20 Amazing Asian Style Foyer Ideas

Asian Foyer

Asian style decor is a collective description of several far East countries and is not limited to just one. It can be of Japanese origin, Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean. There are a number of decor ideas that probably spring to mind when you think Asian decor, but one thing is for sure, is that it varies in its detail. Asian furniture pieces are anything from bold and ornamental, to very simplistic lines and minimal ornamental detail. Black and red color schemes are also very popular, but for those who prefer a lower-keyed Asian look, use can still get a beautiful Asian appeal using neutral tones with, or without hints of color sprinkled in. For your Asian themed home, begin your beautiful decor theme at the front entry of your home to set the tone for your whole home. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful Asian style foyer.

Foyer colors

Asian decor is often replicated of nature with the use of landscape scenes and neutral tones. Staying with neutral tones as the backdrop allows you to use bolder colors for accents, like red, for instance. Red is a passion color and represents good luck in China. It’s used in a variety of shades, from deep, bold red to softer, more muted tones. Black is also a color that can ground your foyer and you may choose to have it as the primary color for furniture pieces, wall trim, and in your flooring. Black with a creamy beige is a great combination, then pair with a few red accents and you have a perfect Asian color scheme that looks great in any room.

Furniture pieces

Foyer tables are always a great accent piece for the entry, plus they are functional pieces, giving you multiple reasons to have one in your foyer. If you plan to ground your foyer with black, choose a black console table and how simplistic or ornamental is up to your taste and decor scheme. You prefer a table with decorative gold hardware or a lacquered black table with a scenery in vibrant colors painted on to add splashes of color. A red drum stool tucked up under the table gives a more dramatic appeal to the table and overall look in your foyer, too. A settee or bamboo styled chair in a corner or against a wall can lend a decorative appeal, plus give you a little seating space for entryway tasks of putting on or removing shoes, etc.

Flooring choices

Depending on your decor scheme, you may already have the flooring you want for your foyer, but if you plan to upgrade your flooring, a beautiful bamboo wood floor is a great Asian look, but you may choose a tile, such as a dark slate tile, which keeps in theme with black being your grounding color. Marble floors with an Asian design is another way to appeal to the whole Far East look. White marbled quartz or statuary marble are good choices, or you can get more ideas at Decorpad.


There’s nothing more beautiful than lighting done right. Many foyers have a chandelier hanging for a beautiful focal point upon entry, plus it provides a nice overhead lighting source. If your chandelier doesn’t speak Asian to you, try changing the the chandelier for a more Asian inspired lighting source.  For lower hanging ceilings, an Asian inspired , close-to-ceiling over head light or Asian foyer lantern are both good ideas. Your theme might be better enhanced with a large, round globe light, such as the one displayed in the picture below. Don’t forget other light sources, such as table lamps, wall sconces, or floor lamps.

Add decorative touches

Be sure to sprinkle some spectacular decor touches throughout your foyer to complete your Asian theme. A colorful piece of Asian wall hanging art will bring a wall alive and make it shine. Hang an ornamental mirror over your console table and set a piece of Asian art or Asian styled vase on the table and fill it with fresh, colorful flowers. If you’re into Buddhas, a couple statues displayed in the room can bring the feeling of peace and happiness when you step into your home.

For more inspirational Asian themes for your foyer, look at the following 20 amazing Asian style foyer ideas.

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