A Simple Guide for Choosing the Right Bedroom Lamps

Bedroom Lamps

Lighting is a key element of all the rooms in your home. Not only does it serve the practical function of allowing you to find your way around your home during darkness, but it can also contribute to the aesthetics of your interior design and create an ambience. Therefore, it is important to get your choice of lighting right. In the bedroom, you will probably have a main ceiling light, but you might also choose to include bedroom lamps in various positions around the room.

Types of Lighting

Each type of light serves a different purpose, so you need to consider how you will use the light and what you want to achieve before making your purchase decision. The Lightbulb Company describes the following different types of lighting for your bedroom:

  • Ambient lighting – Although lighting is intended for practical purposes, it can also help to create a mood in your bedroom. If you want a soft glow around your room without the harshness of an overhead light, then you should consider either floor lamp or lamps that cast indirect light around the room, such as wall sconces.
  • Task lighting – You may need light in your bedroom to complete certain tasks, such as reading in your bed or applying makeup at your dressing table. Bedside lamp and directional desk lamps are ideal for these purposes.
  • Accent lighting – This is used to highlight certain things or specific aspects of your room. However, you can also use accent lighting to contribute to the ambience.


There are many different styles of bedroom lamps available, and which you choose will depend on the look you are trying to create and how you will use the lamps. Some of the options for bedroom lamps include:

  • Floor lamps – Adding floor lamps to the room allows you to create lighting in different areas of the room and to alter the mood by switching from the main light source to the lamps. Floor lamps also add a decorative element to your bedroom.
  • Bedside lamps – One of the most popular choices is to have lamps on the bedside tables. This is a simple way of having optional lighting at both sides of the bed to allow one person to have their light on when the other has their light turned off. There is a vast choice of colors and designs available.
  • Wall lamps – Having wall lamps fitted is a great option if you want to focus the light on specific areas, such as directly over the bed for when you are reading.
  • Built-in lamps – There are plenty of headboards available that have built-0in lamps. If you are restyling your entire bedroom and intend to buy new furniture, then this is an option worth considering. Built-in lamps save space, look great, and allow you to focus the light, says Elle Décor.


Bedroom lamps are available in a range of materials, and which you choose may depend on the overall interior décor of your bedroom. Some lamps are made entirely of one material, such as wood or metal. Others combine several materials, such as a floor lamp with a wooden stand and a fabric lampshade or a bedside lamp with a metal stand and a glass shade. The materials used are not just important to the appearance of the lamp, but also to the durability and the cost.


Litecraft highlights the importance of placement of lighting in a bedroom. You need to add lamps in the areas where you need the light the most and so that it is conveniently positioned. For example, you do not want to get out of bed to turn on a light so that you can read. It is important to think about the placement of lamps before shopping, as you need to consider factors such as the length of any wires so that the lamp can reach the power source from its position in the bedroom.

Bulb Type

A further consideration that you might like to make is the compatibility of the lamps with different types of bulb. Not all lamps are compatible with all bulb types, and this is something that you should check before you buy. The type of bulbs used vary in terms of brightness, the color of the light, the amount of energy used, and the cost of bulb replacements. You need to decide whether the lighting effect, the cost, or the energy-efficiency is the most important to you and choose your lamp accordingly.


Price is a significant deciding factor for many people when choosing home fittings and furnishings, and the price of bedroom lamps can vary significantly. Some of the factors that can affect the price of bedroom lamps include the size, style, materials, brand, and quality. Although it is possible to buy a good quality lamp at a low price, it is sometimes worth investing a little more to ensure you have the perfect lamps that look great in your bedroom and will stand the test of time.

Bedroom Lamps – The Final Verdict

Bedroom lamps can serve as both practical and decorative items in your bedroom, so they are items that you should consider adding. There is a vast array of different colors and designs available, so you will find something that complements your chosen interior design theme. As the lamps are something that you will see every day and they will have a functional purpose in your bedroom, it is essential that you take the time to consider all the factors to make the right choice. Some of the things you need to think about include the type of lamp, the materials, the bulb type, the style, the placement of the lamps, and the cost. By taking each of these factors into account, you should find the perfect lamps for your bedroom.

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