How to Get Rid of Tiny Black Ants in the Bathroom

Although largely harmless, black ants can quickly become a nuisance. Unfortunately, ants love the idea of our homes. They like the shelter, and they most certainly like the food. They also tend to flock in areas that have easy access to water. This is why black ants can typically be found in the kitchen and the bathroom. Having black ants all over your bathroom counters can become annoying more than anything. It doesn’t even matter how clean you keep your countertops; they’ll come and come back as long as they have access. If you want to get rid of tiny black ants in your bathroom, try one or more of the following tips that have been proven to do the job.

1. Eliminate the attraction

The first thing you should always do if you have a black ant problem is to figure out why they’re coming in the first place. As stated above, ants will almost always go after food and water. If your bathroom has a leaky faucet or constantly has water puddles in the same areas, ants are likely to gather round those parts. If you find that ants are going down your drain, it might mean that they are finding food particles lodged between hairs and the like. Eliminating food and water sources for ants will likely solve the problem off the bat. This simply means you have to keep your countertops and sink dry. You also need to constantly clean your sink drain. Some may even go as far as drying the shower and tub after each use. It will all depend on how serious your black ant infestation might be.

2. Essential oils

If you are keeping your bathroom clean and dry and you still have a black ant issue, try natural repellents first. Essential oils are an excellent way to get rid of these creatures, as particular scents drive them away. For example, fresh scents such as tea tree and peppermint are unattractive to ants. Citrus scents such as lemon and orange deter them as well. A strong scent such as clove is one that black ants do not find inviting at all. If you prefer any one of these scents, you can make a simple mixture of water and a few drops of essential oils. Put it in a spray bottle, and spray away on areas that are constantly crowded with black ants. If you wish, you can even just spray it all over your bathroom. Not only will you deter black ants; you’ll also make your bathroom smell great. Bonus points for you if you like tea tree oils. They happen to kill ants as well. So if the scent doesn’t work to drive black ants away, the oil itself will get rid of them. Essential oils are strong, but you can make them even deadlier for ants. Add a dash of cayenne pepper to keep them away.

3. Bait stations

If you have no problem with time, setting bait stations might be a better option for you. When ants march out to bathroom, they always go back to their nests at some point. Since we’re not always able to target nests, bait stations are a great way to get rid of ants once and for all. When ants find food, they always take this food back to their colony nearby. Bait stations attract ants; but instead of providing food, bait stations provide poison. The unsuspecting ant will then bring this poison back to its colony, eventually targeting and killing the colony off. It might take a little more time than a natural spray, but it works for the longer term. You can make your own bait by mixing borax with some type of syrup, but you can just buy the store-bought bait stations for ease of use.

4. Insecticides

One other option you can consider is the use of an insecticide spray. Although insecticides use chemicals than can also be harmful to humans, careful use can make it work. There are a few kinds of insecticide sprays you can buy, but most of them serve as poison for black ants. It’s possibly the fastest way to get rid of the nuisance, but it doesn’t always guarantee that the ants will not come back. Insecticides will generally target the nervous system of ants, killing them either instantly or at least within a couple of minutes. These are powerful solutions that should either be cleaned up right away or allowed to dissipate. If you ‘re going to leave insecticide on your bathroom surfaces, you might want to leave the space for a while to prevent breathing it in. Make sure that you also use face coverings such as a mask and gloves to protect your hands when handling insecticides. We recommend you use this option as a last resort to get rid of tiny black ants. They might do more harm than good for you, especially for a temporary solution.

5. Prevention

Aside from keeping your bathroom clean and dry, there are also other ways you can prevent black ants from terrorizing your bathroom. Look for ants’ entry and exit points. Take some time to seal holes in walls to prevent them from getting in. You can also add caulking to areas that need it. Ants can even go through electrical sockets. You can buy some babyproofing socket covers to prevent cats from getting in. If you have a problem with humidity in your bathroom, you can make sure that moisture doesn’t accumulate by using a dehumidifier. This will eliminate moisture in the bathroom air, helping to keep your bathroom dry to begin with. Avoid getting rid of food wastes in your bathroom sink or bathroom trash bin. Avoid feeding your pets in the bathroom as well. These simple steps should prevent further infestations, and should help your bathroom be completely black ant-free.

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