Inspiration: 15 Blue Interiors


Blue is definitely an inspirational color. It brings calmness and it also gets us thinking about the nature, like the blue of the sky or the blue of the ocean. Embrace blue and add it to your home. Here you have 15 blue interiors as ideas to incorporate this color in any room you’d like to.

In these photos you will realize how nice white and blue combinations work and, also, how different shades bring different vibes. Powerful blue and interesting patterns can transform any bedroom from a boring room to a modern and complex one. Baby blue works perfectly for a girl’s room, contrary to the fact that everyone associates this color with boys.

For a kind of a beachy look, blue works perfect with neutral tones, while a bohemian room is best pictured with soft shades of blue. And the possibilities don’t stop here. Start contouring your blue picture with the following ideas.

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