Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s $40 Million House in Los Angeles

7. The Family Room

Though it’s probably not the ideal family room for a family with small children, this is what Tom and Gisele opted for. With that being said, it does provide plenty of room for the couple, as well as Benjamin (8), Vivian Lake (5), and John Moynahan (10), Tom’s son with ex Bridget Moynahan. In here, the couches are covered with high-quality Castel fabric by Donghia, while the chairs are by Michael Berman. The large ottoman also serves as a coffee table and has been covered with Bordoni leather. The Formations chandelier highlights the ceiling made of reclaimed oak. And, to make getting outside easy, the room’s floor-to-ceiling windows easily fold away.

8. The Kitchen

Before we get started, if you’re not familiar with Tom, Gisele, and the children’s exceptionally healthy diet, it’s definitely worth looking into. Fortunately for the family’s private chef, he does have a beautiful kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances to prepare their bland meals in. On the left, the duel fuel Wolf range, along with the backsplash made from antique Tunisian tile are definitely the focal point, while the custom cabinets made from alder wood, farmhouse sink, and huge windows command your attention on the right. Finally, the long island down the middle of the room provides plenty of prep space.

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