20 Fine Examples of Modern Bookcases

Your home is your pride and joy. You want it to look as beautiful as you imagine, and that includes more than just painting, flooring, and architectural design. Adding your own specific details can really make rooms pop, including something as spectacular as a uniquely designed bookcase where you can display all of your books, pictures, and other decorative pieces that mean something special to you. There is a wide array of styles for bookcases, and choosing a design that matches your design theme is important to keep the flow of your room congruent and pleasant to the eye. For a modern style room, having a modern bookcase is the way to go. You may be interested in designing your own modern bookcase, but not sure of how to go about doing it, or what designs would appeal to you. If that is the case, keep reading to get some ideas.

1. Which room will you add it?

A bookcase can be a main focal point of a room. It can really make a room complete, add character, charm and be the topic of conversation. Decide on the room you want your modern bookcase. Do you have a designated office you picture a bookcase being in? Maybe you want your modern bookcase to be displayed, and be the focal point of your living room. Wherever you want your bookcase, you will need to find the perfect spot, whether it will take up just a portion of a wall, the entire wall, or be free-standing in the room.

2. Measure your space

Measure out the space you plan to construct your bookcase. How many shelves do you need or want. Will it be flush against the wall, or protrude into the room and take up a substantial amount of floor space. If it will, you don’t want it to encumber your furniture or walk-space. Once you measure your space, you can start looking into designs.

3. Choose a design

Modern bookcases are typically very clean and sleek looking. Clean lines and clean shapes. Squares, ovals, unique geometric shelves and base designs are very tell-tell signs of a modern look. Color choices for the cases are typically very neutral or bold, such as stark black, white, red, or brown. Bookcases in color combinations are also indicative of modernism; black and white, red and black, and so forth. Staying away from traditional woods and stains are recommended, to keep a modern appearance and feel.

Use your imagination to create a unique, and specific look for your bookcase that matches your style and décor theme. Don’t clutter your bookshelves with a lot of knick-knacks, as clutter takes away from the look of modernistic room designs. Simplicity is key, so display art and décor accessories as minimally as possible and let the artwork of the bookcase design be the main focus.

Here are 20 fine examples of modern bookcases to help you get started on your own.

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