The Five Best Reusable Coffee Filters on the Market Today

Disposable coffee filters were at one time an absolute necessity if you didn’t want to spend time straining your coffee to get all the grounds out through your teeth. They were handy in their time but in more recent years a more economical and earth friendly alternative has been introduced. Reusable coffee filters can be used over and over again for years before they need to be replaced. They don’t require the use of paper filters that fill our landfill sites and waste precious resources. Additionally, you wont be left in the lurch by running out of disposable coffee filters. We’ve chosen the five top selling reusable coffee filters on the market today for your consideration.

1. Ekobrew Elite Reusable KCup Stainless Steel Reusable Keurig Kcup Filter

The Ekobrew Stainless Steel Reusable Filter is designed for use with Keurig nad K-Cup compatible brewing machines. It allows you to use your own coffee which can amount to a considerable savings of up to 70 percent over K-cups over time. The Ekobrew is made of strong and durable stainless steel material in a one piece design that is guaranteed to be one hundred percent free of BPA or lead contaminants. Why spend more for your single serve coffee than is necessary. This reusable coffee filter also eliminates the waste that K-cups present for the environment.

2. KONE Reusable Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

The Kone reusable coffee filter is made of stainless steel for years of dependable use in filtering coffee, tea and more. This filter is the ideal alternative to disposable filters that take of space in landfills and contribute to the tons of waste that are generated daily. The unique design allows you to filter coffee through and allow more of the aromatic oils to pass through for a richer and more full-bodied cup of coffee. It can between 6,8 and 10 cups of coffee at one time and is compatible with Chemex brand coffee makers and other systems.

3. The DISC: Premium Filter for AeroPress Coffee Makers

The Disc is one of the most reasonably priced high quality reusable coffee filters on the market today. It’s made of durable stainless steel for easy washing and years of use. It’s the ideal solution for backpackers, hikers and campers. It’s compatible with the Aeropress and other coffee brewing system. It’s easy to clean and enhances the taste of coffee by allowing more of the healthy and aromatic oils to pass through for a more full bodied cup of coffee. It also comes with a bonus book with some excellent tips on making the best cup of coffee ever.

4. One All Permanent Cone Coffee Filter

The All One is a versatile coffee filter in a cone style that is compatible with all coffee makers that accommodate a cone type coffee filter. This permanent coffee filter helps to eliminate waste and protect the environment. It can be easily washed after each use for years of reliable use. It’s affordably priced yet extremely durable. This trademarked filter is made of surgical grade stainless steel mesh that has been further tempered with a unique heat treatment process.

5. Refillable Reuseable K-Cup for Keurig Brewing System

Single serve brewers have become extremely popular because of the convenience for getting a quick cup of coffee without the waste of making a full pot when you only need one cup. The problem with this is that the refills are very expensive and they’re not good for the environment. This reusable filter is made to eliminate the waste generated by used K cups and allow you to save money by using your own, less expensive bulk coffee instead. The filter is made of durable material for years of reliable use and it is easy to wash after use.

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