to size for your room and size of your furniture pieces. Warm brown tones or simple wrought iron style bases with neutral toned shades. Simple, rustic style chandeliers over a kitchen or dining table add more character to the more eclectic look, while a simple, elegant shaded hanging light feature can add charm to a modern Swiss home.

8. Add warm, shaggy and rag rugs

There’s nothing quite like a warm rug to sink your feet into on a cold morning or evening. And the look, alone, will instantly warm any room. A shaggy faux bear rug in front of the fireplace looks warm and inviting, not to mention, so outdoorsy and natural. Other types of rugs commonly found in Swiss homes are neutral toned rag rugs that are laid out over areas of wood floors, from living rooms to bedroom floors.

9. Add some wildlife decor

The idea of a Swiss theme is about being natural and down to earth. Adding pieces of wildlife decor to your home, or a wildlife motif for a room, is one way to achieve a beautiful Swiss decor theme. A mounted deer or elk head over the fireplace or a doorway, or blankets and throws with wildlife prints adds a pop of a natural appeal. Incorporate a few wildlife themed statues or artwork around a room, or a beautiful piece of wall hanging art as a focal point above a sofa or other open wall space.

10. Add color hanging flower baskets

Incorporating the look of a Swiss style home from the outside in, can be as easy as hanging beautiful, colorful hanging flower baskets along the veranda or deck of your home. According to Home lilys, you will typically see lots of colorful hanging baskets year round on homes and chalets in Switzerland. Hanging flower baskets instantly send a ‘welcome vibe’ to your guests and give your home the look of a Swiss decor before you even enter the front door.

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