This is Celine Dion’s Former $38 Million Water Park Mansion

While you’ve probably seen plenty of mansions, it’s highly unlikely that you have ever seen one like Celine Dion’s mansion. Located on Florida’s exclusive Jupiter Island, the mansion and the property it sits on, is nothing short of extraordinary. Designed by Celine and her husband/ manager René Angélil, who has since passed away, the home took more than two years to build to their specifications.

First, you should know that the property sits on 5.7 acres of land, with over 400 ft. of ocean frontage. Second, you should know that the reason she built the home was to create a private vacation resort for her extended family, where they could avoid the paparazzi. Obviously, a private resort needs a waterpark, which is why Celine made sure there was a 500,000 gallon outdoor water park on it. In addition to the water park, with its multiple pools, lazy rivers, footbridge, and slides, the property also boasts tennis courts, along with a tennis house, pool house, beach house, guesthouses, various pavilions, and an epic main house.

The 10,000 sq. ft. Bahamian-inspired main house includes 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, multiple living rooms/ sitting areas, huge closets, and much more. Not long after everything was finished in 2011, Celine invited Oprah in to see the property. Since then, the house has often been featured on lists of most extravagant homes.

The Home Today

In 2013, Celine’s husband, René, was diagnosed with throat cancer. In August of the same year, Celine was in the midst of her successful Vegas residency and the couple decided to put the house on the market for $72.5 million. Four years later, and just over a year after her husband’s death, the property finally sold. With a selling price of $38.5 million, the new owner got it a great deal. The owner has chosen to remain unidentified, but is said to be an American who will use the property as a family vacation home.

Although it may no longer be Celine’s, let’s look back at the amazing property she created. Be aware that as you look through these 20 photos of Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island mansion, you are almost certain to feel a tad bit jealous.

1. A View From Above

Checking out the property from above is one of the best ways to get a good understanding of just how large and impressive it really is. At the top of the picture, you can see the more than 400 feet of private ocean frontage, while the water park is more toward the middle. Just in case visitors were to get tired of swimming, they can also take advantage of the tennis court on the left. Sadly, there is no golf course, but Celine still managed to take care of that. In the tennis house, there is a golf simulator.

2. The In-Home Water Park

Lets not pretend like the water park isn’t one of the most spectacular parts of the property and what you really want to see, so here it is. You can’t miss the giant, twisting slide on the right, along with the lazy river that runs through the middle and appears to connect two of the three pools together. Just like plenty of other water parks, this one has a bridge and although it is hard to tell, it even has a tree house (on the left) with a short slide into the water.

3. The View from the Beach

Interestingly enough, the water park is in front of the house, which may to keep anyone taking a dive in the ocean from seeing it. As a result, all you can see from the beach is the back of the mansion and the third pool, along with plenty of lounge chairs. It’s still beautiful and very elegant.

4. The Private Beach

Speaking of the beach, here is a good photo of the private beach. The golden sand goes right up to the plush grassy area. There’s just one problem. When have you ever took a trip to the Atlantic Ocean and found it to be this stunning shade of blue?

5. The Pool House

It goes without saying that any property with its own water park must have a fabulous pool house to go with it and Celine doesn’t disappoint. Although you can’t see it from this view, the pool house includes a full kitchen and grill. What you can see in this photo is the 8-person dining table, the sitting area, and the two TVs mounted on either side of the room. You also get a good look at the tile floors and the vaulted beat board ceiling with visible beams.

6. A Tennis Court and a Tennis House

Obviously, any Florida mansion should have its own tennis court. At Celine’s house, the tennis court is accompanied by a tennis house, which includes a golf simulator. Based on the two basketball goals on the lower end, it looks like the tennis court may also double as a basketball court.

7. The Exquisite View from the Deck

If you look back at the photo of the view from the beach, you can see that the back of the mansion has a deck running all the way across both levels of it. This makes it easy to take advantage of the views seen in this photo. Again, the water is a crystalline turquoise color, which makes you wonder about the water around Jupiter Island. Is it just better than the water around the rest of Florida’s beaches or has the color been enhanced for the sake of the pictures? Either way, it’s a stunning view.

8. The Perfect Beach House

This photo gives you a look at the property’s beach house. Yes, it has both a pool house and a beach house, because why would you want to track all that sand into the pool or pool house? It’s much easier to rinse it off here. The beach house also boasts a massage room and a second floor sleeping loft. However, don’t confuse it for a guesthouse. There are actually two of them elsewhere on the property that include 4 bedrooms each.

9. A Very Bright, White Living Room

Considering the fact that this mansion is on the beach and Celine does have three children, you wouldn’t expect her living room to be so white. However, it is, though there are a few touches of black. This photo looks out at the living room from an island that is likely used for eating and to separate it from the kitchen, allowing you to see the extra-long white couch, as well as TV that appears to be mounted over a window and the egg chair to the left of it. If you look closely at the doors, you can tell that they seem to the kind that slide into the wall, making it easy to open up the space almost entirely to the outside.

