10 Types of Kitchen Faucets You Should Consider


If you’re tired of your kitchen faucet and ready for an update there are a lot of new styles to choose from. Technology has moved to the plumbing industry and it has delivered some amazing new features in faucets for updating an old kitchen and modernizing its appearance and function. There are hundreds of different kitchen faucet styles, brands, and models to choose from. Some offer useful and novel features to make your job in the kitchen easier. They’re available in a variety of styles and finishes to complement any kitchen decor. We’ve selected the ten most popular to include in our guide to the ten types of kitchen faucets you should consider, along with the reason why.

10. Pull-out faucets

Bob Vila is a professional remodeler who recommends the Pull-out style kitchen faucet for anyone who appreciates an extended range of use. This style mounts to the top of the sink as most faucets do and it functions as a standard kitchen faucet. The difference in this style is that it has a detachable head that you can pull loose from its holder to manipulate it into various positions. This style comes in various models with hoses of varying lengths that allow you to pull them out and aim the stream of water wherever it is needed. They’re excellent for filling large pots that are too tall to fit under a kitchen sink spout. They’re also useful for reaching areas of the sink that are otherwise hard to reach for cleaning. The detachable head gives you a greater range of motion and can save a lot of time and energy. It’s a modern feature that adds a convenient new way of working in your kitchen. Some models also come with additional features that allow you to adjust the flow of spray, or pause the spray while detaching or reattaching the head to the spout.

9. One Handle Touchless Faucet

the One Handle Touchless Faucet is a new modern design that delivers high in its classic styling. You can find this type of faucet in various models. The most popular is the gooseneck type that features a single handle placed either on the side or in the middle. The handle adjusts the water temperature by moving it up and down or to the left or right. The lever moves easily with a fingertip’s strength for flow and water temperature adjustment. This is one of the newest styles that are popular with DIY kitchen remodelers because it is easy to install, repair and use. You can also choose the height of the faucet along with the various finishes. It’s best for homeowners who wish to achieve a simple and clean aesthetic in the kitchen area. The price can be a bit high, as the average cost is between $400 to $500. It’s one of the recent trends in minimalist kitchen styling. It offers a one-handed operation that is easy to use once you move past the slight learning curve from traditional kitchen faucets. They’re easier to use when moving heavy pots and puns under the spout, or for multitasking jobs. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a Handle Touchless faucet style can save a lot of time and effort and streamline your kitchen culinary and cleaning tasks.

8. Two-Handle Faucet

The Two-Handle style faucet is the more traditional type. This is a faucet that features the center spout with two handles on either side, for hot and cold water choices. You can find many stylish and modern models of this type. The benefit for DIY installers is that it’s one of the easiest types for homeowners to install. It goes with most kitchen designs stylistically and can be found in all finishes. The benefit of single-handle water mixers is that hot water usually flows at a faster rate. You can simultaneously adjust the water temperature to get the perfect mixture of hot and cold. This type of faucet is the best for anyone who is comfortable with the traditional style and has no desire to learn about new technologies when working in the kitchen. While some of the single handle styles are time-savers, they’re not the preference of everyone. If you’re into tradition and you’d rather stick with what you know, you can find some beautiful models to update your kitchen’s appearance, without sacrificing the two-water temp controls. It’s the old standard that comes with no learning curve. The fact that it’s a traditional and older style has nothing to do with modernization. This type comes in some highly stylized models.

7. Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The Pull-Down Kitchen faucet is another style that is worthy of consideration. Anyone who washes large piles of dishes by hand can appreciate the convenience of a pull-down style kitchen faucet. Most of the more modern models feature a gooseneck spout that looks elegant but is highly functional. They allow the room you need to slide large pots and pans beneath them for filling or cleaning. They’re an exceptional choice for anyone that washes a lot of large containers. The Pull Down Kitchen faucet has a fixed head, but the head pulls down to reposition the spout for additional flexibility. It allows you to make adjustments that can save a lot of time and effort to reach tight places and deliver a stronger flow of water for more thorough cleaning power. This faucet type is intended for use with deep sinks. You can also find this style with additional features including a power boost option for filling large pots faster. Signature Hardware carries a few lines of unique pull-down kitchen faucets that you might want to check out (https://www.signaturehardware.com/southgate-single-hole-pull-down-kitchen-faucet.html). They come in various styles and finishes for any kitchen decor.

