A Closer Look at Brooke Shields’s Luxurious Townhouse in New York City

Brooke Shields is an actor, and one of the most iconic models of the 1980’s. She is also often remembered for her coming out role in the infamous movie, Endless Love (1981), where two forbidden teenagers stranded on an island, fall in love. She has modeled for some of the most popular magazines over the years, with her face often gracing the cover of the magazine.

She has been associated with different clothing lines and a wide variety of television commercial ads. She is married and has two beautiful daughters and currently owns a beautiful townhome with her husband, Chris Henchy, a TV personality. Shields’ style and taste is exquisite, and you have to see the beautifully and meticulously designed rooms of her NY townhome.

The colors and details are certainly ones that will make your mouth water. It’s fun to look inside the homes of movie stars and other celebrities, to get a sense of what they like and how they decorate their own homes. Here’s your chance to see inside one of the biggest names in Hollywood, so step inside Brook Shields’ home and take a look at a few of her delightful decorating ideas.


It’s apparent that Brooke likes to keep her color scheme toned down, with nothing too dramatic or bold. She uses warm, cozy and mostly neutral colors throughout her home, from her living room, to her kitchen, dining room, and the bedrooms we are allowed to view. They are colors that are easy to mix and match other colors, fabrics and textures with, from slate grays, browns, shades of yellow and red, and creams.

Décor details

In the living room, one of the focal points is the trio of paintings by Hunt Slonem, and her beautifully crafted settee, which is a George III. She has chosen a mixture of colors and textures that meld together beautifully, including with the curule-form stool and jute rug, from Pottery Barn. In her kitchen, more from George III can be found with her beautiful dining chairs that are strikingly white, along with her kitchen table, made by MADE in the kitchen, and really make her blue cabinetry pop. The chimney breast and backsplash behind her range, both boast glazed tile by Mosaic del Sur. She also chose beautiful pendant lights that are elegant, yet casual enough for every day, and are made by Foscarini.

Her photo collection

Brooke uses a photo collection as a way to create a focal point in her family room. Along a cabinet ledge, you will find many photos casually propped up, and they are interestingly mixes of both family and random images of Annie Leibovitz, Robert Maplethorpe, among others. A table sits in front of the photos and holds a collection various books, while two wood-backed chairs are there to compliment the relaxed look of the room, and give you a place to take a seat while you causally thumb through them, or get more involved in a good read.

If you want to see more of her townhome, scroll down to see a closer look at Brooke Shields’s Luxurious townhouse in New York city.

Image via www.architecturaldigest.com

Image via www.architecturaldigest.com

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Image via www.architecturaldigest.com

Image via www.architecturaldigest.com

Image via www.hookedonhouses.net

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