10. Plenty of Space for Eating

This photo picks up from where the last one started, giving you a look at the huge bar with five comfy chairs, as well as a 4-person table on the right and an 8-person table on the left. This ensures there is more than enough room for dining. You can also see the lighted built-in shelving that sits behind the bar and separate the living/ dining area from the kitchen. This is the perfect place to display some of Celine’s favorite tchotchkes, which are actually pretty well protected due to the glass. Do you think the drawers below are used as junk drawers?

11. The Formal Dining Area

This area appears to serve as the home’s more formal dining area. By the way, the table has eight traditional chairs, along with 2 larger chairs on the end that almost look like small loveseats. Behind the table, you can see a buffet and huge mirror. This photo also lets you see that the ceiling is the same beat board used in the pool house. Without a doubt, the most impressive part of the dining room is the contemporary-style light fixture above the table. Although it is hard to tell, it appears to have wavy arms with lights on the end.

12. The Kitchen

Celine’s preference for light, bright, and white continues into the galley-style kitchen. It includes double islands that provide plenty of space for prep work, especially when used with the long counter on the right that holds the farmhouse-style sink. On the left, the sleek stainless steel range battles the gorgeous glass-door cabinets for center stage. (The refrigerator is hidden on right side.) When you think about it, the kitchen’s layout really isn’t conducive to cooking. You’ve got the range and sink separated by an island, while the fridge is way out in the middle of nowhere.

13. The Home Theater

Everyone knows that a media room is a mansion must-have and this one is certainly impressive. In addition to watching all the latest and greatest movies while relaxing on the plush couch, guests can also practice their golf swing using the golf simulator. There is plenty of texture in this room, thanks to the velvet couch and curtains, as well as the wall, which is covered in some type of unique wall covering.

14. A More Inviting Living Room

The other living room was a bit sterile, so this is probably the one the family likes to relax in. It has two huge comfy couches, as well as the mounted flat screen TV, which has plenty of cabinets surrounding it that are perfect for hiding DVDs, games, etc. The beat board ceiling, which is highlighted by the clustered pendant chandelier, continues through here, as does the wide planked wooden floors. Finally, there are more than enough windows to let the natural light shine in, while the door makes it easy to get outside and enjoy everything there is to do out there.

15. The Possible Master Bedroom

Once again, this room features a beat board ceiling and light wood floors, but other than that, it is much different from the other rooms we’ve seen. This one has color, with multiple shades of purple and plum used throughout it. From the unique bed that is no doubt covered in luxury linens, you can see the ocean or take a look up at the ceiling to watch TV. And, you can’t miss the ornate mirrored headboard or the mirrored nightstands. On a side note, you should know that behind those cabinets a automated carousel for shoes and clothes makes it easy for Celine to look through what she has.

16. A Second Master Bedroom Possibility

This dark, cozy, and inviting room could also serve as a master bedroom, though it is smaller and doesn’t seem to offer ocean views. Check out the headboard, which appears to be made of leather tiles, along with the plush rug at the end of the bed. If you take a good look at the footboard, there appears to a flat screen TV folded down on top of it. Did you notice that this is the first room we’ve seen with a fan, besides the one in the pool house? All of the others have featured cool light fixtures.

17. A Luxury Bathroom

Although it’s not confirmed, this has to be the master bathroom. After all, you’ve got the huge shower on the right, as well as the freestanding tub with exposed pipes sitting right in the middle to ensure whoever is in it can watch the ocean while they relax. Then, you have the mirrored vanity on the right. And, of course, the bathroom opens up to the deck.

18. The Master Closet

Doesn’t the master closet look like it could double as a stylish, high-end boutique? There are tons of drawers and cabinets for hiding away clothes and accessories, as well as the huge mirror for making sure everything looks just right before you leave. However, it’s the unique chandelier and the table covered with fresh flowers that first catch your eye. For a little more storage space, Celine’s designer has added the mirrored chest of drawers on the left and topped it off with a few personal photos and a crystal lamp and a gray shade.

19. A Sunken Fire Pit at the Pool

After a long day of playing in the water, this sunken fire pit and the outdoor couch that surrounds it, offers the perfect place to rest. As an added bonus, it juts right off the main house’s back deck, meaning you don’t have to go too far if you start getting sleepy. It also provides a great place to watch whoever is playing on the waterpark, without being close enough to get splashed.

20. A Nighttime View

There’s definitely something to be said about how beautiful the property looks as the sun sinks around it. The house absolutely glows, thanks to all the outdoor lighting, while the landscaping lights are positioned perfectly to highlight the flourishing trees. Finally, the pool lighting makes swimming at night safe and also make the blue water sparkle. Of course, the ocean in the background caps the photo off perfectly.

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