20 Industrial Accents That Will Improve Any Interior

The industrial decor theme has been popular for years and is one that easily mixes with other decor schemes. You often see industrial paired with rustic themes, vintage, modern, among others. It’s a matter of knowing how so that you get a fluid look throughout. Creating an industrial look doesn’t have to mean that you tear down walls to expose the brick, pipes or wood slats, however, adding some reclaimed wood to areas of your home is one way to bring a rustic touch to your industrial design, says DigsDigs. Instead, adding the right decor items can create the same industrial appeal in any room. Here are some ideas for choosing industrial accents to bring the industrial look and feel to any room in your home.

Choose accents made of raw materials

According to Froy, industrial designs are typically designed using raw materials; such as, concrete, metals, like steel, brass and iron, wood, leather among others. The key is to picture what you might find in an old factory or industrial building and find items that look like they belong. Unfinished or reclaimed items with a vintage look can have great industrial appeal as well.

Industrial features are often basic, rugged, and non-ornamental

When most people think of the industrial design, they think of basic designs and less ornamental or overuse of delicate details. Industrial often has a more manly appeal, but it can fit anyone’s lifestyle and done right, it can create a warm, welcoming feel to your home, for example, most people imagine concrete to be a feature that would make a room feel cold, or too industrial when it can actually be the opposite. Concrete floors, counter and other decor features in concrete can be designed in colors, with patterns and textures so that they warm a room the same as hardwood, tile or marble does. Yet, it offers a more basic, less ornamental look than say, a mosaic tile design featured in your kitchen. Industrial style furniture, also often is simple in its structure and often seen with use of woods, metals, leather and other natural materials. If you want to keep things on the warmer side, consider choosing metals with an unfinished, rustic, or worn look as opposed to new and shiny, which can come across as too modern and cold, according to Barn Walls.

Industrial color schemes

To keep things in the industrial theme, choosing accent pieces common to the industrial theme is important. Of course black and brown are often used in industrial themes, and you’ll often see earthy tones along with some ‘power’ color choices, such as purples, a rich mustard yellow, shades of blue, variations of red, including rust and brick, as well as silver, hues of orange, along with several others. How you mix and match colors is one way to create the type of industrial look you want for your room. You may choose a softer variation of the industrial design, or a strong, powerful version of the design theme.

Types of accents to consider

There are endless ways to accent your industrial style room or home. Mostly, it will depend on your personal style and taste as to what you choose. Some ideas might include:

  • Exposed brick, pipes, or wood – Exposed brick, wood or pipes in your home will instantly bring out an industrial feel to any room. Adding brick to a wall, or increasing the amount of brick on a living room wall where the fireplace sits can add a more industrial appeal. Creating a brick wall as a focal wall in a room is a way to achieve the same affect. Reclaimed wood slats or ceiling beams added to a room instantly transforms a room into a more rustic, industrial style, or perhaps changing your bathroom sinks and fixtures so that the galvanized piping is exposed, is a remodeling project you’d like to take-on.
  • Wall art – There are a million ideas for wall art, whether you purchase a pre-made piece of wall art, or create something yourself, you can find industrial style wall art made of different metals, made in different designs, sizes and more. Wall art made of metal, wood, or the combination of the two is definitely very industrial.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors are used in any and every home decor themes. They are not only functional, but they can help visually enlarge small spaces, or simply serve as wall decor. Depending on the style, you can find mirrors that fit right in with an industrial look. According to Sebring, if you plan to hang multiple mirrors, whether in the same room or multiple rooms, keep the  mirrors complimentary in the industrial theme. You don’t want to have one framed in wrought iron, and another with an English, country chic look or you will lose your congruent look.
  • Light fixtures – Light fixtures are not only a necessity, but they can absolutely complete the look of a room. When you design your room using industrial decor, instead of leaving your old, boring or builder’s grade lighting fixtures hanging, replace them with industrial style fixtures to give your room more of an industrial appeal. There are countless types of industrial styles to choose from, whether you need hanging lights, table top lamps, floor lamps, even sconces. Have fun with your light fixtures, no matter if you are adding the fixtures for added light, or as an added industrial accent flair.

These are only a few select ideas for adding accents to your industrial theme. We have more ideas to help inspire you, so keep scrolling to see 20 industrial accents that will improve any interior.

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