Steve Martin’s Former St. Barts Home That Sold For $10.5 Million


The famous American comedian Steve Martin is selling his home from the Caribbean for an amount of $10.5 million. The beautiful estate called Villa Au Soleil is located in St. Barts, on the hills of Lurin, and offers some jaw droping views of the Caribbean Sea. The beauty of the surroundings matches with the charming inside of the residence, as it features some stylish, freshly renovated rooms which are designed in a combination between American and Caribbean styles. The villa consists in four bedrooms, a spacious living area that offers some magnificent views of the St. Jean Baie, a separate dining room, a gourmet kitchen and some big, chic terraces on the outside. An infinity pool with a sun deck is also present and plays an important role for adding even more glamour to the already appealing and luxurious residence. The back of the house is offering some nice views too with its beautiful gardens, a lily pond and a fountain. Steve Martin clearly has good tastes and I’m sure he’ll be missing this wonderful and luxurious villa.

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