Detailed Instructions on How to Use a Keurig

A Keurig is a single brew coffee maker, working with specifically designed coffee pods known as “K-Cups. The preparation process of your hot or cold beverage is done quickly with this machine. The machine is convenient and easy to use. Once you have bought your machine and removed it from its package, set it up, and run a cleaning cycle and you can now brew your first cup of coffee. To ensure that your Keurig stays in good working condition remember to descale it occasionally. You can use a Keurig descaling solution. There are different types of Keurigs but in most cases, the general process of operating them is equally the same. There can be a slight difference when it comes to the strength and brew size of the type of drink you want. Note that some models are able to brew both hot and cold drinks. Most Keurig machines use a similar operating method.

Here are the steps to follow when using a Keurig

Step 1

Ensure that the machine is plugged in correctly with its plug cord plugged in a grounded GFI outlet and the power button is on. The power button in most Keurig machines is on the top right side of the machine. Press the power button on the unit and the machine will start gurgling and heating up the water. Wait for the machine to finish the heating up process then you can proceed.

Step 2

Fill the unit’s reservoir and remember that Keurig machines store enough water for many cups of coffee therefore you do not need to keep refilling the reservoir after every cup you make. According to Hunker, some machines come with reservoirs that can be removed from the machine while others come with a static reservoir that you cannot get out of the machine. The reservoir lid is placed on the top left side of the machine. Lift the lid to pour water into it or if your machine has a removable reservoir, remove it and pour water into it then replace it into the machine. After putting the water the machine will make a buzzing sound and this is normal. The buzzing sound comes from the machine pulling the water into the heating chamber.

Step 3

This step is where you choose your coffee. Most machines will come with the option of selecting K-cups. K-cups are plastic pods that contain both the coffee and filter. There are K-cups that also contain hot tea and chocolate and the machine can make either coffee, tea, or chocolate. Choose the beverage you want to make either coffee, tea, or chocolate without removing the foil lid. According to Kitchen Sanity, Keurig machines have a mechanism that perforates the foil lid, and water is forced out through the holes made by the machine.

Step 4

Put the K-cup into your machine. There is a special slot at the front of the Keurig machine where the K-cup is supposed to be put. This slot can be found by gently lifting a grey handle on the machine’s front. When you lift this handle a round coffee chamber is exposed. Insert your pod into the hole and using the handle close the coffee chamber. When the chamber is tightly closed, the display on your Keurig unit will read “Ready to brew”. If your machine lacks a display unit, the buttons on the right side of the machine that help you choose the cup size will start blinking.

Step 5

At the bottom center of the machine place your coffee mug on the drip tray. Ensure that the mug you place there is an appropriate size for the machine you are using. Normally it is advised to use a mug that can hold 10 ounces or more ensuring that it fits properly on the drip tray. If your mug is too tall look for a mug that fits properly in that space.

Step 6

At this point, you are required to choose your cup size and press the brew button to start brewing. You should however note that some machines have no option to choose from and will start brewing automatically. If you are using a Keurig for the first time, it is best to choose the smallest cup option to avoid the cup from overflowing and the next time you will know the size of cup to use.

Step 7

Wait for your coffee, chocolate, or tea to drip into the cup and enjoy the drink.

Step 8

Always remember to remove the used K-cup by opening the coffee chamber. Leave the coffee chamber open and unlatched when you are not using the unit. According to Coffee Geek Club, you need to clean your Keurig machine regularly because all kinds of things can build up in the machine including coffee residue, tea sediments, and oils. Wash your unit using warm water and vinegar to remove any build-up and it will give you service for a long time.

Important points to note when using Keurig:

  • Read all the instructions carefully and follow them
  • Avoid touching hot surfaces
  • You should carefully assemble your Keurig and locate it as you have been instructed before using it
  • Avoid attaching accessories that are not recommended by the manufacturer because they can result in electric shock or fire
  • Avoid placing your Keurig near an electric burner, heated oven, or hot gas
  • Outdoor use is not recommended
  • Avoid immersing plugs, cords, or appliances in water to avoid electric shock and protect against fire
  • Avoid filling the Water Reservoir beyond the MAX FILL line
  • Turn off the brewer and unplug it before cleaning it
  • To ensure your Keurig is functioning properly, plug it into the appropriate electrical outlet on a properly functioning circuit to prevent blowing of fuses, tripping a circuit breaker, and flickering of lights
  • Avoid operating your Keurig if it has a damaged plug or Power Cord
  • Contact the manufacturer if the appliance is not functioning and especially if you just bought it or if the warranty has not expired
  • Close supervision is necessary, especially if kids are around
  • See to it that the Power Cord is not hanging over the counter or the table
  • Avoid lifting the brewer handle during the brewing process

Using a Keurig is easy. You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, chocolate, or tea with just a simple press of a button with no grinding, measuring, or preparation time whatsoever.

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