20 Stunning One Bedroom Apartment Designs

One Bedroom Apartment Design

One bedroom apartments are popular, and perfect for those who don’t need or want much living space, or may prefer to rent an apartment unit as opposed to owning a small home. There are many benefits to renting an apartment, and a one bedroom can be the perfect option. One drawback many people might think they’ll face with a one bedroom is whether they will have enough space to give their one bedroom a stylish look or will they have to skimp on style and cool decorating ideas. The answer is, no. You can get just as creative with your one bedroom apartment the same as you could with any home, so let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your one bedroom apartment into a beautiful and stylish home.

Give each room its own personality

Giving each room in your apartment can make it seem larger just by individualizing the decor theme. Creating a personality for each room starts with painting each room a different color, says Elle decor. As you flow from room-to-room, you will feel the distinction of each room with its individual color scheme and decor design to match.

Scale your furniture to size

Small spaces can appear to be cramped and especially if you have oversize furniture pieces that don’t seem to fit properly. Not only do you not want your room to look and feel cramped, but large furniture pieces can consume usable foot traffic space and visually decrease the size of the room. Choose pieces that are smaller in size and pieces that can give the appearance of space around and below, for instance, a glass top coffee table with a pedestal base will allow you to see through the table to the floor allowing you to get more sight of the space, as opposed to just bulky furniture.

Utilize space efficiently

According to House Beautiful, rooms that are narrow in structure, break the space up by breaking the room into sections and creating more usable space to get more function out of one area. An option for a long, narrow space would be to create a couple small sitting areas and add a small dining area in one. Be sure to choose small-scaled furniture pieces here, too. Mirrors are a great way to visually enlarge small rooms. Hang decorative mirrors around the room for a stylish decor idea, but to give your room visual square footage as well.

Use multi-functional furniture pieces

There are many pieces of furniture that can function as more than one piece. Ottomans can serve as a foot rest, a coffee table and storage all at once. This helps to eliminate the need for multiple pieces of furniture that waste money and space. There are multiple types of tables available, from game tables that can serve as a place to sit and read, play games, or serve dinner. Sofa beds are a beautiful addition to a small-on-space home. They not only work as a functional sitting area by day, but they easily convert to a bed for company when you don’t have that extra room to put them up in designated guest room.

Be creative

Every inch of space may matter in a one bedroom apartment and getting creative with your space can be an important part of your choice of decor ideas, as well as preserving all the room you can to create a comfortable and functional home. We all know that doors can sometimes be a cumbersome, but very much needed component of a home. They give you the privacy you need, but they can actually be quite the space-hog. If you have a door in your one bedroom apartment that consumes too much space, try removing it and opting for a lighter, less space invading element, like a tri-fold screen. Decorative screens can be purchased in a wide range of looks and choosing one that matches your decor theme can really add a beautiful touch for your small space. Room dividers and screens can help divide just about any space to give areas of your small apartment definitive borders for the different areas, all while creating a visually appealing look for the room.

For more brilliant ideas for your one bedroom apartment, take a look at the following 20 stunning one bedroom apartment designs and get inspired to decorate your apartment to fit your style, and your needs.

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