A Smart Guide to Storing Wine in Your Home


Wine is at the top of the list of favorite alcoholic beverages. Wine a drink that can be enjoyed just about anytime because with all the choices, there is a wine to go with the occasion. While many people will purchase a bottle or two for an occasional glass of wine, others take their wine more serious and drink it more often, and may be avid wine collectors. No matter how many bottles of wine you keep in your home, knowing how to store them can mean the difference between a good glass of wine or glass of something that tastes less tantalizing. To keep your wine tasting the way you want and expect, not to mention, your bottles looking pristine, follow these tips. They are a smart guide to storing wine at home.

Humidity matters

Too much humidity for humans and suddenly we’re sweating and hearing women complain how their hair has gone to a frizz.  We, as humans, may not always appreciate the humidity, but there are things that do like a little humidity, for instance, certain plants, and even wine appreciates a bit of humidity. That’s right, wine needs humidity when it’s stored in order to keep the cork from drying out, which can lead to the wine oxidizing. If you don’t have a wine cooler, two things recommended by “tasteofhome.com” (https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/storing-wine-at-home/) that you can do to help keep the humidity in your wine storage area include:

  • A bowl of water – If you store your wine in a closet or cupboard, set a bowl of water in with the wine to add moisture. This little trick helps, but only if you remember to check on it frequently and refill it as needed.
  • A humidifier – In a larger space, such as a closet or small room, setting a humidifier in the room can help keep moisture levels right for wine.

Store in a cool place

Outside of a wine cellar or wine cooler in the kitchen or other convenient space, is ideal, but for those improvising on their storage, a cool place is what is ideal for wine. A cool room, closet, pantry, or cupboard can work. Wine experts don’t recommend keeping wine stored in a kitchen unless it is in a wine cooler, and especially not next to a dishwasher. Garages, hot, damp basements, and attics should all be off the list for proper wine storage, so, keep it cool, and keep it indoors.

Keep the bottles on their sides

Have you ever walked into a wine storage closet, a wine cellar, or even just seen a picture of one? One thing you may notice is the bottles laying on their sides. According to “learn.winecoolerdirect.com” (https://learn.winecoolerdirect.com/how-to-store-your-wine/), storing wine bottles on their sides keeps the liquid in contact with the cork, which keeps the cork moist. As mentioned earlier, wine corks should be kept moist to avoid drying out. A dry cork can lead to oxidation of the wine and at that point, it’s a loss.

Keep it out of the sun and heat

The sunlight is not a friend to wine. Wine should never be stored in direct sunlight or the heat of the sun. It should not be kept where UV rays can get to it at all, if possible. If stored long term in the sunlight, this can actually prematurely progress the aging process, which is not a good thing. For one, we know that wine stores best in a cool environment, which sunlight can produce if stored in a sunny spot. But the heat from the sun isn’t the only bad thing produced by the sun when it comes to wine. Sun can cause discoloration and fading of the wine labels, which can make it hard to read them correctly, not to mention it makes the bottles look less attractive for your collection.

Store your bottles in a nice display

If you have a collection of wine, having it displayed in a nice, attractive display makes for a nice focal area for your home. For those without a cellar or even a wine cooler, create a nice wine rack display where it can be easily accessed and admired. A nice wine collection is always a great way to create a conversation piece, and a focal area for a room. There are endless types of wine racks and displays you can purchase or make yourself, for those with a DIY talent – so give your collection the attention it really deserves.

Opened wine and screw caps

According to “missouriwine.org” (https://missouriwine.org/news/tips-storing-wine), things are a bit different when it comes to opened bottles and screw-capped bottles of wine. Already opened bottles should be stored upright. It reduces the surface of the wine exposed to oxygen to help it stay fresher for a longer period of time. And for those screw-capped bottles of wine, none of the storage rules or tips apply to them. Store them as you please.

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