6. Smart Faucet

The latest trend is using technology to control every part of the home. Smart homes come with many automated features these days so why not a smart faucet? It’s one of the latest technologies in kitchen faucets. The smart faucet takes everyday kitchen tasks to a new level of artificial intelligence. These highly evolved faucets double as electronic gadgets. They’re capable of dispensing precise water amounts without going under or over the amount you request. Smart faucets provide digital displays that tell you the exact water temperature, and they also let you know the facts about your water usage. Most come with water-saving features. They’re best for Smart homes and for homeowners who enjoy automation. You can find Smart faucets with various features. Some of them allow for hands-free operation. There is a downside to Smart faucets. They’re not the best choice for a DIY installation. The price ranges from $300 to dizzying heights of expense. These units require a service technician for repairs, but they afford the highest in modern convenience and luxury if you can afford them. The voice activation technology is another nice feature that will take a while to learn. You can find Smart faucets in various styles and finishes. There is a broad selection to complement the decor of your kitchen.

5. Touchless Faucets

Touchless kitchen faucets take a step down from the technology of smart faucets, but they’re still innovative inventions that bring convenience to the kitchen. Anyone who spends much time in the kitchen will appreciate that they cooperate with a wave of the hand. It’s perfect for times when your hands are covered with a gooey mess that would otherwise be difficult to clean from the handles of the faucet. This style helps to prevent cross-contamination when working with raw meats. They’re good for streamlining meal preparation tasks. This type is often used commercially in public and private restrooms. There are fewer parts to wear out. This type of faucet is also durable. The main drawback is touch is required on the lever handle to adjust the temperature setting. They’re more expensive but certainly a modern addition to any kitchen setting. You can find touchless faucets in various styles and finishes. Some models feature other innovative features, such as voice control for greater convenience.

4. Pot Filler Faucets

Pot filler faucets are unique in that they usually mount on the wall over a backsplash. They fit behind the stove for easy filling of pots and pans. It saves you the hassle of moving heavy pots from the sink to the stove area. Pot filler faucets require a little more work to install. It involves running a water line to the back of the stove for the hookup. Once in place, they’re handy to use. The Pot filler faucet requires professional expertise for installation. The cost could go up as a result. They’re not the most versatile type of faucet, but they’re best as a secondary or backup to your regular sink faucet.

3. Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

We can’t forget to include the old-fashioned kitchen faucet with a sprayer. These faucets are easy to find and usually inexpensive compared to some of the other styles on our list. The separate sprayer mounts on the side of the counter within the sink. They help cleaning and filling jobs go much faster. Some units come with adjustable stream control. They’re best for people who hand wash dishes, but they’re also irreplaceable for cleaning out hard-to-reach parts of the sink. The hose allows you to pull them out and aim the stream almost anywhere it’s needed. It’s similar to the pull-out style faucet, except the sprayer is located separately.

2. Adjustable Height Kitchen Faucet with soap dispenser

The Adjustable Height kitchen faucet with a soap dispenser is another innovative type. It is the ideal choice for anyone who appreciates extreme luxury and convenience. The adjustable height allows you to use it as a regular kitchen faucet that can move up or down as needed. It also contains a soap dispenser to kill harmful bacteria to prevent cross-contamination on surfaces. These faucets come in various styles and finishes.

1. Pivotal Kitchen Faucet

The Pivotal style kitchen sink faucets come in handy for big jobs that require you to maneuver items in and out of the sink. They’re not only highly functional and ADA compliant, but they are also attractive additions to kitchens with geometric styling. The pivotal style is an exceptional choice for upgrading and modernizing your kitchen. Most come with standard spouts that swivel 120 degrees to move the water flow as needed. They make cleaning awkward-sized pots, pans, and other items with ease. You can find them in many different styles and finishes.

Final thoughts

When it’s time to upgrade your kitchen, there are many different faucet types to consider. We’ve included the most popular types available in various styles and finishes to give you a broad selection. You can choose from Smart faucets that feature the latest in modern electronic and digital technology or a stylish new faucet in the traditional style. It’s nice to have choices when you’re looking for a new look and greater levels of kitchen efficiency.

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