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The Koch brothers, Frederick, Charles, David, and Bill, inherited the family fortune from their father, a billionaire in the oil industry. Frederick and Bill sold their shares in the family business to their brothers, following a well-publicized legal battle, and they went their separate ways in business. Bill founded the Oxbow Group, an energy development holding company, says Wikipedia. In addition to his business success in the energy industry, Bill Koch is known for winning the America’s Cup in 1992. He is also a collector of art and wine. His inheritance and various ventures have led to Bill Kock becoming a wealthy man who can afford the most luxurious properties. Koch now lives part-time in Florida with his second wife, and he also has another property in Aspen. It is the latter that is now on the market for $100 million.

An Overview of Bill Koch’s Aspen Ranch

Bill Koch’s ranch is located in the Elk Mountains. In Aspen, Colorado. The ranch is more than just one, luxurious residence, as it consists of 13 buildings that house various accommodation options and many leisure and entertainment facilities. The buildings are divided into four areas. There is the main ranch, and three named cabins: Ashcroft, American Lake, and Crystal. The latter also houses many of the leisure facilities that come with this property, including a full-size basketball court, a large recreation center, and a gym that has state-of-the-art fitness equipment and facilities. It is worth noting that the $100 million price tag includes all the fixtures, fitting, and furniture. The one exception is Bill Koch’s extensive art collection, which is not part of the sale. Koch retains full ownership of this collection.

The Exterior of the Property

This luxurious ranch covers 82.6 acres of land. It sits amidst the magnificent Elk Mountains, so there are spectacular views no matter where you are on the grounds of this property. There are various seating areas where the homeowner and their guests can enjoy these beautiful views. Within the grounds, there are multiple hot tubs where you can sit in warmth even during the coldest months. The grounds also include several large ponds stocked with trout, so this property will suit someone who enjoys fishing in their spare time.

The Interior of Bill Koch’s Aspen Ranch

Inside the ranch, a western theme continues throughout both the main building and the other buildings within the grounds. A material that strongly features every room is wood, as there is wood paneling, wood ceilings, wooden beams, and wood flooring. The main building’s primary living space is a vast space divided into separate seating areas. This room boasts a high, vaulted ceiling and log walls. The room’s significant feature is the stone fireplace, which has a floor-to-ceiling chimney breast with a mounted stag’s head. A huge candelabra hangs from the center of the ceiling, and the walls are adorned with artwork. At one end of the room, there is a first-floor balcony.

In the huge kitchen, there is enough space for two islands. While one is used as a work surface and storage, the other is used as a breakfast bar with seating. The central island has a marble countertop that matches the countertops over the kitchen units, while there is a wooden countertop on the breakfast bar. Over both islands, there is suspended lighting. The kitchen units are a traditional style, and they are painted gray. Despite the kitchen units’ traditional appearance, the kitchen boasts many modern, stainless steel amenities, including a wine chiller. Other features of the kitchen are wooden flooring and large, rustic beams.

There are both formal and informal dining areas at this property. One of the casual dining rooms leads off the main kitchen. This room has lighter wood paneling on the walls than the rest of the house, which gives it an airy and modern feel. Some seating comes in the form of a fitted wall bench, while additional seating in the form of chairs is arranged around a large table. Across the main house and the additional buildings, there are 28 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms. It means there are multiple accommodation options for a large or extended family and those who entertain many guests.

The master bedroom boasts stylish décor and furniture, with a four-poster bed as the feature of the room, says Elk Mountain Lodge Aspen. Like the main living area, it boasts vaulted ceilings and a stone fireplace. Leading from the master bedroom is a large en-suite bathroom with wood flooring and a sloped wooden ceiling. Above the large bathtub, there is a skylight that floods the room with light. This room also boasts a glass-enclosed shower area. There is also a double sink that is set in a marble unit. There are two additional rooms in the main house that you would not expect to find in most properties. The first is a theater room, which is the perfect space to entertain guests by watching a movie. Second, there is a walk-in wine room with storage space for hundreds of wine bottles. This room reflects Bill Koch’s passion for collecting wine.

Who Should Buy This Luxurious Ranch in Aspen?

It’s setting in the Elk Mountains means that this property will ideally suit someone who enjoys the outdoor lifestyle. There is a range of outdoor activities to enjoy in the local area, including hiking, skiing, and many other pursuits. Due to the facilities available at the property, it will also suit someone who enjoys fitness, as they will make the most of the fitness and sports facilities within the grounds. Furthermore, those who enjoy fishing will enjoy the grounds of this ranch. People who enjoy entertaining regularly will find that this property has a lot to offer. This is because of the combination of various accommodation options, the leisure facilities, and the large spaces for entertaining.

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